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Dressed for: Pops

Already Pretty outfit featuring yellow houndstooth vintage blazer, white dress, red belt, turquoise pumps

Houndstooth blazer, vintage via Futurelint’s Etsymore houndstooth blazers
White dress, CK via eBaysimilar
Belt, thrifted – similar
Turquoise pumps, Dolce Vita Skye (no longer available) – similar
Bracelet, thrifted – similar
Necklace via – similar
Earrings, courtesy Metalicious

I nabbed this dress on eBay late last fall, but this is its first outing. I love the look of all-white ensembles, but chose to add some bold brights to this particular outfit. The simple cut of the dress makes a great platform for the quirky jacket and bright accessories. With pops of color and a popped collar, this is a pretty darned poppy look! read more

Daily Outfit: 8/10/11

Already Pretty outfit featuring blue floral shirt

Blue floral shirt, thrifted – similar (same brand and fiber)
Khaki skirt, thrifted – Pleated khaki skirt – similariconmore pleated khaki skirts
Turquoise pumps, Dolce Vita Skye (no longer available) – similar
Bracelet, thrifted – similar
Necklace, Clemoon
Earrings, repurposed vintage – similar

This skirt has proven to be absolutely ideal for the knotted-shirt look.  Since I need to knot fairly high on my torso, I need to wear a skirt that has a nice, high waistline or risk exposing an ab or two. I like my abs, but prefer to keep them covered at the office. And, really, just about everywhere else, too. read more