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Gracey Wears: Monochromatic Gray

I love color. Anyone who has ever seen my blog knows that I love color. And I love wearing multiple colors in a single outfit.

But, I also love a good monochromatic look because, while head-to-toe in a single color sounds boring, it doesn’t have to be.  And I think it can be a fun challenge to wear a monochromatic look that doesn’t make you nod off when looking in the mirror.

Take this outfit for example:

Fashion for Giants outfit featuring gray Old Navy moto jeans & a gray jeweled LOFT sweatshirt

Thanks to the shiny bits, there’s no nodding off here!

And that’s while wearing head-to-toe gray.  Gray, especially, can be a real snoozer of a color. But when you add in embellishments and metallic hues, it can also be interesting.  See? read more