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Dressed for: Unified Accents

Already Pretty outfit featuring mustard cardigan, turquoise eShakti dress, red studded belt, red glass vintage necklace, chunky silver bracelet, red flats

Cardigan – JCPenney (no longer available) – similar
Dress – eShakti (no longer available) – similar shape
Belt – Walgreenssimilar
Flats – BC Footwear Limousine
Necklace – thrifted – similar
Bracelet – thrifted – similar
Earrings – Urban Outfitters (no longer available) – similar

Someday soon I’ll pen a post in defense of matchy. Yes, I know it’s not the “in” thing to match your necklace, belt, and shoes. But look how unified this outfit is because of that repetition! It may not suit everyone, but I feel like a hearty dose of matchy-matchy can be a fun way to pull your outfits together. read more

Dressed for: Warmth Now Past

Already Pretty outfit featuring mustard cardigan, teal dress, hobo bag, cognac Tsubo Dufay pumps, Alivia May necklace, pearl stretch bracelets

Cardigan, JC Penney (no longer available) – similar
Dress – Gabriella Rocha Edithe via 6pm
Necklace, courtesy Alivia May
Bracelets, thrifted and courtesy Silver Speck
Earrings, gift – similar
Burgundy pumps – Tsubo Dufay
Bag- Banana Republic (no longer available) – similar features

It’s absolutely FREEZING today, but we had several unseasonably warm days last week and a few outfits are gonna linger from that time. I heard it’s supposed to warm up again by the weekend, but can’t imagine I’ll be doing bare legs again anytime soon. read more

Dressed for: Alternate Primaries

Already Pretty outfit featuring mustard cardigan, cobalt Von Vonni convertible dress, Timberland boots, garnet necklace

Cardigan, JC Penney (no longer available) – similar
Convertible dress, Von Vonni via – more Von Vonni on eBay
Boots – Timberland Rudston Pull-On
Bracelets, self-made and now-defunct Etsy seller – similar
Necklace, self-made – similar
Earrings, Quince – similar

I wore this to meet a colleague at a cafe. The moment I walked in, a gent who looked like George Carlin and sounded like Sam Elliott said, “Well, that is just a lovely ensemble.” WIN. read more