The Fashion Confessional is Open

I pretty much never remember to check the back of what I’m wearing to make sure it looks OK. Sometimes it looks decidedly not-OK when I finally catch a glimpse in a reflective surface.

Every time I try to do a “smoky eye,” I end up with a “black eye.”

I am a self-proclaimed Champion of Color, but the vast majority of my wardrobe is black. Not just neutral, black.

If I see a trend that appeals to me, I typically track down the supplies to re-create it immediately. But it can take me six months or more to figure out how to deploy it in a way that aligns with my personal style.

Yep. You guessed it:Β Still hate Chanel.

I will never, ever have ladylike nails. When I try to grow them out or get a nice manicure, they become chipped, cracked, filthy, and disgraceful in a matter of hours. You’d think my job consisted of peeling labels off of jars and burying them in the dirt with my bare hands.

Cashmere makes me mildly horny.

I have three main bra styles: One for when I want my boobs to look big, one for medium, and one for small. Most days are medium days.

I am a lapsed knitter. My mom has tried to teach me to sew many times, and so has Trinknitty. I clearly have absolutely no desire to design or make my own garments from scratch.

I love plucking my eyebrows. LOVE.

I donate to the same thrift stores that I patronize. When browsing the racks, I inevitably gravitate toward items that I’ve donated. I never buy them again, but the cycle still cracks me up.

Care to confess anything?

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176 Responses to “The Fashion Confessional is Open”

  1. Vintage Lucero

    I despise washing my hair. I go 1-2 wks in between washings… I buy shampoo/conditioner only annually. I’m thankful for my thick, coarse hair! It never gets oily or smelly!

    I can’t believe I just admitted to this for the world to see πŸ™

    • Lynn

      Jealous! How in heck do you manage that? I have thick, unruly curly hair, the most I’ve been able to stretch it to is every other day…..

    • Isis

      Nothing wrong with that, actually. There are lots of people who go completely without shampoo (look it up by the rather unfortunate moniker ‘no poo’). It just takes some patience and alternative treatments. I keep trying it myself, but my thin hair is very prone to becoming greasy so it’s a challenge and I still break down and wash my hair around once a week. Still, my hair is way happier and much easier to brush out than it would be if I were constantly assaulting it with detergents.

      Less frequent washings are much healthier for your hair, as it actually wants to keep some of its natural oils around. So don’t worry too much about this one!

    • KL

      I have the same confession! Except, although my hair is pretty low-maintenance, it does get visibly greasy after a week. Even then I procrastinate on washing it… Thank goodness for updos. I have gotten compliments on ultra-greasy unwashed hair when it’s up in a pretty bun.

    • lisarae

      Washing your own hair? Oh dahling, I leave that to the professionals ( at trim time ) .LOL .
      Do you love dry shampoo? Suave or Stila or just plain baby powder.

    • Genevieve

      Dirty little secret the haircare companies don’t want you to know? Many types of hair don’t actually NEED washing and do better without shampoo. Mine is one of them. It’s dry and curly. Why would I use soap to wash away what little natural oils I’ve got? My husband, on the other hand, has thick greasy Italian hair. He needs (or at least says he does) to soap up. So he does. But many, many, many people do not. I just rinse with conditioner. I have for years. It’s the abrasive motion of your fingers that does most of the washing anyways.

    • M

      I cosign with the others. Granted I’m African American but I don’t see much logic in constantly washing ones hair either. Especially curly or coarse hair. I wash mine every two weeks…recently (despite fear that my head might burst into flames and) after I could turn up no valid reason not to online I stopped using regular conditioner and only use a leave in after shampooing. My hair has never been better!

      • Dee

        Gosh am I jealous, my hair is greasy and flat in less than 24 hours…that is why I don’t do anything fancy with the styling, its blow dry and out the door. But really I am jealous of how much more TIME you ladies have when you don’t have to wash and dry it every single day…however, I try to be thankful for the other “good” things I have body-wise, like great natural nails for one, rather than mope about not having great hair.

    • Kylara7

      Yay! Another infrequent hair-washer here too. I have long finer hair but it dries out quickly, especially in the winter, so I wash maybe once a week. My hair is much happier for it and so am I πŸ™‚ Glad to see so many others…

  2. Lynn

    I also can never quite get the hang of *the smoky eye*, I always end up looking like I ran face first into the wall….

    I also do not have ladlylike nails, no matter what I do my nails always seem to be ragged and my cuticles always seem to be split.

    I wash my face with Honey and my skin has never been happier. It’s CHEAP, no scary chemicals and works like a charm, my face is petal-soft and I LOVE it!

    I’m 29 years old, and have only within past month or so gotten into the habit of blow-drying my hair before I go to work. I just couldn’t take another winter of going out of the house with a wet head.

    I love layering clothing pieces

    Most days I don’t bother with makeup. All I’ll usually do is undereye concealer and that’s it.


  3. Eliana

    I shave my legs only up to where my skirt/shorts go any given day.

  4. Cathy Benavides

    I rarely wear eye makeup other than eyeliner. I feel like I never do it right, and if I do, you can’t see it behind my glasses anyway. Plus I touch my eyes all the time.

    There are plenty of days where I don’t run a brush through my hair at all.

    My love of Alexander McQueen sometimes moves me to tears. I do like the label now under Sarah Burton, but no one can hold a candle to the emotion and passion that Lee McQueen put into his line. Seriously, when I talk about it, I tear up.

  5. Sheila

    I, too, patronize the thrift stores I donate to. But when I see some of my old stuff I always cringe. I can’t believe I owned THAT! I also get “a calling” when there’s something cool at the thrift store for me. I have an overwhelming feeling that I have to go to a particular store. It never fails. There’s always something spectacular waiting for me.

    • Sam

      I also get β€œa calling” when there’s something cool at the thrift store for me. I have an overwhelming feeling that I have to go to a particular store. It never fails. There’s always something spectacular waiting for me.

      SECONDED. So glad I’m not the only one!

  6. Ashe @ Dramatis Personae

    My hair is so light, I ALWAYS forget to shave my legs. I just can’t see it, so I can go for months without doing it.

    I’ll also never have ladylike nails. And I’m probably too lazy to figure out how to keep polish on them.

    I always rewear my clothes 2-3 times between washings, unless they smell/I get something on them. Except panties & gym shirts.

    I have no clue how to wear lipstick without looking like a clown.

    • Beth

      Yep on all of these except shaving my legs (stupid dark leg hair!).

      I usually wear the same outfit twice in a row before washing it (I’m currently on leave from work), and do the same for my two kids. This has led to slightly embarrassing moments, when I run into the same person on two consecutive days.

      • Ashe @ Dramatis Personae

        Oh man, Beth, I do that ALL the time when I’m on vacation. I just keep wearing it, because who sees me! With the rest, I usually wear once, and then wear again the following week or something… (unless they’re jeans. Those get so dirty that they could walk on their own!)

  7. Emily

    A lot of this is so very me πŸ™‚

    I have a weakness for black. I hate shaving my legs so I wear knee socks for as much of the winter as I can get away with. I can’t be bothered to wait for nail polish to dry, so rarely do my nails. I’m almost 20 and just now experimenting with eye makeup (and doing badly at it). I do like plucking my eyebrows, and have a hard time remembering not to overdo. I have really long hair and like really long skirts (probably makes me look like I belong to some kind of cult), I just can’t seem to find that many of them. So I wear jeans just about every day. I wish I could wear stays (pre-Victorian corset) instead of a bra.

    I don’t even like a lot of modern fashions πŸ™‚

    • Lynn

      I would wear a corset every day if I could get away with it!!! (Not a fashion corset, a real one with boning, LOVE THEM!!!)

      • Suzysomething

        I’ve been wondering about wearing a corset. My aging and sagging body is beginning to require something that will keep what’s there where it used to be. Any suggestions?

  8. Melissa

    I’m guilty of donating stuff to the thrift store and buying it back.
    I insist on doing a whole make up routine(primer, foundation, concealer, powder etc) every day and my skin looks exactly the same.
    In the winter I tend to rotate the same 4 sweaters for the whole season.
    I’m a sucker for cheap winter coats, every year I buy at least 2 more(cus really who can pass up a 15.00 wool coat?) and wear them once if I’m lucky.

  9. Katharine

    I also dislike modern Chanel. (Especially the yucky “iconic” Granny bag.) However, original Chanel WAS an amazingly innovative fashion shift, and the construction of an authentic Chanel jacket is beyond belief. (I still don’t LIKE those jackets, aesthetically — but the way they make them? Whoa.)

    I don’t shave for as long as I can possibly get away with it. If I didn’t have an office job I would probably NEVER shave. (In fact, for a couple of summers, I HAVE gone without shaving — my hair’s fairly light — but although nobody ever said anything, I couldn’t help wondering what they were thinking, so I succumbed.)

    I not only will never have ladylike nails, I don’t want them. Long nails strike me as both impractical and — sorry, long-nail wearers — unhygienic. I cut my nails with clippers, as short as I can get them. Done.

    I don’t think foundation improves anybody’s complexion, and it doesn’t really hide anything either in real life face to face. I don’t wear it, except for where it belongs: on stage, or in front of cameras.

    The older I get, the less I give a fig what anybody thinks of what I wear. That plus working in a quiet back-end of a place I’ve been forever makes dressing a lot of fun.

    However, I am also having a hard time watching my face — which seemed bulletproof for a long time — finally start to change. I sometimes think about Botox, although so far the memory of a dear friend I saw last year — just after she’d had perhaps a LITTLE too much — stops me. She’s a little older than me, and granted, looks gorgeous and quite a bit younger, but that one time, her FACE — her face didn’t MOVE above the cheekbones. It was creepy.

    • Sarah L.

      With you on starting to see changes in my face. I think I kind of thought I was going to get away without them. I don’t look different, exactly, but all of a sudden I definitely look … older.

  10. Grace

    I don’t iron, or dry clean, anything. If I can’t line-dry it or put it in the dryer, I can’t have it.

    There is a pair of jeans I haven’t fit into in two years that I am not. getting. rid. of.

    At 40, I pay more attention to my clothes than I did when I was 20, or 30. I wear boots WAY More.

    My hometown gives me the comfortable illusion that jeans and fleece are perfectly appropriate garb anywhere. I try to “dress up”r when I travel to “real cities” and still, I look like a complete schlub in comparison to the natives.

  11. Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

    This is so freeing – you know what they say about confession and the soul . . . Well, 1) I don’t own a hairbrush. 2) My ironing consist of spritzing the item with water and tossing it in the dryer. 3) Shaving legs in the winter? Um, do people do that?

      • Rings90

        Shaving in the winter – Only when I have a date & have to wear a dress or skirt…

      • Rings90

        I cannot were mascara or do smokey eyes, I look look a raccoon within minutes of apply any of it.

        I have bad nails, but my job actually does consist of peeling tape ,labels and opening merchandise boxes, so that’s how I justify them, They could be better if I gave them a little TLC I guess.

        I am overwhelmed by trends, seasonal colors & trying to wear scarves.

        I hate the fact that live in a town that has very little variety when it comes to clothes shopping & I don’t like ordering online because of fit & shipping costs.

        My favorite resale shop is 2+ hrs away in Madison, but I never go because I know I won’t be able to pay rent if i do.

  12. Lauren

    I, too, will never have ladylike nails – I’m a nailbiter, and while I find the strength to quite at least once a year, I always start up again. I’m come to terms with it now so that’s ok. But I find it humorous that I had a much much easier time quitting smoking (Cold turkey! After several years of smoking multiple packs a day!) than I ever have with quitting biting my nails. Eh.

    When I curl my hair, I pay very little attention to the back. If I can’t see it, then it doesn’t matter… right?!

    I find all the fabrics/designs from Liberty of London ugly & boring. Sorry!

    • Seraphinalina

      Perhaps part of it is that cigarettes aren’t sitting at the tips of your fingers, all day, all the time. I think habits like nail biting are the hardest to quit. I stopped biting at some point, but when I get stressed, I start picking at them again and they end up short.

    • Stephanie

      I’m a nail biter too! I’m not sure if it’s from the years of nail biting or if it’s naturally– I’m thinking it’s naturally, because my mother’s nails look similar– but my nails are kind of weird looking anyway. They start really close to the ends of my finger and I can’t see the little half-moon cuticle on any nail but my thumbs. As such, when I try to stop biting them and grow them out they look stubby and awful anyway. My favorite way to do them is to paint them in their natural short state with dark polish (black or dark red or purple) and be a rock chick. But, as a chemistry major I’m always playing with solvents and it never lasts long!

  13. Tenshi

    I wear tights that already have runs as long as those are concealed by my shoes/boots.
    I sew most of my own clothing. Except for bras – waaaay to hard to get the fit right.
    I love pretty underwear – I probably spend more money on lingerie than on clothes/the supplies to make them.
    I only shave my legs up to my knees.
    I don’t wear flats. And I don’t leave the house without make-up on. Or earrings. I always have to have at least a pair of simple studs in my lobes.

    • Iggysews

      I have been late for appointments making sure that I have earrings and make up on!

  14. Allison

    I’m the opposite of a hoarder…I do a closet purge probably more often than I should and inevitably just a week after I’ve given away those shoes that never went with anything, I’ll find the perfect outfit and wish I had the shoes back (but I’ve never repurchased anything I donated to a thrift store).
    I shave my legs every day, always have, because I hate when they feel prickly.
    I’m guilty of the hole-in-the-toe “tuck under” with tights/hose. I’ll usually regret that stupid little lump under my foot all day but I do it anyway.
    I was raised in the South (US) and wouldn’t go to the mailbox without at least a little lipstick. And mascara (or sunglasses).
    I do my own pedicures in the winter. And it shows. Ugh.

    • Wendy

      Allison, you are my twin wardrobe purger. I think I might be more obsessive than you though. I look into my closet daily to see what else I can sell/ give away. I have never regretted anything I’ve sold but have once or twice regretted a few items I’ve given away. My closet is starting to look like a boutique, where my entire wardrobe, including shoes and accessories are displayed. I think I’m a definite candidate for OCD.

      • Sandie

        I love to purge my closet, too! Sometimes, I miss the things I’ve given up–but the pleasure of giving them away is usually greater than the pleasure of owning them. I want only “perfect” pieces–definitely OCD.

        But here’s another confession: giving something away justifies a search–and often, purchase–of a “better” piece to replace it. Keeps the obsession rolling.

        • Wendy

          Ok. I think Sandie is more of my twin than Allison. Every word you said rings true to me. I LOVE dropping off that bag to thrift shops or seeing my friends try on pieces I’m giving away and loving them. I feel like a huge load has been lifted off my back. No more keeping pieces that are ‘good, but….” . I’m also aiming for perfect pieces which is totally possible if you are obsessive enough like me!

          And yes, I love, LOVE hunting down the replace piece. It does keep my perfectionist compulsion going.

  15. Nomi

    Reading this & the comments is fun! OK, here goes….

    I hate Chanel too. I hate Tommy Hilfiger even more.

    I have not attempted to shave my legs since I was 16 (I’m now 50+). The occasional nosy friend will still ask me “Do you even HAVE body hair?” Unfortunately, the hair on my head is similarly pale and thin, so I haven’t changed my very short, Annie Lenox-style haircut since…. Annie Lenox was big.

    I don’t even own any makeup. Sometimes I think it might be fun to try it, but I always chicken out because my few forays (department stores, friends) looked clown/hooker to me….

  16. K-Line

    You are endlessly fascinating! My hair gets horrifyingly greasy if I go a day without washing it. And yet, as often as not, I skip a day. I’m a disgrace.

  17. hexia

    I’m addicted to colour. Not bright colour necessarily, but I never wear all black and rarely all neutrals – black is too harsh and depressing. If I’m wearing several neutrals, I’ll often wear red lipstick.

    I, too, have too many coats that I never wear, but since I live in London where the default weather is “mild and overcast” this is mostly due to my laziness rather than the climate.

  18. Anonymous

    ~I wear skirts/dresses all spring/summer/early fall. BUT – I don’t during the winter – because I hate wearing tights. (If we ever then the Southwest, I am screwed – because winter here is 60’s during the day).
    ~I wear the same make-up every day – in the same colors. Have for 10 years.
    ~I wear the same clothes 2-3 times before washing – except for underthings and exercise clothes.
    ~I want to wear more than flats, but feel “dressed up” when I do. I suppose I will get over when I start teaching more this fall.
    ~I wash my face only with Ivory soap. I have for 20+ years.
    ~I will buy anything from thrift stores. Except jeans. Those I buy new or make for myself.
    ~Oh, and I make about 75% of my own wardrobe. I am too lazy to go shopping, when I know that I can make it fit perfect in just a few hours of sewing time.

  19. alice

    I have waist long hair but never brush it or comb it. I might do a little detangling with my fingers occasionally.

    I keep my fingernails short but I’m obsessed with nail polish. I don’t care if the polish is peeling as long as I have some color on my nails at all times. And the color must be some shade of red.

    Until I was 29 years old I never wore a bra. I was under the impression this was one of the perks of having super small breasts.

    I don’t wash my face at night before going to sleep, only wash in the morning. My mom finds this appalling, but my skin likes it.

    This was such a fun post!

  20. Christine

    Oh this is too fun.

    – I would wear only dresses, every single day, if it was at all possible.

    – For the longest time I never, ever wore heels. Every now and then I’ll put on a pair if the occasion really calls for it, but my 5′ 1″ self still prefers flats to all other shoes.

    – My wardrobe is composed of many, many neutrals (mostly black), and a few purple and red pieces. Not on purpose.

    – I plan my outfits around my makeup, not the other way around.

    – Despite my preference for worrying about what I put on my face more than my body, I rarely pluck my eyebrows. It’s just not important to me.

    Ahhh, that felt good :-).

  21. ConstantlyAlice

    Ooooohhh, I also love (LOVE) a well manicured the point of obsession. I chew my nails and I’m wearing red in just about every photograph taken of me.

  22. Robyn

    I, too, am inept at the “smoky eye” look. I look like a raccoon every time I try.

    I love scarves, but can’t often wear them because they trigger my super sensitive gag reflex. Same goes for a beloved turtleneck of mine. I can, however, wear them when I’m sick and need a throat warmer.

    I grew up in the theater environment and didn’t learn how to do NON-stage makeup until I was at least 19.

    I just bought my very first Victoria’s Secret push-up bra and it made me feel very adult.

    I have bad arches, so finding cute shoes that don’t hurt my feet and work with my orthotics is a challenge, but I’ve gotten better at it lately.

    Ladylike nails? What are those?

  23. Jen

    I’m 27 and I just learned how to shop…and it blew my mind. I never learned anything about color, shape, fit, or textiles. Turns out I’m a summer with an hourglass shape and skirts are supposed to fit at the waist (who knew?). I was buying black because it was a “responsible” color and my skirts sat at the hip.

    I’m also unable to create a smoky eye, or wear eyeliner. Alas.

    I’ve moved to team skirt/dress because I cannot find pants that fit my muscular quads.

    $100+ for a pair of running shoes? Not a problem. $100 for casual flats? Hard to justify.

    I find logos to be tacky and refuse to buy clothing with prominent logos. I don’t like the idea of paying them for advertising on my body.

    • Eleanorjane

      Yup, me too with the logos. And I’ve never done tshirts with words or cartoons on them, even as a teenager or at University. I didn’t want to say one thing about myself – could never think of something that I was happy saying to the world. I’d never have a bumpersticker on my car for the same reason. I’m into complexity, I guess.

  24. Anne

    Okay, here goes… I am addicted to cardigans. I own over 20. I have to restrain myself so that I don’t wear one every single day. If I could wear a dress every day, I would. My doctor advised me not to wear any shoes over 2″s but I cheat just about once a week. Even though there are a million articles and advisers out there, I do not know how to buy a pair of jeans that fit. I would love to have beautifully groomed nails but my index and middle fingernails just keep splitting and breaking. (sometimes I think it’s karma for all the people I flipped off when I was younger) Lastly, when I win the lottery I will waste all my money by paying someone come over to my house every day to shampoo and blow dry my hair. I would even install the special sink and chair.

  25. Angela

    I read 20+ fashion blogs, devouring them, make written notes on modern outfits, make lists of the top 10, 50, 100 items every woman should wear, try to define my style, make shopping lists and buy the ‘cool’ clothes……and still look like the nerdy banker that I am πŸ™‚

    • spacegeek

      Ah! This is me! I read and comment on style blogs and spend far more time and $ than I have ever done and still feel like… a geek!! (Hence the moniker!)
      I have eyelash extensions that I love love love!
      I get a pedicure every month.
      I color and straighten my hair…
      I wear makeup every day, even on the weekends. That includes primer, foundation, concealer, eyelid primer, 2-3 eyeshadow colors, two colors of blush, lipstick primer and lipstick. But I can apply it all in 10 minutes!!

      I used to be low maintenance but that has seriously gone by the wayside!

      And I’m coveting a DVF wrap dress like nobody’s business!!

  26. Amber

    I’m a nail-biter, so my nails constantly look dreadful, but I wishwishwish I could stop my bad habit only so I could paint my nails fun colors.

    I wear whimsical socks whenever I can get away with it.

    I want to replace my brown sneakers with a new pair, but I can’t justify it, because my current brown sneakers are still in great condition…so now I resent my current brown sneakers and kinda wish some horrible tragedy would befall them.

    I wish I could have an entire closet of fitted polo shirts.

    And then I want another closet of nothing but three-quarter sleeve, button-front chambray/”camp” shirts.

    I believe God gave me very narrow feet because he knew that if I had average-width feet that could fit into almost any shoe in the store, I would own too many pairs of shoes.

  27. Anna

    -90% of my wardrobe comes from either a thrift store or Target. Most of the time I am okay with this, but there are days when I look in the mirror and realize that I’m wearing head to toe Target clothes and feel a little depressed about it.

    -Because I do so much of my shopping at thrift stores and Target, I cannot spend more than $20 on any item of clothing (well, not including shoes. but even my shoe limit is like $50) without feeling massively guilty about it.

    -I hate jeans. A lot. Pretty much every jeans shopping experience has ended in tears of frustration for me. It is well nigh impossible to find a pair that fits well. I’m a different size in every brand, and I’ll even be a different size in the same brand based on the cut. If they fit well on my hips, they’ll be too loose around my waist, and when I sit down they seem to invariably slip down in the back and dig in to my stomach in the front. Not cute! So you will never see me in jeans unless I am doing manual labor.

    • dustwindbun

      Not to imply that your search has not been thorough, but have you tried Gloria Vanderbilt brand jeans? I have the same problem, and recently thrifted a recent-looking pair that not only fit perfectly over my enormous (and awesome, no body-negative ass-thoughts here) butt, but were actually the right length on my little stubby legs! I also own some corduroys that actually fit of hers too. They carry them at Kohls – not an upscale brand, but if it fits, then hey why not.

      • Anna

        Super late reply time.
        Thanks for the tip! I’ll have to check those out. I’ve been avoiding pants shopping for years now, but I lost weight recently and none of my pants fit anymore so I kind of have to attempt it… And I have to admit that the siren song of CORDUROYS is pretty strong.

  28. Real Redhead

    I rarely wash my bras. They’re nice and broken-in now, like jeans!

    • KL

      I thought I was the only person who did that! I hate hand-washing with a passion and they don’t really look that dirty (I don’t buy or wear white bras, for multiple reasons).

    • Bethany

      Me too!! I let them air out a day between wearings, and had wash them every six months or so. They last FOREVER that way, and always fit perfectly!

      • Eleanorjane

        I was them after about four – six days wearing. I do find they get a bit funky if it’s been hot weather.

      • Kylara7

        I do the same! So fun to see that other people share my habits. And yes, my bras last so much longer without the wear and tear of the washer/dryer.

  29. AnnaKatie

    I avoid shaving my legs as much as possible. I’d like to wear more make-up, but I’m not sure how; and going into a Sephora or Macy’s make-up counter for help utterly terrifies me. I have never touched my eyebrows, either for grooming or make-up purposes. I have very light, blonde hair, so they are practically invisible, and the one time I tried to color them with a brow pencil, I looked like a cartoon character. At least it was funny!

  30. Isis

    I’ll wear clothes several times, or until they get smelly. It seriously weirded my husband out the first time he caught me sniffing a shirt to determine whether it would go in the hamper or be hung back up, because he’d been under the impression that that particular behavior was limited to those with Y chromosomes. Of course, undies and socks get changed every day, and socks sometimes more than that.

    I’m addicted to socks. No two pairs match each other, and most are knee-high. I’m guilty of ‘prolonging’ the life of some favorites by continuing to wear them even with holes in the toes.

    I wear the same set of fuscia long underwear all winter, both to bed and under my clothing. It gets washed every time I do laundry, and if I simply must toss it in the hamper before that I’ll be all bummed (and kinda cold) for the rest of the week until laundry day again. I really must buy a second set.

    I get a perverse amount of joy from romping around the house in purple footie jammies and big fluffy horse slippers.

    I wear makeup usually around twice a year. I’m far too lazy unless I’m going to a play or will be on stage myself.

    I don’t shave my legs all winter.

    For the life of me, I cannot figure out the purpose of thongs. I have a bunch because they tend to come with corsets, and I figure once I’ve collected enough of the weird little triangles I can sew them all together into a pillow. In the meantime they make decent slingshots.

  31. Cathy

    I sure would like to read about hating Chanel, but even the search box didn’t lead me to it…

  32. dustwindbun

    ha, I have so many ‘confessions’:
    -I don’t shower every day, and I don’t always change my clothes every day. I try to tell myself that it’s for my skin’s sake, but really, it’s laziness/a weird struggle with OCD-like tendencies in trying to find the ‘right’ time balanced between what I’ll be doing, how clean my sheets/clothes are, etc.
    -I have shockingly good skin for how little I take care of it. I wash it when I shower, or more if I remember, but I don’t wear makeup or lotion or anything else on it, so it isn’t quite so bad…right?
    -I don’t wear sunscreen unless I’m actually spending time outside in the summer. I don’t have a good excuse, I just know that anything that doesn’t happen as part of the face-washing step won’t happen.
    -I don’t ‘style’ my hair, and I never have aside from special occasions. The only reason I own a blowdryer is for Minnesota winters that don’t play well with wet hair. My hair is lucky if it even gets brushed every day, hence my two favorite haircuts: all one length long enough to be worn up, and my current pixie. Less effort is a winner.
    -I hate Missoni patterns.
    -I am sickeningly cheap when it comes to clothes etc – I don’t think I’ve ever seen something featured here that seemed ‘reasonably priced’, even the sale things. I am like an old person who thinks everything used to be better in the old days, but only with prices. For example, I felt like when I paid 50 bucks for my winter boots that I was getting gouged; I’ve been stalking a leather doctor’s bag-style purse (not even a known brand) for at least 5 years from a catalog my mom gets, but I won’t buy it, or even let my boyfriend buy it for me as a present, because I think $80 is a ridiculous price for a purse. And yet I let him get me a necklace from Tiffany’s one year for Christmas and I wear it every day. (Though I still thought the price was ridiculous for that too.)
    -(Embarrassingly) I have a frickin’ beard. More than the boyfriend has. I’m getting laser, and as a Snow-White girl, it works great, but it doesn’t fix the underlying problem that means I keep growing new hairs as fast as I can kill the old ones. And no doctor has been able to ID the problem yet, so here I am, continuing to shell out to avoid being a sideshow freak. (Even worse, I once worked for a small company that, when writing the dress/grooming code, had a line item in there that was added specifically about my lady-beard. I die.)

    omg, I guess I feel confessy today!

    • Dana

      I have a pale white hair that grows out of the center of my forehead. It’s so light, I forget that it’s there until it’s over 2 inches long. I wonder if I was a unicorn in a past life? Also, once I turned 45, a lone black hair began appearing to the right of my mouth. I am ever-vigilant and pluck it the moment it grows back.

    • julie

      I have a beard too. I have to shave every morning otherwise there is little stubble around my chin and neck. Electrolysis was so painful and didn’t make a difference (like you mine keeps growing, although I know PCOS is to blame) and laser was challenging as I live in LA and love to be outdoors…and couldn’t be bothered with needing to wear sunscreen all the time! (Ok, that is several confessions I guess: I find it easier to shave everyday rather than use sunscreen)

      Like someone else above, spending $60 on work flats kills me but spending $130 on running shoes is completely justified.

      I live alone, but have enough bathroom products for 4 different people. what can I say, I love variety!

  33. Abby

    I wear exclusively skirts and dresses in the spring/summer/fall, and I hate jeans, but as soon as winter rolls around, I wear nothing but jeans and sweaters. Sometimes I wear the same jeans every day for a week straight without washing them. And I believe to the depths of my being that jeans are the ultimate wearable napkin. You can wipe your fingers on them a million times and never be able to tell!

    I love plucking my brows, so much so that a few months ago I had to stop altogether because I was in danger of plucking them completely away. Since then, I stare into the mirror every day just hunting for a hair to pluck, but I’ve discovered to my dismay that I don’t actually need to pluck my brows because I no longer get stray hairs.

    Instead of trashing ripped or stained clothes, I keep it all with the intention of sewing up a replica, but I have yet to copy any of the pieces sitting under my sewing table.

    • Galena

      I wear my jeans for a week before washing them too! The only reason I stop after a week is because they get stretched out and would require a belt to keep them from sliding down and giving me polterwang and causing me to yank them up every time I stand up.

      • dustwindbun

        omg polterwang! I don’t think I’ve ever owned a pair of ‘real’ pants (with an actual fly rather than elastic waist) that hasn’t given me polterwang – thanks for giving me a name for it!
        now, how do I stop it? have a priest exorcise my pants? I fear they’d catch on fire when I put them on next, so that’s right out. advice?

  34. poodletail

    I love every one of you who has been brave enough to post here, most of all you, Sal. I’m not there yet but one day, maybe.

  35. Stephanie

    I don’t know how to take care of my face. I mean, I knew what to do when I was fifteen and had breakouts, but I don’t know what to do with the skin I have now at 22, which is kind of combination– cyclically dry in some places but still susceptible to pimples in others. I’ve tried a number of different products, I try washing in morning and at night when I shower, I’ve tried toner and moisturizer and none of these seem to help. Specifically, they either make the drier bits drier or cause breakouts. So, I just wash my face when I shower with anti-breakout stuff, and try to spot treat breakouts as they come up. It works OK, but my skin still doesn’t feel great.

    • Sal

      Oh Stephanie, I can so relate. I washed my face with Dial soap until I was 23. Seriously. I’m no expert and couldn’t give you any decent advice over the Internet even if I were an expert, but if you can get to a dermatologist, do. And in the meantime – since it sounds like we have very similar skin – I’ll go out on a limb and say you might want to try cleansing oils. I’ve been using nothing but light olive oil on my face for a couple of months, and it’s not perfect solution, but it’s helped a ton with dry spots and shine. My breakouts are hormonal and still happen, but other problems have been diminished. Just something to ponder.

      I’m sure other readers will have resources, too! Anyone?

      • Anonymous

        I have good result with Paula’s Choice products. The company is based in Seattle. You can order online. They can give you advice on what to use. I would start with ordering samples. Good luck!

    • Bethany

      Simple Mom has a great article on washing your face with oils. I have very strange skin, and it has been working for me for a month! Just realize that the first few days, your skin is going to feel weird because it is used to being stripped every day. But once it evens out, it is great!!

      • adorable

        ma skins very oily wen i apply makeup it becomes more oily n ma face luks black…huh how to deal wid dis now

  36. Jessie

    My “confessions” seem less and less taboo as I read everyone else’s! But still:

    I can only wear heels once or twice a year… they hurt my feet, and they aren’t quite my style (although perhaps I’ve molded my style around my avoidance of heels). Flats, wedges if need be, and maybe ONE inch!

    I can’t leave the house if my bangs aren’t styled perfectly. The rest of my hair can be as messy as it likes (although now that my hair is shorter it still works).

    I never wear makeup except a LITTLE bit of mascara and very light lipstick if it’s a nice occasion.

    Shaving? Only if I have to.

    I buy tons of hats and never wear them because I’m afraid my hair will get messed up.

    I’m only starting to get into nicer brands; for my own wallet’s sake, though, I try not to even look at them.

    Thongs are like intentional wedgies for me. I avoid them save for certain nights with my boyfriend.

    I can’t wear navy blue polos because of my high school uniform. Khakis I’ve come to terms with, but I’ve been asked ONE too many times where something is an any store to want to go back to the shirts.

    I keep my nails short because I took up bass guitar, and as much and I only paint them two to three times a year, TOPS. Then I watch my nails grow them out with a kind of morbid fascination.

  37. Andi D.

    Ooh, I love confessions! Ok, here goes:

    I own a lot of black but that’s ok because as a semi-goth, it’s expected of me. However, I have never overcome my unrequited love of denim. It doesn’t love me back but I keep trying.

    I have better skin when I avoid washing my face except in the shower/bath. I’ve finally realized it’s because I’m a picker, and if I sleep in my makeup then there’s less temptation to pick.

    I never cut the tags off anything until I’m ready to wear it. A lot of times, if I don’t wear it within a week, it’s going back to the store. Even if I like it, there’s no place in my closet for things that don’t work.

    I like to sew my own clothes, but I’m lazy. If I could buy the clothes I prefer in sizes that fit me, I would sew a lot less.

    I’m still wearing the clothes I loved in my twenties. Unfortunately, I’m pushing 40. I think this means I will be wearing hoodies, plaid minis and knee socks when I’m sixty. I try not to worry about it, and when I do worry about it, I try to remember Betsey Johnson and Vivienne Westwood.

    I refuse to spend money on manis/pedis because they never last. On the rare occasion I actually do a pedi, I leave the nail polish on until it’s chipped beyond all recognition.

  38. Kimberlee

    I convinced my husband to spend $200 on a bra for me two years ago and have worn it almost every day since then. It is almost my favorite article of clothing, which is crazy. Trying to figure out how to get him to buy me another one — it’s that great.

  39. Seraphinalina

    Love this.
    I wash my hair alternating days, an extra day some weekends.

    I rewear some clothing (mostly pants) prior to washing again.

    I work in 3 if not 4 different offices in a week. I will often wear something new that I’m exicted about twice in one week. It’s more important for me to show variation in wardrobe two Tuesdays in a row than Tuesday/Thursday.

    I don’t like how my big toe nails look so they are never without polish if they are uncovered.

  40. Mrs.M in MI

    I love going to the mall but invariably end up coming away empty-handed because whatever I am looking for is nowhere to be found. Seriously, the moment I need a white shirt or a pair of leggings is the moment no store has any.

    Embarrassingly enough, my favorite mall store is JCPenney. Their dress selection blows my mind and it’s perpetually 50% off.

  41. Susan

    I procrastinate when buying something pricey, even though I can well afford it. In fact, I have birthday money from YEARS ago, unspent. I’ve never had a pair of nice leather boots but I really want some. But since I’m in my 50’s, I wonder about buying a pair of boots that will last longer than I do. Maybe I’ll get tired of them.

    Been looking lovingly at the Frye Veronica Slouch…all I have to do is take the the leap.

  42. Katelyn

    I almost never wash off my makeup before going to bed. It’s one of those things I don’t do even though I know I should, like drinking water. Unfortunately I have many of those things…

    I never wear my skirts or dresses. They sit in my closet practically brand new for years until I finally get rid of half of them in a purge because I never wear them.

    • Eleanorjane

      Yeah me neither with the face washing. I wash my face in the shower (with Clinique soap) and moisturise afterwards and that’s all. My skin really doesn’t seem to mind make up on it.

  43. Charlie

    Love this post, and all the comments! πŸ˜€

    I wash my hair every 4-6 days (I tried washing it once a week, but 6 days really is the max for me)
    I wear my clothes (outerwear) 2 days (not 1, not 3), unless I spill on them or something.
    For items that can’t be washed or need to be washed by hand (blazers, some dresses): I wear them once and let them hang outside for a while, then I just put them back in my closet
    I buy my bras from the “my first bra” section – cheap AND colorful! (plus, I have the biggest size they come in, haha!)

  44. JB

    I only wear thong underwear. Not because it makes me feel particularly sexy, but because I’ve done it for so long that anything else makes me feel like I’m wearing a diaper. However, I have not yet had the guts to wear a thong bikini. (And yes, wearing a regular bikini bottom does feel like I’m wearing a diaper.)

    I love my VS push-up bras and truly regret that I was almost 40 before I ever tried one. Going up one cup size is about my limit though. Two sizes is two many for me.

    I am a medical journalist who specializes in lower extremity issues, I know all about the evils of high heels, and yet I love heels and don’t currently own any non-athletic flat shoes other than sandals. (I get away with this because I work at home and most of the time I don’t wear shoes at all, but still…)

    • Kylara7

      I only wear thong underwear too! I was skeptical for a while, but once I tried them, they turned out to be WAY more comfortable on my bum than the other kinds that invariably did the butt crawl anyway! Now no picking at the undies and no Visible Panty Line.

  45. Mel

    Sal – as usual, you just crack me up! And the comments that you engender! Just a hoot! The things you get people to admit to make me laugh. It’s always stuff that you’d talk about with a sister, if you had one.

    I also rewear my clothes 2-3 times between washings. Dry cleaning? Too expensive. Ironing? Um…no.
    I only wash my hair every 2-3 days…and (I am embarrased to admit) I only shower every 2-3 days. I grew up in a household where you only bathed on Saturday nights. Hard to shake those old habits.
    Plus when you get up 1/2 hour after you’re supposed to be at work, and it’s a 1/2 hour drive, there really isn’t time to shower.

    I thought I was the only person in the world who only washed her face in the morning, but now I see there’s another one! πŸ™‚

    I don’t shave my legs unless I have to, and then only to above the knee. Unless it’s for a funeral of my sister-in-law (I’ve lost 2), then you have to shave all the way up.

    I’d love long nails, but I study violin and piano and the instructors hate it when my nails click on the keyboard.

    To the poster above….I hear ya on the hairy chin. Man, I can’t tell you how much I HATE, HATE, HATE that!!!!! I, too, have been to several doctors, but they just tell me it’s hereditary…from who? No one else in my whole family has this problem, back at least 2 generations. There’s something wrong, but try to get some help for it. No one cares and it pisses me off!

    I love coats and shoes. I LOVE colored shoes…I recently saw some purple suede combat boots someplace, far too expensive to buy, but oh, were they awesome!

    I LIKE to dress up for work. My latest obsession is acquiring silk scarves, to go with my extensive pin collection. I learned several more fun ways to tie scarves thanks to Sal’s recent video…and have shared them with everyone I know. They didn’t know all those ways either, so now I don’t feel so inept.

    I love colors and have only recently started wearing black,,,cuz it shows off my cool scarf better.

    This is really bad….if the parents aren’t around, I let the grandkids dry their hands on my jeans. They love this….think it’s sooo funny. And it is! Then they get a great big hug and we all laugh about how funny we are.

    If my hair is long enough to need a part, it’s too long. If it doesn’t dry by itself in the time it takes me to get out the door, it’s too long. Besides, it needs to be dry by the time I leave, cuz I drive a convertible and that wind-blown look isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. My boss told me this summer that I needed to tame my hair before I came into the office cuz I was scaring the other workers.

    Make-up is fun, and I have a lot of it (bought on clearance at Walgreen’s). But, once again, when you get up 1/2 hour after you’re supposed to be at work, there just isn’t a lot of time for make-up. And I don’t like doing it in the car. On those days the lights are all green, except for 1 or 2, so I get to work with one eye “done” and the other not. Or one earring in, but not the other. Oh so stylish. Especially when combined with the hair standing on end from the convertible.

    I have a lot of clothes but they’re all sewn, thrifted or on sale. My latest obsession is not wearing the exact same outfit twice….have to change up the scarf, pair with something else, add a different jacket. I’m having loads of fun shopping in my own closet!

    • Anneesha

      Love all the commenters but something about yours is extra-funny! Thanks!

    • Katharine

      I have a hairy chin too, and so does my sister, but I know EXACTLY where we got it from. I still remember the only time we visited my grandma and grandpa overseas; I was too young to have filters, and asked boldly right there at the dinner table (she was luminously backlit, I remember), “Why does Grandma have a beard?”

      I keep a paranoid eye upon it, and a pair of Tweezermans always at the ready. She had a thin grey fringe round the entire frame of her jawline. I often wonder whether I should have electrolysis now, before my eyesight gets too bad, or my hands too shaky, to hunt them down. Unshaved legs and pits — no problem. Ladybeard — not cool.

  46. Bethany

    I always gravitate toward dry clean only items, but I refuse to spend money going to a dry cleaners! Unless they get something spilled on them, they get aired out in the closet (hung inside out) and reworn. I have had one dress for almost 10 years, and it has never been to the cleaners!

    I only wash my hair when I have to. Sometimes, even after I exercize, I let the sweat air dry and wear it for a few more days! It’s gross if I think about it, so I try not to think about it!

    The only time my toenails aren’t painted is the 10 minutes between taking off the old polish and putting on the new. My toenails haven’t seen the light of day in 15 years at least!

  47. Genevieve

    Oh – you all make me feel so much better about my quirks. Thank you for this.

    I too bite my fingernails. I figure that’s what we’re evolved to do, right? I mean, cavepeople didn’t have nail clippers. What’s the problem? My nails are actually quite strong and I used to grow them out. Long nails always bugged me. I felt like I couldn’t grasp things or use my hands for fear of painful breaks. So now I bite them. Mostly in the car. The area under the driver’s seat has lots of little fingernails. Not cute, I know. Gotta remember to vacuum out that bit before we trade it in.

    I also refuse to get a pedicure. I figure my feet needs the calluses it has. My granny used to take us creek walking each summer and you could go faster on the river stones with more calluses. We’d laugh at anyone whose feet were too tender. Also my podiatrist warned me off of pedicures after too many ingrown toenails that required surgery.

    I love the look of heels but cannot wear them because of toe arthritis. I convince myself once a year that I actually can and that I need to just suck it up and then I buy some. After the first wearing I’m in terrible pain and back to the back of the closet they go to live with the others.

    I have to force myself not to buy everything brown I see. I swear I have 6 brown dresses, 3 brown blazers, 3 brown shorts, 5 brown skirts, innumerable brown shirts, and, strangely, only one pair of brown pants. They’re hard to come by. At my bridal shower they did one of those “How well do you know the bride?” quizzes. I said my favorite color was green. Everyone in the room told me I was wrong. They’d all written brown.

    All of my pants are the same brand from Banana Republic Outlet. Just in different colors.

    I will never wear a thong. If VPL is an issue I’ll wear spanx first. My quest in life is for the perfect pair of cotton high waist briefs that are also invisible under clothes. I know this is impossible. I keep trying anyway.

    I can’t NOT do a smokey eye. I just use lighter shades, but do not know how to apply eyeshadow any other way.

  48. Anonymous

    A day or two before a night out or event I get lazy about grooming. The day of I spend hours bathing, scrubbing, shaving, lotioning, doing my nails, hair and makeup all while listening to NPR podcasts.

  49. Galena

    I haaaaaaaaaaaate bras. They are uncomfortable! If it were culturally ok for large-chested women to go braless, I would be at the front of that dancing-for-joy train.

    Relatedly, the second I get home (if I don’t have to leave the house again), I am in my jammies and my ladies are swinging free and happy.

    I own more cardigans in various colors/styles/patterns than I do any other item of clothing – I have almost 30 and I wear all of them.

    I shave my legs only when they’re going to be bared to the world, or when I will be wearing tights (because the upwards rub on my legs does NOT feel good!). I participated in No Shave November this year, not even on purpose.

    I refuse to leave the house (unless it’s a quick in-my-jammies ice cream run) without makeup (just foundation/concealer is enough). This is a direct result of my teenage years dealing with extreme acne and self-consciousness. I still have acne (on a much smaller scale) and I just can’t break the compulsion that I HAVE to have those flaws covered up. Even though I *know* they’re not actually covered up, and people can still tell. My friends tease me about it a little and it probably bothers them since it makes me “high maintenance” but they all have blemish-free skin. So they don’t understand how hard it is, and how this is a result of YEARS of bad skin and feeling really self-conscious about it.

    I don’t ever leave the house without some form of sunscreen on my face (my moisturizer and foundation have at least spf 20) – I figure if I’m going to have to deal with acne, I should at least protect my skin from other harm to it. I’m really pale so it’s necessary. Sunburn on the front of my neck at a noon MI football game in November (I was completely covered otherwise so didn’t think about sunscreening my neck)? TOTALLY HAPPENED. Grr.

  50. D

    Awesome post! Here is my list-

    I hate coach bags with the logo all over the place. No thank you!
    I make my own deodorant, and I wash my hair every three days with baking soda and red wine vinegar.
    I also wipe my hands on my jeans ALL THE TIME without even thinking about it.
    Water is the only thing that washes my face.
    I might put on makeup once a month, but I have a whole drawer filled with ridiculously colored nail polish. I think I own like 2 neutral colors, but I must have at least 5 shades of green. Added bonus if there is glitter involved.
    I hate having manicures and/or pedicures done by someone else. And fake nails? Forget it.
    After working at target, I just can’t wear red and khaki together anymore. But every time I bust out the khaki pants, the first shirts I think of are always red.
    Even if its snowing, I can’t be bothered to blow dry my hair.

    • Kelli

      I hate Coach too!! With a passion! I personally think they even trump the ugly Chanel granny bags!

  51. Kate K

    Another ditto for the smokey eye issue.

    I only shave my legs to the length of skirt or short that I’m wearing and I never, ever shave the backs of my thighs.

    I have been known to pull things out of the laundry, febreeze them, hang them in the bathroom while I’m showering to get the wrinkles out and then wear them to work.

    I go on bra kicks. I own about five bras and they’re all great but they seem to make my boobs look different. (I’m sure they don’t really but in my head, the difference is very noticeable.) I tend to choose my two favorites and alternate them, and then in a few months, I’ll decide that they make me look ridiculous and alternate in the others.

    My feet like cheap shoes. I’ve purchased really well made, supposedly supportive shoes that everyone raves about and my feet HATE THEM. My feet are much happier wearing shoes from Payless or Target.

  52. Emily

    I am 22 years old and over half of my wardrobe comes from the children’s section because its cheaper and loads more fun. I love wearing shirts that have glitter and cupcakes and puppies on them. I also just bought these jeans for 10 dollars. 10.

    I have c-cup breasts but try to get away without wearing a bra as much as possible because it shows off my collar bone better.

    I only wear pretty underwear. If there isn’t lace or silk involved, I won’t own it.

  53. Megan


    I wear high heels as often as I possibly can. The higher the better, My boyfriend thinks I have some complex about being 5’3″ since he’s much taller than me but, nope, I just love them!

    I love wearing dresses, too. I, unfortunately, work in an office with guys so I feel overdressed most of the time. I dress for me though so when it’s warm, I wear dresses.

    I love cardigans, too!

    I am absolutely hair inept. I love vintage hairstyles but trying to put my hair in pincurls or victory rolls is so frustrating that I usually end up in tears. No matter how many videos I watch I just can’t get my hands and fingers to do the right things. I wish I could afford a hairstylist/make-up artist to come over every morning and do my hair and make-up.

    • Thursday

      I feel your pain – I have been trying to master pin curls and vintage hairstyles for more than a year now and I just can’t make it happen. And people keep telling me how simple it really is…

      I shave my legs every day, even in the winter, even if they’re going to be covered up. They feel better that way. But I avoid shaving my underarms (will only do so once a week in winter) because it irritates them. I have to wash my hair every day or it gets horribly oily.

      I have never worn makeup, except for a few times under coercion as a teen. I hate the stuff and think it’s entirely unnecessary and unpleasant.

      I dislike wearing trousers and live almost entirely in skirts and dresses. A good pair of tights are warmer in winter anyway.

      I often alter off-the-rack to fit my completely pear-shaped curves but am way lazier about the quality of those alterations as compared to when I sew from scratch. Whatever makes it fit is fine!

  54. chrissandra

    I passionately hate animal prints, plaids, and polka dots, even though every year of my adult life at least one of them has been pushed at me by designers as a must-have look and I always think there must be something wrong with my fashion sense.

    Every outfit I have ever worn has been built from the shoes up, because at no point have I ever been able to find more than two or three pairs of shoes that won’t make my toes bleed.

    I secretly love skirted suits even though it seems to currently be de riguer to renounce them.

  55. Carol

    It’s great to find out that I’m not alone in failing to wash my face before I go to bed. Well sometimes I do, but not usually.

    I do my own pedicure and sometimes go too long between. I’d like to get a pro pedicure (I did once) but I feel compelled to clean up my own toenails before letting someone else do it, and that kind of defeats the purpose.

    I often go weeks before shaving my underarms or legs. I’m not really hairy, but still…. I’m better about it in the summer.

    I have a very light mustache which I shave off with my husband’s razor every week or so. He has no idea…

    I really like granny panties. They’re so comfortable!

    I’ve never really learned to apply makeup. I wear moisturizer/sunscreen everyday (good old Oil of Olay) and slap on some cheap eyeshadow. Mascara just flakes into my eyes and lipstick lasts about 2 minutes. Chapstick is OK.

    Confession is good for the soul!

    • Katie

      “I really like granny panties. They’re so comfortable!”

      Yes. This!

      Except the underwear companies have obviously decided my body belongs to someone too young to wear granny panties . . . grrr.

  56. Sarah Heath

    I have great taste, I find that I can pick out the most expensive (I know it doesn’t mean the best) thing in the store. And usually I cannot afford it. Then It doesn’t fit right.

    I have zero fashion since. I am working on learning to style the things I have better.

    I am making my own clothes out of desperation. Since I wear a 34 F bra, If fits in the shoulders, it never fits over the bust, and if it fits the bust, it makes me look like i have gained 30 lbs. So I gave up.

    I think if it fits really well, that it is expensive, or looks expensive.

    I would love to dress retro 50’s all the time.

    I will never buy cheap blue jeans again. Even if it means I can only have 2 pair at a time. I love my nicer more expensively priced jeans way better than anything I can find at the local mall.

    I hate shopping for clothes, don’t even get me started on bras, Hello, 34F? However I love, love shoes. I can’t seem to get enough black shoes. Though I am trying to branch out.

    • Erika A

      Expensive blue jeans…OMG. They fit better, wear better, and look better with my clothing. I used to buy all my jeans at TJ Maxx and Kohls and they would wear out in less than a year (I wear jeans a LOT). Now I buy expensive jeans ($70/pair) but they last and last and last and if I’m careful about watching the sales, I can get them at deep discount online.

    • Angela

      I wear a 38 F, try a specialty store, expensive but your girls will look awesome πŸ™‚

    • dustwindbun

      hi, 34g/h here so I feel your pain. I just don’t understand how people can buy expensive jeans though – doesn’t everybody’s size fluctuate throughout the year and then have to buy all new pants/remember where you stored them from the last time you were that size?

  57. Genevieve

    Man. This thread should be called “Fashion for slightly unwashed, brutally honest, but somehow pulled together people!”

  58. Eleanorjane

    “You’d think my job consisted of peeling labels off of jars and burying them in the dirt with my bare hands.” Love it, actually laughed out loud! πŸ™‚

  59. Roxane

    I thought I hated Chanel too when I’d only seen stuff from the 1950s and 60s, and then I saw designs from the 1920s (and even the 1930s are ok) and fell in love with those.

    I love my no-wire, padded bras from Victoria’s Secret, which I wash in the machine with all my other clothes, but only once a week or so, depending on how much I sweat.

    I also only wash my face once a day, in the shower in the morning, but I don’t wear make-up, and I shave once a week at most.

    I definitely wear things more than once without washing them, but I like to leave out clothes in this state so I do remember to wash them when it’s time. This means my room often looks like my closet threw up.

    As someone who has had short hair her whole life, except during college, I didn’t realize short hair was expensive to maintain until people around me got new short haircuts and started complaining about it. Instead I was always shocked when people could mention going 6 months without a haircut.

  60. Gracey at Fashion for Giants

    Two of mine are the same as yours – I never check the back of my outfits. Like, never. And two, I also donate to the same places I thrift and am drawn back to the clothes I donated.

    In addition, I am a haphazard hair brusher at best. I rarely shave my legs during the winter and really only ever do because coarse, dark hair can be seen through some of my lighter tights. I also never paint or cut my nails during the winter. By the time spring rolls around, I have claws like a velociraptor.

  61. Beth Anderson

    I have one. And I cannot believe I did this. Last week.

    I bought a dress (in Paris of all places – more the shame) that is a sweater dress and essentially the same on both sides. Almost a boat neck, not a crew, not a V neck (can you guess where I am going with this…).

    The only difference from front to back in this BLACK dress is that on the front there is a straight-across seam just above my boobs, and it’s slightly pleated. Slightly.

    Nearing the end of the day I wondered what was itching my neck. The front part of my neck. To my horror…

    I had put the bloody thing on backwards. Yes, backwards. All day.

  62. Tina

    I have tried to like thrift stores but I think they are disgusting and dirty. (Sorry!).

    I am a label WHORE but I hate the Coach bags with the Cs all over them. I have several Louis Vuitton bags but am sometimes too self conscious to carry them. I have no problem spending several hundred dollars on an accessory (shoes, purse, bracelets) but am really cheap when it comes to buying clothes.

    I literally have a “fat” closet and a “skinny” closet.

    I am torn between trying to be a minimalist and wanting to keep every article of clothing ever….

    If I miss one day of washing my hair, I feel like there’s bugs in my scalp.

    I hate to shave my armpits.

    Noone ever seems to be able to buy me what I like for Christmas which may indicate that I do not have a clearly defined style.

    Sometimes I wish I could dress like a 20 year old…..

    I got a Chicos gift certificate and I HATE that store. I would rather buy my clothes at Target.

    I drool every time I see Sal wearing a pair of boots because I love them all and wished I live in Minnesota. I also wonder how may pairs of boots does she own and where does she store all of her beautiful shoes/boots? I also cannot wear boots because my calves are too big.

    I get 99% of my ideas about how to dress from blogs like Sal’s.

    • Anjela

      I am so with you on a few of those!

      “I have no problem spending several hundred dollars on an accessory (shoes, purse, bracelets) but am really cheap when it comes to buying clothes.”

      I am starting to get more and more like that. And I’m OK with that. Clothing can wear out, or fall out of style; but a well-made, classic shoe or accessory will last years, and is a wonderful way to perk up an outfit! Two style guidelines I follow most fastidiously come from Clinton Kelly: shoes set the tone for an outfit, and your bag broadcasts your status.

      “I have several Louis Vuitton bags but am sometimes too self conscious to carry them.”

      I always swore I’d never own any Louis Vuitton, because whenever I see it I just assume that it is fake. But I bought myself a vintage LV wallet for Christmas, and I am a little dismayed at just how much I love it. However, I also feel self-conscious about it, and if anyone asked me about it, I might be inclined to say that it’s fake. Is that funny, or what?

      “Noone ever seems to be able to buy me what I like for Christmas which may indicate that I do not have a clearly defined style.”

      Same here. My mom and my boyfriend both say they won’t buy me clothing or shoes, because of how picky I am.

    • Wendi

      Try for boots if you have a genuinely difficult time finding ones that will fit. The website lists the calf circumference, and I was able to find a pair that worked for me, and my calves are more than 20 inches in circumference. It took a bit of stretching, and getting my friends with slightly smaller calves to wear them sitting on the couch, and zipping up to as much as they would zip and then waiting, but leather does stretch.

  63. Steph

    Lol! these are all so great!

    I dislike most “high fashion” –but work for a magazine that closely parallels fashion.
    As far as I’m concerned “iconic” American designer Michael Kors may as well be named Michael Bores
    I have never had a bikini wax. Or any kind of wax.
    I cut my own hair
    I also can never keep a manicure looking nice for more than 1 hour. You’d think my job entailed wrestling steers or shoeing horses by my nails’ condition
    I still dislike my belly flab despite truly believing that we are more than the sum of our parts
    I also would wear a corset everyday if it weren’t so impractical and restrictive of movement. They’re so comfortable (except when one needs to bend) and they hide the dread flab
    I still have not found the perfect pair of jeans and am beginning to think Pajama Jeans may not be so bad after all

  64. Megan

    I hate Jeffrey Campbell shoes. They are so utterly ridiculous and I’m convinced that his goal is to make women look crazy.

  65. Kookoo

    I am a super clean freak except for bras and socks which I will wear to work out the day after the original wear. I even wash my wool coats! I wash my hair daily, shower every morning, and shave everything daily. With the exception of my nails, I’m usually completely polished before 6 am, but I never take off my make up, iron, or get a real hair cut.

  66. anne

    I wash my hair only about 2 times per week. I don’t own any hairproducts (besides shampoo and a volumising conditioner).I really don’t need them , my hair looks good after wash and blow-dry. My mom does my nails better than me. She has an awesome taste in shoes and she is 1 size smaller than me, and I’ve done many squeezes and “this might fit me” in her shoes.
    I wash my face with water. or water and dove soap. and that’s all. I don’t own a face/hand cream. I have one popular calendula cream but it’s vaseline based and use it only when I get a scratch to moisturize and accelerate healing. In the meantime, I just feel my skin is ok-moist on it’s own. I own a fancy body lotion I picked because it smells like chocolate. I want to ask another 24-year old, “why do you use lotions on your face? does it help?” but i’m ashamed i’m not enough girly

    • Galena

      I’m 25 so hopefully that still counts to answer your question πŸ™‚
      I have problem skin (very oily and breakout-prone) so I need to wash my face to prevent breakouts of epic proportions. Even with my face-care routine I still get hormone acne but there’s nothing I can do about that other than make them go away quicker after they appear.

      If you don’t have acne issues or oiliness/dryness, then you don’t need to have a skin care routine. It might be good to get into the habit while you’re young so that when you get older and your skin starts changing it’s not a completely alien thing to start doing, but not necessary.

      But please make sure you incorporate sunscreen into your life! Your face is ALWAYS going to be hit by sunlight, and it’s really common for even young people to get skin cancer on their faces (a 30-year-old coworker had to have a chunk taken out of her nose because she developed skin cancer there). Not to mention premature aging and wrinkling, if you care about that sort of thing.

      Protect your skin now so that future-you thanks you instead of cursing you πŸ™‚

  67. Velma

    I have beautiful clothes–gorgeous boots, silk blouses, scarves–that the world rarely sees because I’m saving them “for best.” I am working on this, truly!

    People compliment me on my edgy short haircut. In truth, my hair is fine, limp, and lackluster in every way, so short hair is the best cover. I wash it only every other day and put plenty of goop in it to avoid looking like a dandelion gone to seed.

    I wear wild-patterned wool socks under boots, even with dresses–very embarrassing at airport security . . .

    My eyebrows are beginning to go gray.

    • Marsha Calhoun

      I was horrified when I first sighted the stray silver hairs in my eyebrows, and promptly (for the first time) started using some pressed powder I got at Sephora that I put on with a brush (stupid brush cost $14 at Macy’s, but I used a gift card to buy it so I don’t feel too bad). It really works, and now, even when I don’t wear any other makeup, I do brush my brows. The other half of my little powder box has some sort of wax on it, which apparently is supposed to keep unruly brows in check, but I can’t imagine using it. Note: Don’t bother trying to dye your eyebrows with the stuff you use for your hair – it doesn’t last worth a darn.

  68. Carol Bee

    Great thread – I am picking up some great tips. I used to be a wash hair every day person, but over the years changed to 2-3 days and now only once a week, however I condition it every day. My hairdresser says my hair has improved heaps, not as course and wiry. Now I will try the no wash, only condtion tactic. With bras I thought I was being quite daring wearing them for 2 days but will now start to stretch that out too (except some summer days, it can get real hot here). I have had short nails most of my life, ex nail-biter, but was finding they were splitting up the nail bed. I now have gels and LOOOOOVE them and have advised hubby that we have to factor this into our budget for the rest of my life.

  69. Madea

    I never wear underwear day-to-day. I only own two pair, because I wear them to fly or see the doctor. That’s it. Even unders skirts–I wear tights or modesty shorts, which are like boxer shorts for women.

    I don’t use toothpaste. I use a home-made concoction of sea-salt and clove powder, mixed with water. My teeth are shiny white and I don’t have morning breath anymore.

    I had a strained, painful relationship with my mother. I have to keep my fingernails really short, because as soon as they grow out, my hands start to look like hers.

    It breaks my heart that nearly all fair-labor, non-sweatshop clothes are straight sized. Just because I’m (proudly, non-disparagingly) fat doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like to opt out of sweat-shop produced clothing. Compassion and social conciousness comes in all sizes.

    Some designers refuse to stock clothes in my size in their brick and mortar stores because people like me might ‘be uncomfortable’ shopping in person. As I see it, they’re doing me a favor–I know better than to give them a dime of my money, ever.

    I’m five feet seven inches tall and can’t find PJ bottoms that fit me. If they’re long enough, they’re too big.

    I love finding old perfume bottles with the perfume still inside and wearing it. I own a few bottles from companies that haven’t existed since the forties.

  70. ji

    I don’t wear panties
    I don’t wear bras
    I don’t wear socks
    i have my hair streaked with blonde/white to look a bit like grey, because I love grey hair, but it doesn’t run in my family. Redhead til I croak.

    • dustwindbun

      the streaks? it’s you that makes people think my gray hairs are highlights! neat, thanks!
      but seriously, I’m 30 and my hair went salt&pepper in college, but I look too young to have grays, so people frequently ask me how I got my hair to look like that. I like to tell them I was bombarded by cosmic rays and now can turn into Mr. Fantastic, or that it’s a part of my ability to suck up other people’s life force through my skin.
      Yes, nerd.

  71. ji

    I forgot…
    I did have some expensive ‘work’ done on my eyes and brow, so I can go without makeup and look like I am aging well, naturally.

  72. threegoodrats

    I hate pumps. Hate them. They look so bitchily businessy to me. I will still probably have to break down and buy a pair since sometimes they’re the only shoes that will work, but I keep putting it off.

    I’ve never had a manicure, ever. It’s a shame because I have really great nails, but I just don’t do anything with them.

    I’m pretty clueless about applying makeup and doing my hair. I just don’t have the skill set, it seems. Mostly I don’t care that much.

  73. Audi

    Ah, these are always so fun, and I’m so glad to see there’s at least one other Missoni hater in the crowd! I’m also guilty of many of the things listed here, but I’ll also add:

    – After more than 27 years of wearing makeup, I still can’t put on mascara without getting it on my eyelids, so even though all the tutorials say to put it on last, I always have to put it on first.

    – I’m a sucker for skincare products, and rotate them so that I can essentially double or triple the number of products I have in my arsenal at any given time.

    • Stephani

      I have the same issue, Audi–but I don’t sweat it anymore since I figured out a solution. I put mascara on before any other eye makeup, and then once it’s dry I dampen a Qtip and wipe away the stuff that got on my lids. Works perfectly.

  74. Laurie Olson Williams

    I have a love/hate relationship with shaving my legs. I rarely do unless I know I’m going to be seen in shorts or a skirt, and then I have all these feminist agonies over shaving them. Strangely, I *never* shave above my knees except for the renegades on my extreme upper thighs (almost but not quite bikini area), and those only when I’m going to be seen somewhere in a bathing suit.

    Do not mention the word “waxing” to me in regards to my body. Any part of it. Ever.

    I cannot abide wearing nail polish on my fingers. I can feel it on there and it makes me incredibly clumsy. I’ll wear it as necessary for performances, but otherwise — nope. Love to have my toenail painted, though, but have never had a professional pedicure. I dance; I need those callouses, thanks.

    Ditto with foundation. I can *feel it* on my face, and it makes me want to just scrape it off with my fingernails. I wear it for performances or on the very, very rare occasions I may need my photo taken. I have a bit of rosacea and would probably look better if I wore *something* regularly, but….nope. I’ll wear a bit of eyeliner and mascara if I think I need *something*, but not foundation. (I’m thinking of trying a mineral/powder foundation though and seeing if that feels any better. I’m not using really heavy stuff as it is….)

    I refuse to try to “tame” my curls. For me anyway, curly hair means that even a bad hair day is pretty darn good. Deal.

    I am 5’2.5″ (yes, I’m counting that half inch!), and I do not often wear heels. And my husband is a full foot taller than I am, and I prefer long skirts when I wear them. Heels are not kind to my feet, and I don’t see the point in torture unless I’m going somewhere I’ll be mostly *sitting*, so the pretty shoes can be seen, but leave my feet alone.

    I am consistently several years behind the fashion curve, which is strange for someone who sews for a living. πŸ˜‰ Then again, I do mostly bridal and costumes, so “cutting edge” moves a little more slowly.

    I have grand plans for sewing most of my wardrobe for myself. In reality, thrift stores are my *friends*. Ditto skirts — love the look, have a number planned, generally wear pants.

    My natural state can be summed up as “Northland Practical”. I clean up pretty good, but I’m lazy about it.

    My deepest, darkest confession:
    I make a living from helping women look good, especially on their wedding days. I really think *every* woman IS beautiful, as she is, and what all the makeup and foundation garments and what not does is just enhance what she has. She’d be FINE without it. She would be BEAUTIFUL. I find something of beauty in every woman I work with. Every. Single. One. But because I am carrying more weight than I want to right now, by a lot, I have a very hard time seeing beauty in myself. I can put up a really, really good front, but by myself, in front of my mirror (or god forbid, a photo) — I just can’t see it. And I know I am talented and creative and I have my good bits and my moments, but I just can’t believe it of myself. And that just really stinks.

    • Genevieve

      Oh – how I hear you. I’m twenty/thirty pounds heavier than I’d like to be right now (haven’t been on a scale.) I’m okay looking at myself in the mirror but photos kill me. I can’t stand how I look in them. I believe myself to be beautiful much of the time but then I see those photos and it’s like I got punched in the gut “dear God I’m fat!” It also doesn’t help that I’m VERY pale and so appear overexposed in many photos and with a much wider face than in reality.

      • Wendi

        I secretly hope that I’m not photogenic, because if I really look the way I appear in photos, I’m not a very attractive person at all.

        Sometimes I catch my reflection in an unexpected mirror and it takes me a second to realize who that person is. My internal body image is much different than my actual appearance — I think I’m a lot prettier than mirrors and photos show me.

  75. Kenzie

    most of mine have to do with laziness…

    I’m terrible about handwashing things/washing things on a delicate or cold water cycle. I’m paying for each load of laundry, and I just want to do it all together. I either don’t buy fussy things, don’t wash them till they get unbearably grungy, or just throw ’em in and hope for the best.

    I am terrified of plucking my eyebrows.

    I chew my nails.

    I don’t give a rat’s ass about my best colors. I wear what I like.

    I wear volleyball spanx under my skirts so I can go from class to improv rehearsal without worrying about flashing people at rehearsal especially if we’re working physical comedy. Also it does a great job preventing the crotch inching down.

    I’ve always felt like I have a good eye for design and I regret not learning to sew until…this week.

    I chose my dorm building because the rooms have walk-in closets. It also has a very strict substance-free policy. WORTH IT. (not that I was ever big partier, but still, I’m a college kid).

    Occasionally I get sad that my major track (biochemistry) probably won’t lead to a fashion-friendly career setting.

    Whatever I wear to bed has to cover me enough to wear out of the house because that’s what I’ll be wearing in my dream and I hate the stressful naked-in-public dreams.

    I live in Seattle and Portland but I have never put in the effort to waterproof my shoes.

  76. Anna D.

    Really short fingernails make me cringe – I hate hate hate having the nail below the tops of my fingers. I don’t wear my nails incredibly long, but I muhc prefer to wear long nails than really short ones (nope, I don’t play the piano). Conversely, toenails with any growth on them squick me out and I have to keep them trimmed short.

    Since that’s more about hygiene than fashion: I don’t have to match my nail polish to my clothes (in fact, prefer not to) but they have to be in the same general family. For instance, if I’m wearing brown polish I can’t wear cool colored clothing without twitching all day.

    So, that’s just my latent OCD talking. Um…. Okay, fashion: until about four years ago I never ever layered clothing if I could help it, because I was convinced it made me look bulky. Now I adore layering and think I look miles and miles better in properly deployed layers.

    I have never worn a bikini. When I was younger I thought I was too fat. Forty pounds later, I realize I was nuts. But honestly, I have no desire to wear one, so it works out.

    I totally vacillate back and forth between the “I will buy fewer, better quality items” approach and the “must go to outlets and buy LOTS OF DIFFERENT CHEAP THINGS” approach. Today I wore an old pair of boots that need to be reheeled, and made a vow, though: I will not buy shoes made off man-made materials anymore. The boots I had been wearing all season are faux, and when I put these old (leather) boots on I realized that leather is warm! And faux leather is not! And my feet have been cold since I bought those damn faux boots!

    When I switched careers from something fairly casual to something more corporate/business-y I was actually excited to wear suits, because I think they’re (in theory) very cool garments. It turns out, though, that suits are not constructed to fit me properly (at least, not the ones I can afford), and that they are a huge pain in the ass. So it’s now my goal in life to create outfits that look suit-like without wearing suits.

  77. Regena

    wow, I had no idea I wasn’t alone in soooo many ways!
    I know it looks bad, but I love a ponytail. I have thin, silver hair and a big face. It ages me and I don’t care. I feel clean and pretty in an overly tight ponytail.

    I almost never leave my bedroom without being fully dressed. Only once last few years did I spend the day in my jammies and my daughter didn’t even know how to react.

    I constantly try and change my style, but end up looking exactly the same.

    I love, LOVE, love me some lightweight polar fleece. Thank God for Lands End and LL Bean!!

    I can’t stand wearing black shoes. I hate wearing black. I love wearing white with jeans or khakis.

    I love ugly shorts. Plaid, funky prints……

    I don’t take the best care of my skin

    I can look like crap but my nails must be french tipped at all times and a little long.

    I can sew, but I never seem to sew for myself. Although I have made myself two corsets. Not as uncomfortable as you might think

    All my bras and undies match and have their own little closet. I even blogged about it. LOL

    I love period dressing, especially regency, and will drop everything to go to a Jane Austen Tea just so I can wear my corset and dress and bonnet!

  78. M

    I wish beauty in our society wasn’t so twisted to the point that my simply not feeling like wearing makeup (and the most I wear on a average day is lipstick and mascara) didn’t translate to slob. πŸ™ It seems the “hot girl makeup uniform” (false lashes, liner, blush, highlighter and bright lipstick for everyday) has taken over and become the everyday face.

    Also, I often let my nail polish chip and I peel off the rest rather than use nail polish remover. I like to save dollars when I can. lol

  79. Shaye

    Hahaha…whenever I try a smoky eye, I end up looking like the Hamburglar.

  80. Katie

    – I’ve tried almost every hairstyle in the book – though I’ve only coloured my hair in fire engine red once. The only “hairstyle” I haven’t done is a shaved head.

    – That said, I prefer longer hair because I can always tie it up in a ponytail or twist it in a bun when I’m too lazy.

    – I don’t paint my nails because I could not get my hands to be steady. That and laziness.

    – I don’t wear pants because I have a huge belly and waistline that just can’t accommodate a waistband.

    – Since I turned 31, comfort has been my number 1 criteria for my clothing choices. However, I NEVER EVER compromise the look of my clothes.

    – I relearned sewing because I needed clothes that fit me.

    – Despite having training in makeup artistry, I keep my look very neutral/natural – but that’s because I wear bright colours often.

    – I’m a shoe fanatic – but I can’t wear 90% of the shoes I want because of my fussy feet and my lifestyle (I walk everywhere). I still never compromise style completely though.

    – I’m a sucker for prints though I have yet to try mixing prints.

  81. Erika A

    Okay, just a few, a lot of “fashion sins” are covered up above.

    -I almost never wash my tights. I have tights I’ve owned for years that I’ve never washed. I’m always horrified at how dirty the water is when I do wash a pair, but somehow I never get around to it anyway. Gross, right?

    -I almost never wash my wool sweaters either. I spray my cashmere with vinegar to get rid of sweat smells and I spot clean food, but most of my wool has never, ever been cleaned.

    -I refuse to wear anything that sits on my natural waist. I have big breasts and a small waist, AND I’m short waisted. While I know that dress that are very nipped in and shirts belted at the waist look great on me, they make me feel like I’m suffocating and I eventually start to panic and will rip off the belt or leave an event early to change my clothes. So – it severely limits my dress selection and what “trendy” styles I can wear…but I will never ever wear things that sit closely on my natural waist.

    • Trudy Blue

      Amen, sister! I have a long torso, small waist and flat belly. I look great with fitted waist dresses or belts but I can’t stand the claustrophobia. Just last month I bought a super-flattering vintage dress with a nipped waist. For three days in a row I put it on, accessorized, and then changed. I gave up and got rid of the dress. I only wear low-rise jeans and pants even though I know they make me look even more disproportionate.

      Also, I have such consumer-guilt about sweatshop labor & environmental contamination that I only allow myself to buy shoes and clothes made in certain countries. But I’m also insanely frugal (resale stores or deep sale only). And I’m a difficult size. And I hate shopping. The combination means that I rarely dress the way I want because my values so severely limit my clothing choices. I try to own my decisions, but when I see women who look fabulous wearing something that I know I won’t let myself buy, I feel jealous.

  82. Sue

    I willingly pay hair salon prices to have full colors done on a regular basis to cover thousands of stubborn gray hairs on my head. But I hate massages and refuse to pay money for them.

    I, too, am relegated to short nails and don’t get manicures when I should.

    I adore lipsticks and always have 3 tubes in my purse at any given time.

    I won’t buy shoes or boots with a heel over 3 inches. I’m 5’9″ and while I don’t mind being taller, I can’t justify the torture you’re putting your body through with stillettos and other such shoeware.

    My worst fashion sin was once sending a beautiful Brooks Brother houndstooth blazer to Goodwill as it didn’t fit. To this day, I know I could have made that thing work for me had I just taken it to a good tailor. Sigh.

    This was fun!

  83. Denise Greenberg

    I have worn purple as a neutral.

    I recently – like in the last year – rediscovered the joys of nail polish through reading some of the nail blogs around the internet. I do keep my nails short, though, and can’t help but think that long dark-colored nails, no matter how well groomed, hint of skank.

    The best fitting pair of jeans I have had since I was 18 – and I’m in my 50s now – is the Target “Mossino” brand. Before I found them last spring I couldn’t find a pair of pants to fit to save my life. For decades. I’m wearing my Target jeans right now, and they’re like buttah.

    In summer I live in loose, cheap dresses. I wish I could find some for cooler weather; I would live in them during the weekends for sure.

    I love cheap, bright purses. I also love purses with pockets. The orange purse I have now has so many pockets it’s like a pair of overalls. I adore this purse.

    My 14YO daughter has more fashion sense in her little finger than I have in my entire body. I always take her shopping with me when I buy clothes for myself, as otherwise I will end up buying clothes that make me look like a spinster Sunday school teacher or a crazy cat lady. (She helped me pick out the above-mentioned purse.)

    I make most of my own jewelry.

  84. Lorena

    Well, let me see…
    1. Have not paid over 10 bucks for a haircut in at least 10 years.
    2. Hate thongs. HATE.
    3. I have not been faithful to a single perfume in at least 7 years.
    4. I shave my legs ONLY if they will be seen – same as armpits πŸ™‚

    • honeybee


      I wash my hair at most 3 times a week.

      I hate uggs, crocs and gladiator sandals.

      I also hate logo purses and clothes. As someone mentioned above why should I pay to advertise your goods.

      I only wear belts with dresses.

      I love a smoky eye but never line the lower lashline. Make
      s me look like I have a black eye. Also, at 38 I just mastered the art of blending eyeshadow. YouTube has some great makeup tutorials.

  85. Cynthiaj

    I’m 55 and only just started plucking my eyebrows a couple of years ago. My daughter actually usually does it for me, when she’s home from college. I haven’t quite mastered it myself!
    In the past year I have started only washing my hair every other day; it was so humid here last summer (I’m in Minneapolis too) that my naturally wavy hair was completely out of control. Cutting down on the shampooing really helped. The only problem is when I can’t remember which day I’m on!
    I haven’t shaved my legs for years — very light, sparse hair that you can’t see. Which means I sometimes forget to shave under my arms!
    I have two bras, a nude and a black, that I had professionally fitted at Nordstrom (I’m a 34G). I love them, and I often go a week or more without washing them.
    Have never waxed any part of my body.
    The only makeup I wear is undereye concealer (Benefit’s Boi-ing or however it’s spelled) and a bit of brown eyeshadow. Occasionally I’ll break out the mascara and eyeliner, but it seems to always smear. Never wear foundation — I think it ages me. My skin is still pretty good — I wash it twice a day, with Oil of Olay age defying cleanser, then use age defying cream. And ditto the person far upthread who said she couldn’t figure out how to wear lipstick without looking like a clown! I only wear lip balm, but I do break out the tinted balm for a special occasion.
    I have pretty good legs and still wear a short skirt once in awhile, but I sometimes wonder if that’s appropriate. I also love to wear a shoe with heels (chunky for everyday); just makes me feel better. (Except when I’m going to be doing a lot of walking, I’ll switch to flats.)
    I’ve been making a conscious effort to avoid sacky, baggy clothes (including coats) and playing up my curves! It’s tricky with a large bust and a smaller waist/hips… always looking for ideas!
    Just started reading this blog and I love it!!

  86. Rachel

    -I have to keep my nails really short. I’m a printmaking major so all the chemicals and solvents I have my hands in make it impossible to have manicured nails.
    -Almost all of my clothing (even some of the good stuff) has ink or paint or charcoal on it.
    -However, 99% of it comes from the Goodwill, so this isn’t really a problem.
    -I used to dress like a boy. Seriously, from ages 10 to 14 I wore nothing but oversized t-shirts, huge JNCO jeans, bucket hats to cover my hair and a light Adidas jacket to cover the fact that I had boobs. I’ve finally gotten to the point to where I actually dress fairly well (ink splatters notwithstanding) but part of me still longs for a specific pair of JNCOs that were black with a super-wide leg and a purple and white squiggle down the sides.
    -I’m seriously considering having my hair dyed professionally platinum and hot pink, just like Gwen Stefani’s was several years ago.
    -Also: thongs? Ew.

  87. Kris10

    I think way too much about my hair. I’m finally learning to tame it, and there are finally hair products/haircuts for my thick, wiry, wavy hair. I would love to wash it less often, but because of the texture, I get the worst bedhead ever that cannot be undone without full washing. Hopefully when it’s longer…

    I dislike having long nails and I dislike having nail polish on them for about any longer than four days. I get tired of the color and they grow very quickly. This is usually okay, but the only time I got a shellac manicure, I peeled the polish off because I couldn’t stand the color anymore and it grew out so quickly. This is not advisable.

  88. Gillian

    It seems like no one washes their clothes, hair, or faces as much as we think other people do. Maybe that’s actually the norm but we’re all paranoid about it because no one tells you it’s ok!

    -I am a face picker. I hate it, it messes up my otherwise fine skin, and recently bought a Clarisonic Mia in hopes of combating the face picking. My theory is that maybe if I deep clean my skin, I won’t be able to find issues to pick at?

    -Similarly, I love tweezing and actually look forward to tweezing my eyebrows. Sometimes I do part of my legs as well, just out of my OCD urge to pick at things.

    -I very rarely dry my hair, not when it was long because it took forever, and not now that it’s bobbed because I can’t be bothered. If it doesn’t dry quite right, it’s a lot easier to straighten the few bumps on my lunch break. I go to work with wet hair every day but get away with it because it’s short. I only dry when I have to been seen right away or want a lot of volume.

    -Sometime between high school and now (I’m 23), long nails really started to gross me out (more for myself, but honestly often on other people as well). If mine start to extend past the fingertip I get antsy. Oddly, when I wasn’t bothered by nails I didn’t paint them as often. Now my fingernails and toenails are always short and always polished. I like all colors, metallics, and lots of glitter.

    -I don’t care much about bags, I think because I am too much of a perfectionist about them. They never quite suit, and I don’t like changing for each outfit. I admit that i do like the quilted Chanels, but I don’t know that I could ever own one without worrying all the time about ruining it. Also, as an occasionally hypocritical vegetarian, I am uncomfortable with buying new leather items. I don’t mind thrifted and old things because I feel they shouldn’t be wasted. I’ve found a vintage blue and tan Dooney and Bourke shoulder bag and a vintage brown Coach bucket bag (before they put logos on the outside), and I usually stick to those. My purses are so much more boring/simple than the rest of my style.

    -I’ve recently decided that shoes are the item I’m most willing to pay more money for because I don’t think interesting shoe design reaches all price points.

    -90% of the time I wear dresses and skirts to work because I can’t find dress pants I like. The fit is so much easier for dresses and skirts.

    -I am always cold and have to bring a cardigan everywhere.

    -I wear Hello Kitty 7 days underwear from the kid’s section at H&M when I’m not dressing up.

    -I hate sleeping in pjs and usually just wear a tent dress.

    -As much as I love clothes, I’m secretly kind of a nudist and would not wear much in my own home ever. I am also happiest in summer in just a swimsuit or tank and shorts, no shoes.

    -I’m trying to keep myself to natural makeup, both for ethical reasons and because I need limits on what I allow myself to buy!

    -I think a smoky eye is the easiest makeup look to do. I also prefer to heat my eyelash curler with a hairdryer before using it.

    -I think kitten heels are harder to walk in than taller heels. Most of the time, I either wear heels or very flimsy flats with no support.

    -I have only recently started to feel at all sexy when wearing my glasses, and I still default to contacts most of the time. I got glasses in kindergarten and contacts in the 9th grade.

    -I like the look of puffy vests but don’t see the point. My arms get cold, not my torso. Same goes for short-sleeves jackets/blazers.

    -It baffles me when people don’t shop in thrift stores.

    -I hate most shoes that have been popular for the past 5 years and am not looking forward to when they’ll be all over Goodwill in the future. The worst thing is open-toe boots. Why?? Also, I think booties are rarely styled correctly.

  89. Kenzie

    A bigger one:

    I daydream about starting a blog that deals with food and fashion but I don’t for several reasons:
    living in a dorm on campus, I don’t have as much opportunity to cook or eat out
    I’m afraid I don’t look as good as I think I do, or I won’t in photos.
    I don’t have anyone to take outfit photos for me.
    I’m afraid my guy friends would make fun of me for starting a fashion blog. I had an ex boyfriend who I saw Julie and Julia with. Afterwards I told him I wanted to start a blog and he said “Why? So you can whine about your problems to the internet?”

    • Erika A

      I just want to say: I’m really, really sorry your exboyfriend said that to you! I think that there are plenty of people who would be interested in college student fashion…and I bet there are folks that hang out on this blog (or maybe even Sal!) who could give you advice on self-portraits and such.

      I don’t know you, but I’m cheering for you and your dream of a fashion/food blog.

  90. Terri

    I love this post. The bit about cashmere spoke to me…I wish that they would make cashmere nightgowns. I’ve been known to wear thrifted cashmere to bed when I’m sick.

  91. ji

    I am odd woman out.
    I wash my hair every day, every single day.It is medium and very curly, and if I don’t wash it every day my scalp itches, and my hair picks up grease odors.
    Sometimes…twice a day.
    No shaving anything ever
    tattooed eyebrows as mine are practically white/strawberry blond
    crystal deodorant stick
    all cotton/rayon/silk clothing only
    Most excellent subject, Sal!

  92. Kuri

    Uhm. Here goes. It’s my first time posting here, uwah….

    I’ve just recently started washing my hair with baking soda/vinegar. It’s dry right now and I’m hyper-worried about it so I really hope it clears up. Funnily enough, I’m probably the only person who notices a difference.

    I really like well-made things and I’d like to buy clothes that last and are well-constructed, and am willing to pay….but right now I’m a little confused as to where to go looking for those kinds of pieces.

    I’m weird about shoes generally. It feels like everything I put on my feet hurts me somehow, even the orthopedic shoes I get because my feet are twisted.

    I never use lotion. I really should because it makes my legs look lovely, means my stubble isn’t as noticeable, and helps my dark skin have less white marks, but I hate how it feels and smells and have never managed it.

    I really want to try using honey-as-cleanser, so I went to the grocery store to get some… and it turns out they didn’t have any. Well, alright. It was a big grocery, so I was pretty confused… I’ll try again later.

    I’m pretty young– I’m nineteen, twenty on Friday– so my mother buys most of my clothes. Recently, even though I’ve been cultivating my personal style and I’ve purged my wardrobe of stuff that was definitely /not me, I’ve been looking in my closet and feeling lost. I have a few outfits I like, but even those feel a little “off” even though they look good, and I’m really not sure what to do about it at this point. I hope it’s just because I’ve been ill and I can figure out where to go from here.

    I’m done now, I promise. <3

    • Velma

      Kuri, I completely ruined my hair with the baking soda/vinegar routine. I loved how it felt, and that it is natural, by my hair ended up like straw. I quit when my hairdresser noticed–I had to cut the damaged part off eventually.

      I understand that the trick is to only wash it–at most–once a week, so that your hair’s natural oils have a chance to catch up. Essentially, the baking soda is really a form of “no poo,” not a way of washing your hair. I used it every third day (2-3x a week), and it was a disaster.

      So if your hair is looking and feeling dry, I would be very careful . . .

      • Kuri

        Ooh, thank you for telling me! Mm, I’m used to washing it every three days as well, so time to cut down before I damage it!

        • Velma

          You can rinse with plain water on in-between days, or else try “washing” with silicone-free conditioner–this might be good for you if your hair is getting dry.

  93. Mel

    For the ladies wearing 34g, you gotta try Nordstrom’s. I wear 36g, aka 36dddd, and they actually have more than one bra to choose from! And they’re even pretty, considering they’re industrial strength. I have nude, black, navy, and fuschia bras from there.

    I was doing a survey about shampoo,,,,why did you choose your current shampoo? They give a bunch of reasons. Mine is other. Cuz the bottle is purple, and I like purple. And that way I can remember which bottle is the shampoo and which is the conditioner. I only buy conditioner in white bottles.

  94. Anjela

    Thanks, everyone, for sharing your confessions so far! Reading everyone’s quirks makes me feel better about my own. You ladies make me smile; thank you! These are my confessions…

    –I think those “iconic” Chanel bags looks so matronly and sad!

    –I have more pairs of shoes than I can count; it’s probably close to 100. Among those, I have maybe 10 pairs that I wear with any regularity. I have maybe 10 pairs that I’ve worn only once, and maybe 10 more pairs that I’ve never worn.

    –Every summer, I buy a pair of espadrilles that I wear once, and then I resolve that I will never buy espadrilles again. I appreciate their loveliness, and I get sucked in when I see them all over the magazines. At the same time, I think the problem is that they are too casual to mesh with my style. I also always swear that I will never buy any more slingbacks, because I hate how they fall off and/or dig into my heels, but occasionally I can’t resist the siren song of a beautful pair of slingbacks.

    –I wear SmartWool long johns almost every day from November through February. It kills me that I always feel so uncomfortably cold, because for me it is so much more difficult to look stylish in fall/winter than it is in spring/summer.

    –I often put on my makeup in the ladies room at work, when I take my first break. The only thing I dislike more than being seen without makeup is having to get up early to put it on. o_O My apologies to my coworkers, who surely would prefer to be able to do their buisness without me in there going to town with my makeup kit.

    –I have never owned a suit that I did not feel absolutely hideous in. I feel boxy and constrained in a suit–even the more tailored ones. I look at other women in suits and think they look great, but any suit I put on my own body makes me cringe. I long to find a suit that makes me feel powerful and sexy.

    –I haaaaaaaate being barefoot. Hate it, hate it, hate it. Pretty much the only times you will find me barefoot are when I am sleeping or showering.

  95. virago

    — I won’t get a manicure, because they get chipped so easily, but I’ll get a pedicure because they last. (And it cheers me up to see my painted toes during a long, gray New England winter.)

    — Thick, fine, dry, curly, dyed (red) hair here. I don’t wash my hair more than once or twice a week. I do the no-poo thing on an irregular basis, then I’ll break down and use something with silicones in it.

    I still haven’t figured out how to make it look good when I dry it with a diffuser, so I have to wash it on a day when I don’t have to go anywhere (see “long, gray New England winter,” above) in order to allow it to air dry. I’ve been thinking about getting a bonnet hair dryer to eliminate the work involved in blow-drying it. If I could sit and read while my hair was drying, I would be in heaven.

    — Also not a suit person. Blazers make my short-waisted, busty frame look boxy.

    — Yesterday, for the first time, I bought two department store-price lipsticks. I had intended to buy just one of them (with a gift card I’d gotten for Christmas), but I saw a sales associate wearing a shade in another brand that I thought would look good on me.

    Unfortunately, it *did* look good on me. (And it didn’t hurt that the SA was standing beside me and said, “Ooooh, it really makes your eyes pop!”) So that’s how a cheap Yankee walked out of a department store with two lipsticks!

    — Speaking of Christmas, one of my gifts was a foot soak from my sister. When I thanked her for it, my older niece, who is 7, piped up, “We know you like things for your feet because you’re always giving Mommy things for her feet for Christmas!” Honestly, I’d never made that connection before …

    — I never seem to have enough socks. At least, not for a person who doesn’t have on-site washer-dryer capabilities. When I run out, I’ll turn a dirty pair inside out and wear them that way. (Embarrassing anecdote: A friend walked over to my house for tea and stepped into a slush puddle along the way. When she asked me for a dry pair of socks, I admitted to her that I had run out of clean socks but would be glad to give her a dirty pair that she could “turn.” She declined.)

  96. Kel

    No manicures, because the polish chips in five minutes. My nails chip once they’re longer than the tips of my fingers, so I keep them short. I do paint my toenails, though. Usually once a month.

    I love my greying hair, so I got a pixie haircut several months back to make the growing out process faster. Now I just keep it short because styling and drying take a few minutes instead of half an hour (I had waist length hair for twenty years). I used to wear lots of black to emphasize the blonde, waist length hair I had when I was a teenager. Now I wear lots black to emphasize the white. I pray that I’ll silver like my mother, whose hair was dazzling white by 55, instead of my dad, who’s still a dingy, grizzled salt and pepper at 68. (Sorry, Dad.)

    The other reason I frequently wear black is because the shadows under places where my belly bulges aren’t as noticeable on dark clothes as light clothes.

    My eyebrows are sparse, so after I pluck them into a decent arch, there’s hardly anything left. If I go any further from my front door than the laundry room or mailbox, I put on eyebrow pencil. I even keep an extra in my purse, next to the Chap-Stik.

    I wear casual trousers, jeans, and cardigans at work, but about once a month, I’ll wear a skirt or dress on some random day just to make my coworkers do double takes. My clothes have got a bit more girly since I cut my hair, because my shape is not particularly feminine. I wear dangly earrings now, too.

    I shave my legs every ten days because otherwise the hair gets too long and starts to irritate me. Unless it’s a skirt/dress day.

    I’m obsessed with pajamas. I have several pairs. I don’t really care if they fit well — I live alone, so no one’s going to see — so long as they’re comfortable. As soon as I’ve come home for the last time each day, the work clothes come off in a frenzy, and I’m in my pajamas in less than a minute.

    After I finish my laundry every week, I sit down at the computer and plan my outfits for the week. If I choose clothes in the morning when I’m groggy, I made bad decisions I’ve made before and look like a male high school teacher.

  97. contrary kiwi

    These confessions are awesome πŸ˜€

    I haven’t shaved my legs for two years and I’m working up the courage to stop shaving my armpits. Why should I let my society say that my hair is unattractive?

    On the note of hair, I don’t wash my hair with shampoo, conditioner or anything else but water and a good brisk rubbing with my fingers. I also don’t use soap (at all).

    I don’t wear makeup unless I feel like looking different, and when I do I don’t wear foundation, concealer or any other thing that “hides” any part of me. I wear makeup only to embellish and create art on my face.

    I really dislike going without a bra and I am really keen on them. I’m a size 30FF and will try to educate every woman I can on the reality of bras that fit, look amazing and work properly.

    I’m a clothing/style blogger and I have noooooo idea about any trends until they’re almost finished. I care about style, not fashion. Anything to do with the catwalk and what’s “in” completely passes me by.

  98. Devon

    I feel so high maintenance after reading all of your confessions!

    I wear make up almost everyday. I have skin issues, so I feel pretty exposed without at least some light powder.

    I get weekly manicures and pedicures. I recently discovered gel manicures, so I’ve cut back to manicures every other week, because there’s no chipping. But I’m religious about the pedicures.

    I also get regular facials. Monthly, when I remember to make the appointments.

    I wear heels just about everyday. I feel a bit schlubby in flats, though I do have a few pairs of flat boots that I’ve added to the rotation.

    I spend an obscene amount of my disposable income on clothing. And I have no problems saving up and shelling out for the finer things in life. I bought $600 shoes with my first “adult” paycheck.

    I wear shoes at all times. When I get home I take off my pumps and put on either uggs or house slippers. I hate being barefoot.

    I hate shoes that don’t have backs. I have an irrational fear that I’m going to kick my foot up and shoe is going to fly across the room. Even to the beach, I choose sandals with some sort of buckle.

    I sleep naked and own one pair of pajama bottoms that I haven’t worn in years.

    A crisp white button down can make any day better, as far as I’m concerned. I own several white ones and another army of button downs in different patterns and colors.

    All of my workout clothes have neon elements. The louder and more obnoxious, the better.

    I hate doing my hair. I’m a wash-and-go gal all the way.

    LOVE these confessions! πŸ™‚