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Reader Request: Constant Pieces


Esti said:

I’d love to see you post on how to incorporate constant pieces (be they ink, wedding bands, or friendship bracelets) into personal style.

I’ve had many people ask me if I give thought to matching my outfits to my visible tattoos and honestly? I don’t. Ever. It’s great when the ink is harmonious with the ensemble, but when they clash I’m never fussed. My tattoos are like part of my skin and I often don’t even see them. Which is, perhaps, careless because I DO give thought to how clothing plays off my skin, eye, and hair color. Why not the visible body art? My only real answer is that my tattoos are among the most emotional of my aesthetic expressions, and I don’t want to limit their color palette based on my dressing preferences. And I wouldn’t be comfortable telling anyone that dressing to match her tattoos should be a stylistic priority. read more

Originally posted 2011-01-07 06:18:59.

On Being a Tattooed Person

what its like to have tattoos

It’s been several years since I wrote about tattoos – mine or anyone else’s – and a few recent comments have reminded me that people are naturally curious about ink. I’ve got many tattoos myself, two of which are readily visible during the summer, and am fairly certain that I will get more over time. Each piece has deep personal and emotional significance to me, each symbol is important to me in its own way, and I won’t get any more ink until I know exactly what I want and why. I got my first when I was 23 and my most recent (a revision) a little over a year ago. I don’t get tattoos because they’re pretty or trendy or cool or work well with my outfits. I get them to remind me of milestones, losses, growth, life-changing events that I feel merit permanent tribute. read more