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This Week I Love …

handbags_with text

… my lovely handbags.

I’ve gotten several requests that relate to how I pick my bags – both for purchase and for daily wear – so I thought I’d tackle both at once today. I spent most of my life as a single bag-carrier, focusing my collector’s eye on shoes and feeling no desire to expand my collection beyond a single oversized black leather hobo. But a stylish friend mentioned that bags afford you the opportunity to incorporate another color into your palette, or introduce a new pattern or texture, or even change the overall feel of your look. That message seeped in over the years and my interest in having multiple bags to choose from was piqued. Bags are accessories, and they really do contribute to your ensembles. I think I overlooked them for years because I felt like I spent so little time actually carrying my bags. I’d carry them from car to work, stash in a drawer, and not use them again until it was time to go home. Never mind that I schlepped them around all weekend and anytime I went out after work … it just didn’t seem important. read more