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How to Do Scarves in Summer

how to wear scarves in summer

Here’s the part where I reveal, once again, that I’m a relative newcomer to the world of fashion. I’m pretty sure that scarves were NOT considered to be appropriate summer accessories until about 10 years ago. I mean, aside from the occasional riding-in-a-convertible headscarf. Is that wrong? Have summer scarves been fashionable for ages and I just didn’t know it?

Regardless, I love keeping my scarves in rotation year-round, but find them more challenging in hot, sticky weather. So I thought I’d share a few ways that I love to style my scarves during the summer. read more

Originally posted 2012-07-25 06:08:44.

Daily Outfit: 7/25/11

Already Pretty outfit featuring vintage shirt dress

Dress, vintage via Mighty Swellmore green vintage dresses
Belt, a sash from another dress – similar color and width
Shoes, via HauteLookJessica Simpson Dany
Bracelets, Bibelotsimilar style
Earrings, Patinasimilar

Saturday morning, Katie and I hit the Mighty Swell pop-up sale, and in addition to scoring big, we ran into Meghan, Patty, and Ellen. The joint was jumpin’, friends! This dress was one of two that I nabbed, and paired with these massive platforms, it gives off a fairly 70s vibe, I believe. I realized that my retro-influenced looks seldom skew 70s, though I’m not sure why. There’s so much about that decade that I love. read more