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The Multiple Style Wardrobe

Multiple Style Personalites Multiple Style Personalites by unefemme featuring a cellphone purse

Do you find yourself juggling multiple styles? Though my own sartorial swings were much more pronounced in the past, I currently tend to move between two style personalities which for the sake of brevity, let’s call Modern Classic and Minimalist Bohemian. For years I believed that I had to choose between one or the other, when in reality both are “me” depending on the day and my mood.

Or perhaps you work in an environment with a dress code that’s light years away from how you’d choose dress on your own time. Either way, the need to accommodate multiple styles can make it hard to build and maintain a cohesive wardrobe. By “cohesive” I mean a wardrobe without closet “orphans” (those pieces that never seem to be worn because they just don’t work with anything else) and that doesn’t require a quadratic equation each morning to get dressed and out the door. The individual pieces in a cohesive wardrobe relate to each other by style, color, and season. read more

This Week I Love …

This Week I love 14.05.13_text

… this over-the-closet-door … gizmo. Or perhaps this is more of a thingamajig?

Regardless, Husband Mike brought mine home from the dollar store several months ago and I thew it over my closet door without really thinking about it. OK, truthfully, I did think about it. I thought, “What on earth am I gonna use THAT for.” And now, I consider it to be the best present HM has ever purchased for me. At the dollar store. (Important qualifier, there.)

Because, as it turns out, this gadget is the perfect partner for my new and improved outfit list. For a person who works from home, I have a ridiculous number of not-at-home meetings and commitments. And I’m a slow starter. Which means that when my colleague texts me at 8:30 a.m. asking if we can meet at 9:30 a.m. over in St. Paul, I must leap into the shower in a panic. I do this often, friends. You’d think I’d learn, but no. No, I guess I must get a charge out of being almost-late to everything, because the slow starting continues apace. And this means that there are many days on which I don’t have a lot of time to monkey around with fine-tuning my outfits. So I’ve taken to consulting my outfit list, trying on the listed outfits, making adjustments, adding jewelry and accessories, and hanging entire completed outfits on my over-the-closet-door wingding. So when I leap OUT of the shower, I can get dressed in a jiff. read more

Bridging the Gap: Straddling Between Standard & Plus Sizes


Heazure asked, Could you do a post addressing people on the “cusp” between plus sizes and straight sizes? I’m a 14/16 and it’s maddening, and I was happy to share my experiences and insights.

For most of my life it’s felt like no matter WHAT my size, I’ve always straddled the “cusp” between standard sizes and plus sizes. Size 10? Well, that’s still a size 14 and we don’t stock it. Size 20? Well, your arms, legs, bust and hips are too small to fit in everything.¬† Most of my life, I’ve straddled the 14-18 range, and it’s effin’ hard. I stopped wearing oversized everything in high school, so it can feel especially difficult to find a fitted shirt, dress, or skirt when I’m on the cusp. (You’re on the cusp! You’re plus, but not! You must hide your body!) read more