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The Value of a Mid-season Closet Purge

Why purging your closet mid-season - instead of at the start of a new season - can be beneficial

Many people – myself included – do quarterly closet evaluations and purges. And because changing weather prompts us to reconsider our wardrobes, these activities typically take place as the seasons are beginning to change. Which is fine. Looking at your winter or spring items with fresh eyes after a year of not-wearing them can give you great perspective, and you can often tell at a glance if you’ve outgrown or out-evolved certain pieces.

But there is also a lot to be said for doing your purges mid-season. Including: read more

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Reader Request: Seasons vs. Weather

transitional season dressing

Jori dropped me an e-mail with this question:

What to do when the fashion season and the weather can’t seem to agree? Now that it’s April, we’re all excited to wear some of our springy clothes – but here in New England, the weather this time of year can be warm and springy one day but cold and wintry the next. It feels wrong to go back to wearing winter clothes on those cold days, even if it’s probably the sensible thing to do for comfort. So how to make spring clothes work on non-springy days? Of course, this issue isn’t just about spring either. How can winter fashions be deployed in warm-weather climates? Or summer fashions in places like San Francisco where mid-July days can be foggy and downright chilly? read more

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This Week I Love …


… gray tights.

Many of my style consult clients struggle with hosiery and ask me where they should start when it comes to tights. Black opaques have become the standard somehow, but I always recommend playing with gray. Gray can be tricky because it will have warm or cool undertones, but it’s still more versatile than black in many cases. Here’s why:

Gray is not as heavy as black

Although black is a great choice if you’ve got black elsewhere in your outfit or if you’re doing black shoes/boots, black can seem heavy and severe as the default neutral for tights. Here’s a funky little outfit with some wintry layers that uses black opaques. They weigh everything down. Charcoal or dark gray would work better, allowing the eye to flow over the whole ensemble instead of heading right for the darkest element. read more