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This Week I Love …

anna_scholz_with text

… plus-size designer Anna Scholz.

As Marie explained so eloquently in this post, the plus-size market now encompasses many levels of price, value, and quality. Anna’s designs are definitely on the high end of price – prices range from $200 for tops to $500 and up for dresses and jackets – but they also hang out at the high end of quality, and are beloved by bloggers and celebs alike. Many of these clothes are made from gorgeous materials – lots of silk, including double-knit silks – and utilize gorgeous prints and vibrant colors. If her main line’s prices take your breath away, take a peek at her collection for Simply Be, which is in the $65 – $200 range. Check the sale section for some great markdowns, too – lots of stuff is 75% off or more. read more

What I Wore: Ignoring Numbers

I’m a huge fan of Trashy Diva, even though I’m on the cusp of fitting into about half of their dresses. (The current selection goes up to an 18. Some 18s I fit into, and some I don’t.)  When their sale items were marked Final Sale, and there were no 18s left to try… well, I was a little bummed.

My best friend Mallory happens to work there, and she encouraged me to try on the Dorothy dress in a size 14.  It has an elastic paneled back, and she wondered if it couldn’t possibly work.  Not only was I surprised when it worked, but consider me more surprised that I had to go down to a size 12! The elastic panel and empire waist create an easy silhouette to wear that’s comfortable and a lot more flexible with sizing. read more

This Week I Love …


I mean, first off, this woman absolutely OOZES talent. She’s what, 22 now, and the proud owner of multiple Grammys? She’s passionate, ambitious, fearless, and absolutely mesmerizing in performance. Her songs are heart-wrenching, her voice is absolutely hypnotic, and her self-confidence is utterly inspiring.

Secondly, I absolutely adore her personal style. Classic, pared-down, and heavy on the retro influence? Yes, please! She’s worn a couple of Barbara Tfank gowns that stopped me dead in my tracks, I’d like to crawl inside her gorgeous hair to LIVE, and although she’s a little color-shy she certainly knows how to pick gorgeous and flattering silhouettes. I would quite happily swap closets with her. read more