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This Week I Love …

Refillable Glass Perfume Bottle with Atomizer Sprayer Bulb – $17.98

… my atomizer.

You know how I don’t consider myself to be a lady, yet adore lady-trappings? Yeah. It doesn’t get much more lady-poseur than an atomizer, does it?

But here’s the deal: I have long been a member of the Aveda rewards program, and one of the perks is a “customized” bottle of perfume every year during your birth month. It’s not really all that customized, since they’ve got a fleet of six or seven scent blends to pick from, and you’re not allowed to tinker with them. But that suits me fine, since pre-blended scent numero uno is basically my IDEAL: Citrus-y and spicy, nice and warm, fresh, light, and lovely. So every January I swing by for my vial of perfume. read more