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This Week I Love …

Already Pretty outfit featuring olive green cashmere sweater, olive green pleated skirt, floral scarf, Foley + Corinna Mid-city Tote, burgundy boots

… olive green.

I have no idea how I got on an olive kick, but it has proven itself to be my current favorite neutral. It adds a sophisticated note to neutral mixes, but also pairs beautifully with virtually all colors from pale pastels to saturated brights.

Since I’ve searched for a few olive pieces on eBay, I’ve discovered that “olive” is a range. I prefer the greener versions of the color to the muddier, darker tones. I’ve also searched for this shade successfully using “army green,” “fatigue,” and even “dusty green.” It’s a color of many names, it seems. Here are a few olive pieces that have tickled my fancy in recent weeks: read more

This Week I Love …

… military jackets. Or anoraks. Or army coats. Field jackets. Utility jackets. Ya know, olive green, masculine details, incredibly versatile? My own is my thrifted MVP:


Already Pretty outfit featuring military jacket, polka dot dress, neon ballet flats

Already Pretty outfit featuring military jacket, white maxi dress, tan Diesel Go-go boots, spike necklace

Already Pretty outfit featuring military jacket, pearl and rhinestone necklace, tulle skirt, Tsubo Dufay, Foley + Corinna Jet Set


And many more.

And I find that just about every style consult client I work with – both in-person and online – ends up with a military jacket in her post-consult wardrobe picks. It’s a piece that can work in casual and arty offices, but works best for fun, weekend wear. It’s a fantastic piece to throw into a floofy, princess-y outfit to create contrast. It’s a piece that can be bought for $1,000 at the designer level or thrifted for $1. It’s a piece that can sub for a blazer or jean jacket if neither suits you. And it’s an entire family of garments, so there’s a style that works for just about every body, budget, and personal style. read more