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This Week I Love …


… magenta.

Cobalt may be the color of the season, but my heart belongs to magenta. This color is one of the most versatile jewel tones, pairing beautifully with cool brights and warm tones equally well and adding richness to nearly any mix. As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I always end up recommending some basic pieces in magenta when I work with clients, but they can be frustratingly hard to find. I challenge you to track down an affordable magenta cardigan that’s available in a decent size run! It’s well-nigh impossible, people. But here are a few other magenta items that are lurking at the edges of my wish list: read more

This Week I Love …

… P!nk.

“Born This Way,” is amazing, but “Raise Your Glass” came first. (Lyrics and video not safe for work. Video also contains imagery that may be offensive to the devout.)

I have had a mad-rampant girl-crush on P!nk since the moment I clapped eyes on her back in 2000. But it wasn’t until I watched this video that I understood exactly why. I’ve always loved her intoxicating mix of toughness, smarts, goofy humor, raw emotion, and unbridled power, and she’s always struck me as a woman who would bulldoze any- and everything that stood in her way. But with this video, P!nk proved to me that she gets diversity. She gets bullying. She gets fear. She gets discrimination and prejudice and exclusion and assumption and she wants the world to know that she thinks it’s all bullshit. This video makes me cry every time. EVERY time. And then it makes me want to change the world. read more