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Things I Think at the Gym

The first time I set foot in a gym – voluntarily anyway – was in June of 2000. I was 23 years old, and had never done any regular fitness activities or sports in my life. I felt awkward and out of place, spent loads of energy worrying about how I looked and how everyone else looked, and enjoyed my gym time approximately not at all.

After several years, a lot of figure fluctuations, and the launch of this blog, I began to relax a bit. I was less worried and more contemplative. I did a lot of thinking about body image and fitness, self-scrutiny and confidence as I observed my fellow gym-goers. But I still did a lot of comparison. More than I’d like to admit, in fact. And a fair amount of judging, too, especially about how workout clothing fit and who was wearing full makeup and how much abdomen was showing. I had calmed some of my self-criticism, but seemingly amped up the cattiness. read more

The Flip Side of Jealousy

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Comparisons can be risky – even harmful – when it comes to matters of beauty, body image, and self-esteem. Comparing your own traits to those of your peers and friends often leads to confusion and upset. Comparing your own traits to those of strangers and celebrities often leads to dismay and disappointment. And just about every time you compare your figure, face, hair, body, or proportions to those of someone you’ve deemed prettier, sexier, or somehow superior to yourself, you inevitably trigger jealousy. read more

Honoring Your Beauty


For many women, the first step in the journey toward positive body image is acknowledging their own beauty. Regardless of size, shape, skin type, hair color, age, height, or any other factors, every woman has beauty and recognizing that fact can transform appearance-related self-esteem issues. But if recognizing beauty is the first step, it’s a doozy; It can take a long time and loads of work to take that step.

Once it’s taken, though, the journey has just begun. And, in my opinion, a great way to keep moving forward is to find ways to honor beauty. Your beauty. Don’t just accept that it’s there, celebrate it, live it, make it integral to your sense of self. Sound daunting? It needn’t, since many of the most effective ways to honor your beauty are ones we talk about right here on a near-daily basis: read more