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Gracey on Printed Shoes

Today I want to talk about printed shoes. I was actually hesitant to try printed shoes because I was afraid they’d be less versatile than non-printed shoes. But, I have fabulous news; Printed shoes are very versatile! And fun! So, you  know, win-win.


Seeing as animal print is practically a neutral, animal print shoes are probably the easiest to wear. Personally, I like to pair mine with other prints. (And, apparently, pleated skirts.)

black pleated skirt, floranimal blouse, leopard wedges & skinny belt

vintage scarf print blouse, black pleated skirt, black tights, patent NW belt & animal print booties

Animal print is also great with solid colors, both brights and other neutrals. read more

This Week I Love …


… the J.Crew catalog.

Several months ago, a woman in her 90s swung by a book signing event to ask me what she should be reading to keep up with the current fashion trends. She was just as stylish as she could be in a multicolored tweed blazer and burgundy Chanel flats, and CLEARLY needed no help from me. But she wanted my input. And she didn’t do Internet, so blogs were right out. I told her to take a peek at More Magazine, Real Simple, and to sign up to receive the J.Crew catalog. Now, I know full well that a 90-year-old gal is unlikely to be ordering a French hen intarsia sweater and cropped polka dot pants for herself. But as I told this lovely woman, it’s not really the clothes in this catalog that matter, it’s the styling. J.Crew stylists do four things amazingly well: read more

This Week I Love …

my oil sponge

… my oil sponge.

This little gizmo comes up in just about every shoe care-related post I’ve written, but it deserves its own moment in the spotlight. I have a bottle of leather conditioner that I use when my shoes and boots are looking dry or damaged, but for minor scuffs, faded color, or any quick touch-ups, I use my oil sponge. It’s a temporary fix – especially when it comes to scuffed and fading boot and shoe toes – but it sticks around for a couple of wears. Won’t work on patent leather or suede, of course, but this little whiz cleans and conditions oiled and waxed leathers using original leather oils. Quick, easy, cheap, and virtually foolproof. Just how I like my wardrobe-care solutions! read more