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Your Style, Your Body

Style advice can help guide decisions. Trends can influence styling. Matters of proportion and figure flattery can impact outfit assembly and dressing choices. The information, opinions, and guidance offered by style experts and resources can be useful, fun, and enlightening.

But never forget that you decide what looks good on you, to you, and for you. Your opinion eclipses all others, and you drive your own sartorial train. No expert can ban you from wearing anything and no rule can prevent you from buying anything. Clothing should make you feel powerful, amazing, unstoppable, and gorgeous. If the clothing that experts say you should be wearing fails to do any of those things for you, look elsewhere. read more

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Dressing Proudly

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Some circles are vicious, but some are tender. Ever think about that? Ever realize that you can get caught in a feedback loop of positivity and remain wrapped in its tendrils indefinitely? Let me tell you about one of my favorites, one that I’ve had years of personal experience with, and one that I love.

When I dress well – in a way that expresses my creativity, in clothes that make me feel strong and beautiful – I feel proud. Holistically proud of myself from the inside on outward. read more

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Reader Request: Being a Source of Jealousy

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Helen popped this question into the suggestion box:

I know you’ve talked about feeling jealousy and how to deal with that lately but I would love a discussion about how to deal with other people’s jealousy. Sometimes when I go out looking fabulous (and feeling it!) I can be brought down very quickly by the jealous comments and behaviors of others towards me. I really begin to question myself when that happens. Just writing that down makes me feel anxious!

Before I respond to Helen’s question, allow me a moment on the soap box. read more