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Gracey on Power Dressing

Today I’m going to talk about power dressing.

I think that a lot of people associate power dressing with the 80s:

Joan Collins as Alexis Carrington

 But, according to Wikipedia, the concept of power dressing was actually popularized in the 1970s by the books Dress for Success and The Women’s Dress for Success Book:

Woman's Dress for Success Cover & Text

Wikipedia goes on to say that “while references to the style apply more typically to women, the look is the same for both sexes: medium-length parted hair (trimmed on the back and sides for men); dark, conservative, usually matching pants and jacket (sometimes a long skirt for women); and bold, colorful “accents”, such as ties, kerchiefs or brooches.”  This look was supposed to convey competency and confidence and therefore, power. read more