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Modesty and Immodesty

Do you feel that the term "modesty" is overly judgmental and potentially damaging? Is it a word that's important to you as an individual or to your community? Is it important to use more specific or descriptive terms in place of "modest," or does the word serve a purpose in and of itself?

Fascinating and Fashionable: Zahra the Modest Clothing Entrepreneur

I met Zahra at the Giant Steps conference and immediately new I wanted to share her amazing story. She’s a smart, savvy businesswoman with a vision of creating an online shopping destination for women who prefer to dress modestly, and her site, Mode-sty, is well on its way. Let’s hear from Zahra!


Can you give me a little background on your schooling and career path?
I grew up in a a suburb of Los Angles in southern California. I attended UCLA where I received my undergraduate degree in mass communication with a mathematics minor. I then attended law school at Syracuse University College of Law in New York. I worked for a local nonprofit organization as a civil rights advocate and also had an estate planning practice. In both roles, I had to essentially grow a small business. read more