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This Week I Love …


… v-necked cardigans.

This is a style lesson it took me ages – and many unfortunate purchases – to learn: Since I love layering and I love eye-catching necklaces, crew-necked cardigans do me no favors. Worn unbuttoned, their high flaps get all up in my collarbone area, crowding out any potential necklaces. Sometimes I tape the flaps back to make false lapels, but it’s much cleaner and simpler to just seek out v-necked styles to begin with. Scoopnecks work well with certain outfits and a few beloved crew necks have made the cut, but from here on in I’m focused on v-necked cardigans, both thrifted and new. Here are a few that are on sale now: read more

This Week I Love …

… dusters.

OK, OK, I know that this is yet another fashion term I’m using loosely. From what I can gather, an actual “duster” is an ankle-length canvas coat worn by equestrians to protect their clothing from trail dust. I don’t own any of those. Or any horses. But what I do own – and adore – are long coats and sweaters worn as toppers that create dramatic, long lines. Like these:

Vintage Betsey Johnson Duster Cardigan – $109

Gap Long Open Front Cardigan – $49.95 read more

This Week I Love …

… my sweater shaver.

Remington Battery Operated Fabric Shaver – $5.99

OK, this one isn’t MY sweater shaver. I bought mine at Target¬†about 10 years ago. But this one looks the same, costs the same, and is made by the same company. So we’ll call it good enough.

Pilling sweaters are a pain, and a sweater that pills after a single wearing miiiiiight be a piece of crap. But some underarm pilling after years of wear is almost inevitable in certain weaves and fibers, and shouldn’t be cause for abandonment. I’ve never had much luck with sweater stones or other pilling remedies, but my trusty sweater shaver has saved many sweaters from appearing tired and worn-out. And/or covered with creepy sweater spores. read more