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This Week I Love …

… stretch bracelet sets.


I encourage all of my style consult clients to wear watches or bracelets whenever their wrists are exposed, as I think this adds polish to outfits. For those of us who work at computers, bangles and other large bracelets can be incredibly annoying, as they bang on desktops and interfere with hand and wrist comfort. But stretch bracelets? They hug the wrist and stay well out of your way as you type. And stretch bracelet SETS? Why, they give the look of a chic bracelet pile without having to select the perfect assortment of wrist candy. I mean, nothing beats a gorgeous armful of perfectly mismatched bracelets … but sometimes you want to reach for something simple and easy, but stylish and fun. Sets can often be mixed and matched, too, so you get the best of both worlds. read more