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Reader Request: Post-partum Style

Style tips for new moms, and dressing during the post-partum period

Reader Homa dropped this one in the suggestion box:

My problem is that I still wear maternity shirts 6 months after my second baby. My old stuff is just short somehow. So my big plan is that I want anything new I get to be the start of a new style for me. But where to begin? Chasing kids in skirts won’t work but maybe my jeans + tee routine must go? I would love to start shopping for clothes online but don’t know where to start. I also know I need to pay more but can’t bring myself to buy a shirt over $10. I just feel frumpy and unpretty. I star your posts in google reader but want to really implement your ideas but I feel like I’m starting from scratch. read more

Originally posted 2011-08-30 06:10:43.

This Week I Love …


… the street wear produced by athletic clothing companies. Kind of a mouthful, but hear me out.

I’m thinking mainly of Athleta, Horny Toad, and Title Nine. Lululemon and Lucy have some cute street wear options, but definitely focus more on workout gear. The first three, however, have nearly as many non-workout options as gym-only duds, and they’re fabulous for so many reasons:

They are durable.

These clothes are made for women leading active lifestyles, so the fabrics and stitching are designed to take some serious wear and tear. As someone who can rip and snag with the best of ’em, I appreciate truly durable clothes. read more

A Lesson In Burlesque


Take it off! Take it (almost) all off!

It’s been over a year since I first took to the stage and peeled down to pasties in my first burlesque performance.   Over the past several years, the art of tease has experienced a renaissance and my fair city of Ottawa has not been immune. We have several troupes, dozens of performers and a non-stop rotation of showcases, revues and cabarets every month.

My early experiences with burlesque were as an enthusiastic fan. Sequins and feathers and breasts, oh my! Being beguiled by the lovely lads and ladies on stage was a sensual treat on my nights out but the more I saw, the less content I felt to sit in the audience and watch. I worked as an actor for over twenty years. The urge to perform still flows through my veins. So when one of my favourite troupes offered me a guest spot in their next show I accepted immediately. The next day I went shopping for sequined bras and double-sided tape. read more