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Greener Grass

I had a long, enlightening conversation with a bra fitter a few months ago. We were deep in a discussion about style, dressing, and body image when she said that in her profession, every customer she’s met and helped felt has vulnerable and self-conscious.

“No one is happy with what they have,” she told me. “They all want what they haven’t got.”

I thought about my own breasts. I have always wanted them to be bigger. Always. And it wasn’t until I started complaining about them in front of my friends with larger busts that I learned many women would so much rather have small breasts than large. Or even medium. I’ve always had thick, wavy hair and always wanted thin, straight hair. Again, people have told me they’d kill for my hair. (Hopefully not kill ME …) And then I thought about an L’Wren Scott quote I’d seen years and years ago. read more

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Beating the Body Blues

how to beat the body blues

Body blues can hit for a thousand different reasons. Many of those reasons are big and heavy and far-reaching and nothing that can be “fixed” by a simple behavioral change or shift in consciousness. Body blues vary in depth and breadth, and I’ve no intention of minimizing the challenges posed by that constant, low-level drone of self-loathing that can settle into your life and linger for ages.

But some body blues are more fleeting. Sometimes you’ve felt good for a nice, long stretch then get hit by a surprising setback. Sometimes you can feel leaden and discouraged, but sense that a shift toward positivity is within reach. Sometimes you know that taking action will help. Maybe just a little. So here are some suggestions for activities and ideas that might help you beat the body blues. read more

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This Week I Love …

eden_with text

eden r’s pinterest boards. Specifically her feminisms and body boards. Unusual, I know, but hear me out.

Body image discussions and rhetoric can get heavy, and sometimes it feels good to move your thoughts to a slightly less weighty space like Pinterest. But the pendulum can swing too far and you end up with loads of seemingly body positive pins that are actually just fueling the blame game or pitting women against each other. I can say honestly that I have no idea who eden r is or how I connected with her over Pinterest, but she not only pins thoughtful articles, inspiring quotes, and amazing images, she often offers extensive commentary on her body image-related pins. And her commentary is astute, incisive, and thought-provoking. She will pin the same image or graphic as dozens of other folks I follow, but introduce a new perspective or valid criticism when she does. Her feminisms board is where I go when I’m feeling the fire in my belly begin to die down, and I’ve absolutely raided her body board for my own body positive board. She is taking body-positive pinning to a whole new level. read more