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Reader Request: On Body Hair

An anonymous commentor dropped this one into the suggestion box:

Wondering if you’ve ever thought about/written about body hair. I’ve noticed that, despite my inclination to be completely fine with it, I’ve changed what I will/won’t wear in the summer to hide the fact that I don’t shave my armpits. Last year, I bought several short sleeved sweater/shrugs to wear over sleeveless dresses even though I usually internally bemoaned the fact that we’re an anti-hair society. Also, I go back and forth about leg shaving and if I’m supposed to hide it or own it. read more

Originally posted 2011-06-21 06:20:58.

Body Hair Part Two: My Removal Strategies

Here’s a follow-up to this post about the politics of body hair among women. As it turns out, you folks ARE interested in how I deal with my own, copious amounts of fuzz.

As always, what works for me may not work for you. You may not want to do some or all of these things, you may not want to invest the time or money, you may think it all sounds positively loony. And that’s just fine. To each her own, as always. I am someone who prefers the aesthetic, feel, and sensitive-skin-related serenity of keeping certain areas hair-free, and this is how I handle my routines. I am responding to queries about my own behaviors, not attempting to make judgment calls about how others deal with hair removal, growth, or maintenance. read more