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How to Layer

how to layer outfits

Layering is a BIIIIIG concept. Group of concepts even. And there’s certainly no right or wrong way to do it. But I wanted to talk about some layering fundamentals because for absolute ages I feared layering. Truly. It was one of those dressing techniques that others appeared to execute effortlessly and I could never seem to nail.

Growing up, I envied the girls who could throw on long-sleeved thermal shirts and then layer their cute little graphic tees on top. Because when I tried this, I looked like an outhouse with legs. It wasn’t until much later that I realized I was doing two things wrong: Trying a layered look that fought with my natural figure AND utilizing pieces that weren’t meant to be layered. read more

This Week I Love …

Already Pretty outfit featuring polka dot shirt, moto pants, fringe booties, black pendant necklace

… curved-hem tees.

I’m EXTREMELY surprised to find that I’m wanting to wear pants this season. And most of my tops are on the short side – good lengths for skirts, but not pants.

Most tees and tops have straight hems, and if they’re long enough for pants wear they hit me right across the hips – bisecting me, making me look wider, and sometimes pulling at the hem and blousing up top. Not my favorite look. The three longish shirttail/curved hem tees I bought at the Gap last year are getting loads of wear because they dip in front but come up at the sides, which both flatters and accommodates my hips. So I hunted around and found a few similar styles that are currently for sale! read more

Reader Request: Guidelines for Tucking

when should i tuck my shirt

Reader Elizabeth sent me this question via e-mail:

… lots of curvier women tuck in their tops, which feels totally daring and, frankly, scary to me, but they look fantastic. While I know it can be frumpy, I usually leave tails out in an effort to get some flowyness (is that a word?) going and gloss over my belly. Could you talk about the way tucking in tops or leaving them out affects proportion, and what it helps to emphasize (or not)?

When it comes to tucking, I believe the three main factors are proportion, desired aesthetic, and comfort. read more

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