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Reader Request: Menswear Looks for Curvy Women

How to create menswear influenced looks for curvy women

Reader Eliza had this request:

I’d love to see something about wearing menswear inspired outfits when you have a curvier shape. I’ve seen so many cool photos and have many classmates who shop for little boy’s blazers, wear suspenders or flat caps, chop their hair short, etc. Somehow these things never seem to work for me. Real menswear doesn’t fit and adds twenty pounds, clothing that was actually designed for women loses the masculine edge, and it all looks sloppy or dated on me, rather than nonchalant and cool. Right now, the only way I can get a hint of this look in my closet is through tweedy fabrics and my beloved wristwatch (which is still a bit feminine, though it belonged to my great grandfather). Any styling advice you could give would be great! read more

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Reader Request: How to Wear Vests

How to wear a vest stylishly

Shannon popped this guy into the suggestion box:

I’d love a tutorial on wearing classy vests. I have a very menswear style vest in my closet that I love, but have no idea how to wear it. White button-down shirts look awful on me for a number of reasons and would look too “suit-like” besides. Any ideas?

I’ve got a couple of menswear-ish vests myself, but they don’t come out to play often because, like Shannon, I find them a bit tough to style. In fact, I’ve drawn upon looks from my fellow bloggers to illustrate some successful vest ensembles! read more

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This Week I Love …

… Ellen DeGeneres.

I love Ellen for a whole host of reasons. I love her marvelously goofy, playful, insightful humor. I love her great big heart. I love her fearlessness about her career in the comedy boys’ club and her marriage to Portia De Rossi. And, obviously, I love her because she brought Dory to life. But I also love Ellen for her stellar personal style and her commitment to it.

Ellen wears makeup (she’s even a spokeswoman for Cover Girl), she’s worn her hair in some relatively feminine styles, and she’ll do high heels on occasion. But although I have stumbled across a photo or two of her showing a bit of cleavage, I’ve never seen her in a dress. Or a skirt. Or a smoky eye or big earrings or red lips. Ellen is dedicated to clean, classic, androgynous looks, and she makes every vest, blazer, and perfectly tailored pair of pants she wears absolutely SING. Her wardrobe is simple, elegant, and impeccably curated and she wears it with marvelous relish. In virtually every photo I’ve ever seen of her, she looks happy, relaxed, and comfortable. I sincerely hope that’s because she has chosen to dress as herself, in clothes that she loves and that reflect her personal style choices. The more I experiment with androgynous looks myself, the more I adore Ellen’s signature look. read more