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Reader Request: How to Balance a Long Torso

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Reader Toni e-mailed me this question:

I’ve known about my long-waisted, short legged body style forever – ever since I realized at age 12 that one-piece swimming suits don’t fit me. However, I’ve just dealt with the short shirts and long pants that don’t really fit or flatter. I’ve been looking through my closet and sure enough most of my wardrobe is not made for me or not made to flatter my body style. Can you give me any advice?

There are some garments and shopping tips that may benefit women with long torsos and short legs, but there are also some styling ideas that can make your current duds more workable. So I’ll share a bit of both. read more

Originally posted 2012-03-12 06:40:34.

This Week I Love …

… platform shoes. “OOOHH, BIG SHOCKER,” I hear you saying. Can’t help it, friends. It’s spring and my head is swimming with visions of gorgeous, chunky, funky platforms.

Joe’s Jeans Brenda – $139 – 169

This style was first released last year and I drooled … but refrained. When Joe’s released a new fleet of Brendas in gorgeous new colors, I caved. The platform is wood, but surprisingly light and marvelously walkable. These are sure to become a spring and summer fave! read more