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Reader Request: Styling Your Graphic Tees

how to wear graphic tees

Reader Kim e-mailed me this query:

I was wondering if you could do a post with suggestions on how to work graphic t-shirts into a wardrobe with a little style. I must confess that I have a total obsession. As a result, I have a ridiculous number of crew neck graphic print shirts, that while they tend to be pretty fitted (a left-over from their former patronage of American Apparel base shirts), are really obviously nerd-a-licious t-shirts. I have pretty good success incorporating t-shirts with other stylish details (various necklines like boat, v’s, scoops, yoke details, sequins, beading, etc) into outfits that look more thought-out. But lately the graphic t-shirts are throwing me for a loop. I usually just default to my t-shirt, boot cut jeans and running shoes (maybe a track jacket for extra layering). All of this is feeling very tired and uninspired. Can you please suggest some ways to make my nerd shirts feel a little more sartorially inspired? read more

Originally posted 2012-01-18 06:37:50.

This Week I Love …

Already Pretty outfit featuring polka dot shirt, moto pants, fringe booties, black pendant necklace

… curved-hem tees.

I’m EXTREMELY surprised to find that I’m wanting to wear pants this season. And most of my tops are on the short side – good lengths for skirts, but not pants.

Most tees and tops have straight hems, and if they’re long enough for pants wear they hit me right across the hips – bisecting me, making me look wider, and sometimes pulling at the hem and blousing up top. Not my favorite look. The three longish shirttail/curved hem tees I bought at the Gap last year are getting loads of wear because they dip in front but come up at the sides, which both flatters and accommodates my hips. So I hunted around and found a few similar styles that are currently for sale! read more