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Reader Request: Navy Skirts for Winter

how to wear a navy skirt in winter

Reader Erika emailed me this request:

I have not historically worn navy or dark blue skirts, feeling they looked too preppy or stuffy on me. Now, however, I am finding navy skirts in the stores that are not only cute, but well-made. I am a bit lost on how to style navy skirts specifically, especially what kind of leggings or tights colors to wear with them, and how to coordinate a top without ending up looking like I’m wearing something that belongs on a schoolgirl. I prefer a more office casual kind of style, with fun or artistic accessories and touches, rather than polished or preppy. read more

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Reader Request: Color Pairing Inspiration

color pairings

Reader J had this request:

I know you’ve talked about it in the past, but I’d love some more advice on how to get inspired about new color pairings.

Mmmmm, color pairings. Even though I’ve shifted to neutrals myself, I still love a colorful, visual feast and seek out inspiration to help my clients create bold color mixes. Here are some resources and tricks that I use:


I hoard color-pairing inspiration on this board, but find that following a few fashion- or design-focused pinners is a great way to unearth unexpected combinations. Grown and Curvy Woman is a color fiend and has a color-focused board. The Perfect Palette pins lots of event-related groupings, but those can be repurposed for outfits, too. read more

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Developing a Color Palette for Your Closet


Sally had a reader request ages ago about limiting yourself to a well-edited color palette, and I wanted to share my experiences with doing just that.  If you’re like Sally and love all colors, this isn’t the path for you! But if shopping is overwhelming, you find it difficult to mix and match what you have, or you find yourself buying colorful pieces that sit unworn, then it may be ideal for you.

I love to shop, and I’ve always loved color. But in the past, I would buy certain items out of “necessity.” (Meaning because some list told me I needed them!) They’d sit in my closet, never worn. Brown pumps, I’m looking at you!  I’d buy a mint shirt and wouldn’t know how to style it. It looked harsh against black, washed out against grey. So it sat, unworn. I envy ladies and gents who mix and match colors like pros, but that yellow cardigan in my closet needs a new home. read more