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Guest Post: Style and Privilege

This post comes from reader N., who contacted me a while back with some astute and eye-opening feedback. I’ll let her explain.

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I first emailed Sally a month ago when I first got into reading fashion blogs. I started thinking about the feelings that I got when I looked at incredibly gorgeous people in incredibly gorgeous clothing. I’m talking about blog envy, of course.

It’s something most of us have felt at least once, “Why didn’t I think of that color pairing first?” “If only I could work an SLR.” “I wish I could afford a closet full of Jimmy Choo’s.” “My legs never look that smooth and tan. Not fair.” We see it. We envy it. We get over it. It’s inevitable. It just comes with the territory of fashion blogs and readership. read more

This Week I Love …


I’m the first to admit that eBay can be daunting. It can also be frustrating if you use it to track down an item you’ve wanted for ages, and then miss out at the last moment. And, as I’m sure you’ve heard, there are risks. Some vendors are sketchy and dishonest, some listings can be misleading, and you do need to shop and bid carefully. (See this older post on how to shop eBay for my tips.)

But eBay is the land of shopping second chances. Did you miss out on a skirt or handbag that’s now sold out everywhere? Chances are someone’s selling it (or something incredibly similar for less) on eBay. Are you searching for a an item that is a generation or two behind what’s in mall stores now? Check eBay – some seller might be trying to offload that very thing. Are you in love with a designer’s style but unable to afford full price? Always, always, scour eBay before ponying up. Current season, slightly used items can generally be found if a designer is well known. read more

Guest Post: Amy Guth on Dressing Room Choices

I do believe that the silver lining to my recent Kindle fiasco was that it allowed me to connect with the fabulous Amy Guth. (Who, I’m tickled to report, purchased my book for Kindle. Woot!) Amy is a novelist, radio host, and social media manager at a little newspaper I like to call The Chicago Tribune. So, ya know, she rocks. I could tell right away that she was a total kindred spirit, and within two e-mail exchanges I was begging her to share this anecdote/philosophy with you folks. I won’t spoil it by rambling on. Read for yourselves! read more