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Dressed for: The Cowgirl Ballet

Already Pretty outfit featuring denim shirt, pink tulle skirt, rhinestone pave bracelet, Foley + Corinna Mid-City Tote, CC Corso Como Del, nude pumps

Shirt – thrifted – similar
Skirt – thrifted – similar – more tulle skirts
Pumps – Corso Como Del
Bag – Foley + Corinna Mid City Tote via eBay
Necklaces – Ideeli and H&M – similar look
Bracelet – eBay
Earrings – gift – similar

OK, I didn’t really go to the cowgirl ballet. If it existed, though, I would totally buy tickets. Just referring to my Western-esque denim shirt and ballet-reminiscent tulle skirt, juxtaposed here with a few chunky jewels.  A fun and sassy combo, to be sure, and yet another way that my unexpectedly workhorse-y pink skirt has gotten itself worn. read more

Dressed for: A Ringer

Already Pretty outfit featuring leopard print tee, pink tulle skirt, Tsubo Acrea, smoky topaz necklace

Leopard print top, thrifted – similar
Tulle skirt, thrifted – similar items
Pumps – Tsubo Acrea courtesy Tsubo
Necklace, The Pudding Store
Earrings, Sundance Catalog (a gift) – similar
Bracelets, thrifted and gifted – similar look

I hit on this combination of pieces at least a month ago, but for some reason chose not to wear it the day I discovered it worked. No idea why. Maybe it was too cool that day for light layers or I didn’t want to do bare legs. Whatever the reason, I popped it onto my outfit list and was delighted to come across it on a day when I was struggling to find a fun ensemble. read more

Dressed for: Fancy Casual

Already Pretty outfit featuring cropped denim jacket, lavender v neck, pink tulle skirt, Tsubo Acrea, stretch bracelets

Cropped denim jacket – Old Navy via eBaysimilar
Lavender v-neck, a mall in Australia – similar
Pink tulle skirt, thrifted – similar items
Gray pumps – Tsubo Acrea
Bracelets, thrifted – similar
Earrings, Infrared Studio

Seriously, people. I knew I had to own this skirt the moment I clapped eyes upon it at the thrift store, but I never would’ve guessed that it could be so versatile. Especially since this froofy pink skirt has proven so challenging! read more