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This Week I Love …

… all things olive green.

Working with a palette that is virtually all neutrals, I rely on quasi-neutrals like burgundy, navy, and olive to keep things from getting too drab. (No pun intended.) Olive green in particular has proven versatile and fun, and I’m always on the lookout for new pieces. Here are a few that I’ve been eyeing lately.

olive green fair trade dress

Fair Indigo Pleated Front Fair Trade Organic Dress – $54.99

100% organic cotton in a super versatile shape, with just enough detailing to make it eye-catching. I’d use a denim jacket and rugged boots to toughen it up a bit. Available in sizes XS – XL, and also comes in black, red, or purple. Also eyeing this Fair Indigo t-shirt dress in olive. (Sustainable pick – fair trade and organic) read more

Gracey Wears: Mustard

Yellow often gets a bad rap and mustard yellow is the most maligned of the yellows.  Everyone yells that they can’t wear it, that they feel like a hot dog, that it’s doing horrible things to their complexion and that it’s the worst.  Well, I’m here to tell you that I disagree.  I love yellow and I’m particularly fond of mustard yellow.

I think it’s lovely.  It’s both bright and warm, it’s cheery and it plays well with other colors.  Such as the colors in this skirt: read more