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Unexpected Sartorial Uses for Water

Clothing maintenance is so important, but can be such a chore. Washing, ironing, folding, dry cleaning, mending … it’s enough to make a gal consider the burlap sack route. OK, not really, but we all know that keeping your duds looking fresh and new is a time-suck and an energy drain. And in can get expensive, too.

So to combat all that, here are a few simple clothing maintenance workarounds that can be performed with nothing more than a few ounces of my favorite beverage: Water.

Substitute static guard

Your skirt absolutely insists on clinging to your thighs, your slip is just making matters worse, and you left the static guard at home. No problem: Just duck into the bathroom, moisten your hands, and pat down your tights. Some folks suggest using hand lotion or hairspray in a pinch, which may help, too … but I’m not too keen to gunk up my hosiery with either substance. The tiniest bit of water does the trick beautifully. read more

Originally posted 2011-12-21 06:08:59.