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A Baseline

You do not need to love your body to lead a full and rewarding life. But it might help you to do so.

Feeling good about and loving your body is, in no way, a prerequisite for accomplishment, happiness, or a full life. In fact, I’d wager that the vast majority of people out there doing great things, chasing joy, and filling the days with amazing activities struggle to feel strong and lovely. At least some of the time. You can achieve amazing things in life while still feeling uneasy or unhappy with your physical form.

The reason that I encourage women to work towards body love and acceptance is based on my own experiences. As I’ve said before, I used to truly, actively, and completely hate my body. HATE. It is not too strong a word, I assure you. I avoided mirrors, glass doors, all reflective surfaces because every glimpse I caught of my physical self filled me with loathing. So long as I could trundle through my days without looking at myself, I felt fine. But the moment I was confronted with my own image, the second I was reminded of my unacceptable chunk and frump and pasty-clumsy awfulness, I spiraled down into a dark, miserable place.¬†The amount of energy I expended in self-loathing was mind-boggling. I wore myself out with it. Literally and physically. I was exhausted all the time by how unhappy I was with my body and my looks and my self. read more

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Body Love, Pride, and Vanity

Occasionally, someone will pipe up in a conversation about body image to request consideration of pride and vanity. Suggestions of praising one’s own body aloud – either into a mirror or in conversation with others – can seem not only challenging, but downright conceited to some. Lavishing adoration upon one’s physical form is so far from the norm that it can feel foreign, uncomfortable, even dirty and shameful. Body love and self-acceptance are important, but at what point do we veer over into body worship and self-absorption? read more

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How to Love Yourself

how to love yourself

After decades of hetero-centric Valentine’s Day stories and articles that talk about savoring love, finding love, and keeping love with another person, it seems like there followed a tidal wave of “love yourself” topics and ideas for this holiday. And those have now become a little cliche. But since I’m in favor of self-love EVERY day, since I think loving yourself can enhance your ability to be a good partner, and since the topic of self-love can be extremely daunting, I’m going to cliche it up for the day. read more

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