The Amazing Lemon Coloured Dreamcoat

Last week, I ditched the snowy cold in Ottawa for a brief sojurn in San Francisco. The trip to one of my favourite cities gave me an opportunity to wear one of my favourite items of clothing: my yellow houndstooth coat. Like any great love story, the tale of my coat is one of passion, longing and seemingly insurmountable obstacles that culminate with a happy, triumphant end.

Sit back and I’ll tell you how it all began…

Coat – Banana Rupblic – similar

Hat – Gifted from my dad – similar

Dress – Ambiance

Tights – Foot Traffic

Boots – Miz Mooz – similar

Of course, it fit perfectly.

I briefly considered resorting a tactic I’d used when I was five: standing near the coat, looking forlorn in the hopes that some rich benefactor would take notice and buy it for me out of pity.  Except that had never worked. If I couldn’t score a pity gift as a cherubic 5-year-old, I had no hope now.  I put the coat back on rack and walked away with great difficultly.  I went home and resolved to save my pennies.

Save I did. I saved all through that spring, summer and by September I had enough money to buy my dreamcoat. But fashion is fickle. Outside the leaves were turning yellow but Banana Republic’s coat collection had turned to black, burnt umbers and dark blues. The houndstooth coat had long sold out in Ottawa. I called stores in Toronto and Montreal, but the tale was  the same everywhere. No coat for me.

I was terribly disappointed and sadder than I should have been considering this was a coat and not my kidney. I reminded myself that there would be other coats and sooner or later, one would come along that I loved just as much. Sure enough I have owned some great coats in the intervening years. But none that I’ve loved as much.

The very next day I received an e-mail with a long list of coats that fit my criteria. And there at the very top of the list, in my size, in perfect condition, was a Banana Republic Yellow Houndstooth Coat…

for fifty dollars!!!!

Needless to say, I snapped it up as fast as my fingers could click “Buy It Now.” It came in the mail a week later.  I carefully removed it from it’s shipping box, unfolded it and put it on. It was exactly as I remembered it!  Lemon-y houndstooth perfection and hands down the best coat I’ve ever had!

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12 Responses to “The Amazing Lemon Coloured Dreamcoat”

  1. GingerR

    Is the “pin” thing new? When I have my cursor on the photo it turns the photo cloudy and then I can’t see it clearly.

  2. VaMarcy

    There is *nothing* more satisfying than having a dream/longing fulfilled! (love happy endings!)

  3. mo

    That, my dear, is a coat worth waiting for. Glad you finally got your hands on it.

  4. Maggie May

    I love reading your pieces and here it appears that there might be some paragraphs missing? like it just starts with “of course it fit perfectly” but I think there might be more to the Long Story. And then the part about getting an email with a long list of coats might have had a preceding paragraph about Ebay or something? Like maybe your pictures ate your words?
    Your devoted readers need all of your words!
    Awesome coat!

    • Marcy

      I also wanted to know the rest of the story. Somehow there were intervening years but then the next day she received an email…

  5. Trish

    Love it! You are so lucky. Now if only the same would happen to me and the Dorothy Perkins navy lace dress by FeverFish…

  6. Elsa

    That coat is perfect on you, and — judging from how happy it makes you when you wear it — perfect for you.

    To get my coats long enough in the sleeve and wide enough in the shoulder, I generally have to buy a man’s XL Tall, and therefore I am resigned to a lifetime of black or gray peacoats. How I long for a bright blue or soft purple coat! But even so, I’m not tickled by any sense of envy, because this coat was so clearly meant to be yours.

  7. GG101

    Hi Nadine,

    What a wonderful story – it’s practically a fairy tale and should be named something like “The Girl and A Yellow Coat” :). I can see why you fell in love with this coat – it’s beautiful! I have a yellow coat that I bought at the supermarket (Tesco here in the UK) and I never fail to receive compliments in it. One lady liked it so much she almost begged me to sell it to her! I didn’t, of course, but only because it’s my most prized possession. It makes me happy just to see it hanging there in the wardrobe.

    Also, what a coincidence that I should come across your story right after something similar happened to me. Only in my case it’s a pair of leather boots. I’m petite, so very few boots actually look nice on me. After a lot hunting and researching, I settled on a pair that I thought was perfect. I just fell in love with it but the price tag was eye-wateringly high. So I waited & waited & waited some more, hoping that no-one in my small shoe size would want them and for them to go on sale. And they did – with just one pair in my size! I thanked my lucky stars and placed the order online as swiftly as I humanly could. And I waited, and waited and waited some more. No package in the mail. Called customer services to be told that those boots were no longer available. I’m sure you know how I felt at this point. I wept. So near and yet so far. And just now, I was browsing randomly when I came across the same boots in my size for a lot cheaper still! Lesson learnt – everything happens for a reason. Of course, I probably shouldn’t celebrate until they’ve actually arrived :). And after I placed the order, I come here and read your wonderful story!