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Naked Sleep

Sleep Naked

By Nadine, Already Pretty Contributor

Recently I’ve come across several articles touting the benefits of sleeping in the buff. According to various sources there are approximately 6-10 good reasons for slumber au naturel. My first reaction upon reading them was ‘Are you kidding me? It’s the middle of winter!’ But then I reminded myself “We’re not in Kansas…erm, Canada anymore, Dorothy.” In my former city, a protective layer of flannel was necessary for survival on cold winter nights, at least for me. Not so in California, especially since – according to the locals – the weather in the Bay Area is unseasonably warm this winter. In fact, I’ve actually been waking up most nights sweating and uncomfortable. Gross and definitely not conducive to a good night’s sleep. So I decided to take it all off and  put the naked sleep theory to the test. read more