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Sustainable Plus Size Resources

Both Laura and K wrote to me hoping for some help with sustainable plus-sized resources. In my mega list post of sustainable vendors and sites, I do point out which ones include plus sizes and there are a handful … but not as many as I’d like. And certainly not as many as plus sized women seeking stylish, ethically made clothes would like.

To make things easier, I’ll call out the vendors and sites I know of here. I’ll also mention a couple of sustainable practices that aren’t brand-centric that may help you plus-sized folks who need super budget-friendly ways to make your wardrobes more eco-conscious. read more

Guest Post: Nancy Dilts on Textile Recycling

Today I’m thrilled to welcome sustainable stylist Nancy Dilts back to Already Pretty! A few weeks ago, Nancy and I got to talking about textile recycling – a topic that fascinates me, as someone who is trying to shop and live more sustainably – and eventually I found myself begging her to share her knowledge with you folks. So I’ll turn it over to Nancy and let her dig right in.

* * * * *

Consign, Donate, or RECYCLE?

As a wardrobe consultant who specializes in practicing sustainable consumerism, a large part of my work with clients is to help them embrace their personal style sustainably, using three strategies: read more

Doing Better Moving Forward: How Watching “The True Cost” Changed My Mind About Everything


I’ve gushed quite a bit about Grechen’s blog and specifically her Minimal Closet series, and I will gush forevermore. Grechen’s honesty and candor about her own process and journey – moving from being a self-professed shopaholic toward being a conscious consumer and minimalist – is inspiring and unique. Months ago, she mentioned the documentary “The True Cost,” and described how viewing it was both appalling and important. The film explores fast fashion and clothing consumption at nearly every level from fiber farming to garment worker lives to supplier stress to environmental impact. And, as you might expect, there was irresponsibility, injustice, and ruthlessness at all of those levels. read more