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Reader Request: Stylish Resources for Older Women

stylish resources for older women

Reader Kristin had this request:

Would you be able to compile a list of resources for women who are getting older? (Maybe you’ve done this and I missed it.)

I turned 51 this year and I feel I’m getting myself in a bad space. I’m torn between loving the younger styles and wanting to stay away from them for fear of looking desperate. I’m dealing with middle age weight gain (which is really a trial for me since I’ve always been skinner than average) and an older face. I find myself faced with body image issues I never thought I’d have to deal with! read more

Re-Writing The Age Rules

rewriting the age rules

For those of us in our 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and beyond, developing and evolving our personal style has often meant factoring in what’s age appropriate for our cohort. But “age appropriate” has come to be a concept that like “chic” has a rather broad, subjective and divergent definition.

This wasn’t always the case. Up until the last couple of decades, the parameters of what was considered “appropriate” for women of a certain age were fairly clear. We were supposed to tone it down, cover it up, and fade quietly into the background. Yes, we were allowed a bit of “elegance,” and maybe just a hint of eccentricity, but trends, Fashion and the style limelight were the purview of the young. (As was dressing to convey any hint of sexuality.) read more