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What Could You Accomplish?


I know I’ve told this story before, but it has shaped my worldview so I’m gonna lay it on ya again:

A while back, a dear friend of mine told me something that stopped me cold. She said (and I’m paraphrasing), “Sally, do you know why I don’t run for political office myself? It’s because I could never handle the scrutiny and criticism I’d take for how I look. Women in politics and power are constantly under the microscope for their bodies, grooming, and style, and I just couldn’t take it.” read more

Originally posted 2014-01-15 06:21:27.

Melissa and Me

I was in high school when “Never Enough” was released and I wouldn’t have been aware of its existence if it hadn’t been for my school’s annual dance recital. Most of the show was choreographed by the students, but the dance instructor did the opening and closing numbers. She used “2001” for the finale my junior year. I was floored. I still adore the song, unspeakably 90s beat and all.

So I bought the album. And just as a reminder for those of you born decades after me, that meant I had to go to a physical store and pay physical money for a physical CD. This is the album cover. read more

This Week I Love …


… Aimee Mann.

I consider myself a lapsed musician. I sang from age five with my family, did countless choirs and musical theater productions throughout school, was music director of my college a-cappella group, and fronted several bands. It’s been a long time since I wrote a new song or sang for a crowd, but I’ve done both. For ages. And Aimee Mann has been one of my musical heros since I first heard “Whatever” back in middle school. The clincher for me? There’s a lyric on that album that goes, “And she’s got the river down which I sold her.” Grammatically correct songwriting is my kryptonite. Helps, too, that Mann writes great hooks and amazing story songs, has a uniquely earnest and plaintive voice, and consistently releases albums that are beautifully produced, engaging to hear, and gobs of fun to sing along to. read more