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Dressed for: Juxtaposition

Already Pretty outfit featuring military jacket, white maxi dress, tan Diesel Go-go boots, spike necklace

Military jacket, thrifted – similar
Maxi dress LA Class via Ideelisimilar
Boots, Diesel Go-go (no longer available) – similar – more Diesel boots
Bracelets, Bibelot – similar look
Earrings and necklace, Infrared Studio

OK, I’ll ‘fess up: This outfit is from several weeks ago. Now, even my next door neighbor’s meticulously cared-for lawn is starting to brown!

I love outfits that mix flowy, soft items with edgy, tough ones. Sometimes it seems tricky to strike just the right balance, but this long, pale, jersey-knit maxi dress works so well with the military jacket and rocker-ish jewelry. read more

Dressed for: A Cool Snap

Already Pretty outfit featuring Karina dress, cropped denim jacket, tan Diesel Go-go boots, Ellington Handbags hobo

Cropped denim jacket – Old Navy via eBay – similar
Dress, courtesy Karina Dresses
Boots, Diesel Go-go (no longer available) – similar – more Diesel boots
Wrap bracelet, Quincesimilar
Earrings, thrifted – similar
Bag, courtesy Ellington Handbags

We had some sticky-hot weather over the weekend, but are now in the midst of a lovely cool snap. Which makes me deeply happy, since sticky-hot makes me miserable body and soul. I’m delighted to be in boots and jackets for a while longer! read more