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Creative Wardrobe Organization

creative wardrobe organization tips

I assume you’ve all got closets. With hangers. Maybe a few shelves. There might even be a chest of drawers or an armoire in the mix. I also assume that you’ve got some wardrobe organization challenges and that some of your belongings might be a little worse for wear due to makeshift storage situations. (A few of mine certainly are!)

And suggestions like the one pictured above – painting some crown moulding a gorgeous color and nailing it to the wall so you can display a few pairs of heels in an unusual way – are fantastic if you don’t mind taking up wall space, opting for a semi-permanent and highly visible storage solution, and making your wardrobe into makeshift art. But I prefer wardrobe organization techniques that are temporary, reversible, or even portable. Personally, I’d much rather keep things out of sight, out of sunlight, and out of the dusty, cat-friendly environment that is my home. read more

Guest Post: The Beheld on Beauty and Visibility

My admiration for Autumn Whitefield-Madrano cannot be overstated. I discovered her blog, The Beheld, a few months ago and have been an avid daily reader ever since. She is a gifted writer, and insightful thinker, an outspoken feminist, and a thoughtful critic of all things fashion and beauty, and every post she writes opens my mind and bends my thought processes in the most pleasing ways.

I asked Autumn to write a guest post for me about the conflict between beauty work and feminism and, unsurprisingly, she delivered a fabulous and thought-provoking piece, which you’ll find below. Read on, and do add The Beheld to your reading lists. read more

This Week I Love …

NARS Orgasm

I’ve said – ad nauseum – that I never expected to do daily makeup. Still true, friends. Even truer: Of all the cosmetics I expected to utilize on a regular basis, blush was dead last on my list. But sometime last winter, a friend recommended this blush – the legendary NARS Orgasm – and I thought, huh. Makeup doesn’t generally get to be legendary for no reason. Maybe I should give it a whirl.

So in a fit of extravagance, I plunked down $27 on my first ever blush. It’s a peachy-pink shade with the world’s subtlest shimmer. And I found that it made me look warmer, perkier, and even a bit more cheerful. Applying any blush at all helps define my face a bit, but this particular shade just made everything about my complexion sing. And, from what I hear, it does that for virtually all Caucasian complexions. (Haven’t heard as many rave reviews from women of color.) read more