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Reader Request: Opaque White Shirts


I’ve had many, MANY requests flow in through Facebook, comments, and e-mails for help finding opaque white shirts. Some of you are hoping to find button-fronts, others tees, but everyone is frustrated by the dearth of opaque options out there. And I hate to say it – especially since I pride myself on being able to find virtually anything either in person or online – but I, too, struggle to find white shirts that are truly opaque. I’ll occasionally find a knit tee that works fine with just a nude bra, but button-fronts? Forget about it. The Foxcroft shirt shown above is among my most opaque, but even it has a bit of show-through in certain lights. read more

Originally posted 2014-04-07 06:25:08.

This Week I Love …


Yummie by Heather Thomson leggings.

Every winter I’m asked for quality legging recommendations, and every year I sheepishly admit that I just buy new pairs from Old Navy every couple of years and wear them until they get embarrassingly see-through or pilly. BUT NO MORE! I believe the Yummie by Heather Thomson brand could be the answer.

I ordered my first pair when my beloved sparkly Hue leggings began to wear thin, and they were the Jade style. Got ’em on super sale – I think I paid $20, which is great since they’re pretty darned expensive at full price – and was immediately smitten. The material was thin and stretchy, but fully opaque and very comfortable. The metallic finish was mottled and subtle, which was just what I’d been hoping for. And they’re high-waisted. Hallelujah! read more

Gracey Wears: Bright Flats

Although I have far more neutral shoes in my closet than colored, I am a sucker for brightly colored shoes.  Especially bright flats:

Gracey from Fashion for Giants wears MetroStyle leggings, Old Navy dress, Old Navy flats & a Banana Republic trench Gracey from Fashion for Giants wears MetroStyle leggings, an Old Navy dress & Old Navy flats

I could have worn black flats with this look, but I just love the bright flats with the printed tunic:

Gracey of Fashion for Giants wears MetroStyle leggings & an Old Navy floral shift dress Gracey from Fashion for Giants wears MetroStyle leggings, Old Navy dress & Old Navy flats

Although, full disclosure, these flats don’t match this tunic; they go.  You see, the flats are berry colored and the tunic has no berry in it:

Old Navy floral shift dress print close up

It has red, it has bright pink and it has blue, but no berry.  But, that’s the magic of bright flats.  They may not match, but they go with everything!* read more