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Dressed for: Lightening Up

Already Pretty outfit featuring knit moto, white tee, boyfriend jeans, metallic ankle boots, J.W. Hulme tote, geode necklace

Jacket – Gap (no longer available) – similar
Tee – Gap (no longer available) – similar
Jeans – Gap Factory
Boots – Anthropologie (no longer available) – similar
Bag – J.W. Hulme
Earrings – Corsetsimilar
Necklace – Cultivated Dreams

I’m still relying heavily on blacks and browns, but starting to mix in more white, gray, and lighter wash denims. Gotta get with the seasonal program, right? Glad these ankle boots survived the various rounds of culling, as they’re proving useful now: Always good to have a light-colored footwear option in the mix! read more

Dressed for: The Fringes

Already Pretty outfit featuring fringe jacket, white tee, jeans, crystal earrings

Jacket – T Party via eBaysimilar
Tee – Gap (no longer available) – similar
Jeans – H&M – similar
Boots – Clarks (no longer available) – similar
Necklace – Bohemian Fringe
Earrings – Adriana Soto
Bag – Stick Dog Leather

I’ve gone a little bonkers for fringe, and this T Party company is much to blame. They make lots of fringed pieces, all from super soft jersey. The fringed yoga pants aren’t quite my scene, but I adore my jacket and got this asymmetric fringed skirt, too. Someday I might wear them together just to freak out Husband Mike. read more

Dressed for: Fancy Weekending

QUICK NOTE: I will be appearing on the Fox 9 Morning Show at 9:30 a.m. every Wednesday this month in a new segment called Trendy or Timeless! Tune in this week for the first installment.

Already Pretty outfit featuring Desigual scarf, white tee, polka dot jeans, green ECCO pumps, skull bracelets

Scarf – Desigual (this is the one!)
Tee – Gap (no longer available) – similar (and another fave style of mine)
Polka-dot jeans – gift from my mom – similar
Pumps – Omora courtesy ECCO
Bracelets – gift from lovely reader Allison! – similar
Earrings – Patinasimilar
Sunglasses – The Mexican Shop – similar – budget read more