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This Week I Love …


… Salma Hayek.

I have a mad-rampant girl crush on Salma Hayek, and Husband Mike knows it. I find her to be absolutely electrifying on-screen and completely charming off. She’s smart, driven, funny, talented, visionary, gorgeous, and self-aware. She has the enviable ability to laugh at herself, and the even more enviable ability to praise herself without seeming remotely pompous or self-absorbed. Here are a few more reasons I adore this amazing actress:


I love Frida Kahlo for her ferocity, vision, and passion. I loved Hayek’s biopic for its unabashed emotion and stirring performances. But mostly I loved that this movie – with all of its flaws and inaccuracies – introduced a strong, talented, fearless woman artist to new generations of fans. read more