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Gracey Wears: Colorful Accessories

The prevailing thought when wearing a printed dress seems to be to pair it with neutral accessories.  I mean, that’s what I usually do.

Usually, but not today.  No, for this outfit, I decided to buck the system and wear colorful accessories:

Gracey of Fashion for Giants wears a vintage floral dress, burgundy braided belt & turquoise earrings Gracey of Fashion for Giants wears a vintage floral dress, burgundy braided belt, turquoise earrings & blue suede sandals

I know, I know.  I’m taking a risk that might get the Accessories Police after me, but I think it was a risk worth taking.  Yes, a simple brown sandal and belt would have worked fine.  But, some days I don’t want fine, I want bright and complimentary and fun. read more

This Week I Love …

timberland shoe care

Timberland’s shoe care products.

I was a longtime Kiwi fan until I picked these up at a local Timberland store along with a pair of boots. The salespeople always push products like these, it seems, but sometimes that’s a good thing. I didn’t really understand what nubuck was at the time, but when I bought my Stratham Heights boots I knew I wanted them to stay in good shape. And I was told Renewbuck would help. And it DID. I’ve applied it to to all of my nubuck and suede shoes since. The company recommends a test patch, and I will say that the treatment darkened a pair of gray suede boots somewhat, so be prepared for that. Also this treatment won’t waterproof your suedes, and can’t do much for you if you regularly slog through enormous, muddy puddles. But you’ll no longer fear getting caught in a rainstorm or walking across a dewy lawn. The treatment keeps light moisture from seeping in too deeply. read more