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Reader Request: Adding a Third Color

color triad

Reader Jill had this question:

I would love some advice on how to add a third color to an outfit. I just bought a turquoise and brown suit, and I love the colors together. But the jacket needs a cami or top under it, and I don’t know what color to add … and I’m thinking I would carry that color to shoes?

Great question, and one with MANY answers! Let’s start with the scientific one.

Consult a color wheel

I’ll be straight with you: The chances of me, myself, doing this approach zero. Color wheels make me itchy, just like music theory makes me itchy: I’d rather make¬†choices with my gut than be constrained by rules about how to make artistic decisions the “right” way. HOWEVER! Not everyone is wired that way and I know that clear systems with comprehensible rules are absolutely invaluable to many. So, if you’re looking to add a third color to your outfit, you can definitely work with the color wheel. The graphic above is from this post about color schemes that does a spectacular job of explaining why some work and others don’t. This one will help if you’re dealing with neutrals, since brown and gray are shades and tones. read more

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This Week I Love …

eden_with text

eden r’s pinterest boards. Specifically her feminisms and body boards. Unusual, I know, but hear me out.

Body image discussions and rhetoric can get heavy, and sometimes it feels good to move your thoughts to a slightly less weighty space like Pinterest. But the pendulum can swing too far and you end up with loads of seemingly body positive pins that are actually just fueling the blame game or pitting women against each other. I can say honestly that I have no idea who eden r is or how I connected with her over Pinterest, but she not only pins thoughtful articles, inspiring quotes, and amazing images, she often offers extensive commentary on her body image-related pins. And her commentary is astute, incisive, and thought-provoking. She will pin the same image or graphic as dozens of other folks I follow, but introduce a new perspective or valid criticism when she does. Her feminisms board is where I go when I’m feeling the fire in my belly begin to die down, and I’ve absolutely raided her body board for my own body positive board. She is taking body-positive pinning to a whole new level. read more

This Week I Love …


Every time a new social media/sharing/photo/networking tool is released, I cringe a bit. Even though many of these websites and platforms are great ways to learn about new trends, connect with like-minded individuals, and expand your business or audience, they are also time-suckers. You’ve gotta learn how to use them, then learn how to use them well, then figure out how many of your current contacts should be folded in, find new ones, and deal with upkeep. EXHAUSTING. read more