The Fashion Confessional is Open

I love my short hair. But since it grows at a mind-blowing rate and is thick like a hedge, I get a haircut every four weeks and a touchup every two weeks. I am VERY CLOSE with my stylist.

The time it takes from me to register a new trend, decide it’s awful, become accustomed to it, and consider trying it myself has shrunk. Considerably.

I have 14 gorgeous brimmed and blocked hats hanging in my office. Many were gifts from dear friends and I love them all. They are covered in dust and not a single one has been worn for over a year.

If I order something online and it doesn’t fit or work, I must get it into the mail back to the vendor that same day.

I have a large and carefully curated wardrobe, but whenever I have a TV or public appearance, I fly into a blind panic thinking about all the color, lighting, and angle-related factors stacked against me. And even though I spend ages figuring out what to wear that will work best, I usually hate how I look on camera.

I rail against the notion of thrifting clothing just for the label, but I still couldn’t resist a pair of black patent Manolo Blahniks for $1. They fit, but man, they’ve seen better days, and I’m not sure they’re actually wearable.

I prefer driving to flying. Mostly because airports are a pain, but also because when I drive I can pack EVERYTHING.

I am yet to figure out how to wear giant, thick oversized scarves without looking like I’m being strangled by a massive boa constrictor. I also cannot figure out how to do booties and skinny jeans. For the LIFE of me.

My laptop case is heavy and unwieldy, but I get so many compliments on it that I refuse to get a different one.

I use men’s shaving cream and men’s deodorant.

Most days, I forget to check how my back and butt look. This often ends comically.

I think I might like pants after all.

Care to confess anything?

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84 Responses to “The Fashion Confessional is Open”

  1. Vintage Lucero

    ~ I prefer cluch purses over purses w straps (I have only vintage bags) ~

    ~ To make sure all my wardrobe items are worn, I go straight down the line weekly, whether it’s my necklace rack, skirt rack, shoe shelf ~ And build outfits around those pieces ~

    ~ I despise pill box hats on me ~

    ~ I can’t figure out how or why, but the few modern pieces of clothing I have (from thrifts) always turn out to be either Ralph Lauren or BCBG MaxAzria ~ Go figure! ~

    ~ Best wishes for a great 2013, Sally ~ Thanks for having such a great blog! ~

    ~ Vanessa

  2. Bree Bronson

    I bought a Vivienne Westwood skirt that I absolutely love but since it was so expensive I had to smuggle it home and pretend that it’s old. Luckily my husband isn’t into fashion. 😉

    • coffeeaddict

      I did that once with a really expensive bag. I tried to convince my then boyfriend, I had actually bought in the spring but since it was an autumn bag I had stored it away. That same day we went to visit my cousin to whom I’d been gushing about the “old” bag. Immediately after meeting up with her she exlaimed hom much she likes my new bag and it’s really worth the xx amount of money I paid for it.

  3. Sarah

    My fashion confession: I have been trying on skinny jeans for going in 5 years now and I have yet to find a pair that doesn’t make me look totally ridiculous. I love them on plus-size style bloggers, but when I put them on, I look like a really misshapen ice cream cone. I’ve actually taken photos in the dressing room mirror because I looked so silly I needed to share with others. I always end up in boot-cut jeans.

    • Lady Harriet

      I just bought my first-ever pair of skinny jeans. I think flared jeans are much more flattering on me, but I find skinny jeans to be acceptable when tucked into boots, and this is how I plan to wear mine. The ice cream cone effect is somewhat mitigated on me by the fact that the calves are a bit looser than the thighs–these are definitely not jeggings. I really wanted pants that could show off my amazing rain boots and these fit the bill.

    • Shaye

      One of my confessions is that I’ve just bought my first pairs of skinny pants and really like them! My feeling is that the key is they can’t be too tight around the ankle. I found some at Macy’s that look good on me – the house brand Style & Co. That brand almost always fits/flatters extremely pear-shaped me. They are very skinny though the entire leg but straight from calf to ankle.

      I decided that maybe there’s something to that adage that a pear needs something down below to balance out her hips – it’s just a lot less than I thought it was.

      Anyway, just my two cents. Maybe someday you’ll find a pair of skinnies that you like. I never thought it’d happen to me, but it did!

  4. Olivia

    I love my short, pixie cut and I should get a trim every four weeks, but I don’t.

    Over the last year and a half I have almost exclusively worn birkenstocks. I was pregnant for part of that, but since giving birth I still haven’t returned my old shoes back into rotation and I pretty much only consider birks for new purchase.

    I buy cheap bras that don’t fit well and/or wear out quickly instead of just springing for something quality.

    I have finally decided skirts and dresses just aren’t for me and that’s okay. I don’t need to try them anymore.

    • Lady Harriet

      Birkenstocks are amazing. I bought a pair of their Bali sandals this summer and they are my go-to shoe for any casual outfit. The brand has really started producing much cuter styles than they did in the past!

  5. adventures of a mad scientist

    I hear you on driving instead of flying, since my body lotion doesn’t come in smaller sizes! 😛 Though I do love the convenience of flying…drive to airport, get through security, relax with a drink at the end.

    I “stole” my BF’s deodorant because it smells sooooo good. I only really wear it when I fly (funnily enough).

    With gigantic scarves, I always like them with a plain t-shirt and leggings or straight leg jeans. Ones I own (or have knit) are so colorful and/or detailed that I want it to be the focus of my outfit.

  6. Anonymous

    Where to start?

    Skinny jeans are ugly on me, no matter how many times I try them.

    I only wash my bras after 10+ wears.

    I try on hats constantly but my kids laugh hysterically so I put them down.

    I probably look like a librarian but I love cardigans, even when they are not in vogue.

    I have 80 + necklaces and wear one almost daily

    I hate skirts only wear one when I have to or it is 90 degrees out, the pantyhose strangle me

    That’s all that is shareable lol

  7. Bernie

    How long do you have….?

    But seriously:

    1. I love leggings. But I promise that I have never flashed a camel toe.
    2. It’s taken me until nearly my fifth decade to work out what suits me (ignoring 1 above, of course). But that’s ok. I now like my wardrobe.
    3. I have a little packing fetish. Lots of lists, plenty of deliberation, and then a careful selection, with much reference to blogs I love. I sometimes enjoy the packing much more than the trip.
    4. I still keep pieces from my nan’s wardrobe in the 50s and 60s which have seen me through everything from student parties to heavy (for the UK) snowfall. My nan had better taste than I will ever manage.
    5. I now buy much less and love it much more. And for that I thank you, Allie at Wardrobe Oxygen and Janice at The Vivienne Files. May you all blog long and prosper. x

      • Bernie

        Aw, thanks mo! I feel so much better. (And I’m currently having fun with lists for 3 days in Amsterdam. Any suggestions?)

    • Viktoria

      No3 is me too! I go re-read the entire every time I´m going somewhere, and fantasize much more about my bags than the actual trip! I think it´s a perfect opportunity to live out my minimalist aspirations for a limited time period. That´s all I can manage, being dominantly thrifty rather than minimal.

  8. Divers and Sundry

    i love my pixie haircut, but i confess i should get a cut more often. i end up putting it off until it’s a raggedy chin-length mess.

    i love your hat in this picture. i confess i’d love to see a picture of the hat display in your office 😉

  9. Linda L

    I have well over 200 pairs of shoes.
    When I finally found jeans that fit perfectly (thank you, Levi’s Curve ID), I bought about 20 pair in different leg widths, washes, and inseam lengths.
    I could go at least 3 months without repeating a clothing item (not including underwear and workout gear).
    I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m a hoarder.

  10. Lorena

    I am guilty of wearing things i don’t like only to convince myself that i need to let them go. The results are hideous outfits :/
    HNY Sal !

  11. Heather

    I live in a small country community in a very cold climate, but grew up in a dressy area of the warm south. When I shop, I am always drawn to the more polished dressy looks, but cannot wear them because casual & denim is the norm here. I can’t figure out a good pair of everyday jeans. Love the city vibe, but am in a very relaxed country setting. I am conflicted……

  12. Judy Carpenter

    I have a short neck, large bust, and general overweight. With a big scarf, I’m a cupcake with icing. And a cherry. I do flats, no boots. My feet are always hot. I don’t wear a man’s watch. I really don’t usually care what time it is and my honey doesn’t wear a watch either. I really want to look nice but not necessarily trendy. I’ve decided that I must look my idea of nice.

  13. Jennifer Gg

    1. I love skirts and dresses.
    2. Pants are okay, but I feel they make my butt look super big…although everyone swears they don’t.
    3. I hate pantyhose and tights. With a passion. I always feel like I’m being strangled from the waist down. And I hate putting them on!
    4. I have a short neck. So, all the beautiful scarves, turtlenecks (mock and real) make me look even fatter than I am.
    5. I love shoes. Much to my husband’s chagrin…and his side of the closet…
    6. I hate shopping. I much rather spend 10 hours making myself a pair of jeans, a skirt, or shirt, rather than spend 10 hours buying trying the find something and then have to tailor it. And I spend as much in fabric, as I would in clothes…

  14. K-Line

    Well, I don’t shave my legs from October till April. And I barely shave my armpits. Also, I return online purchases that don’t fit same day also – that’s just smart! 🙂

  15. A.S.

    1. If I thrift something with a label I don’t recognize (this often happens), and it turns out to be really expensive, I won’t wear it. I can’t bear the thought that someone might recognize it and think I spent that much money on clothing.
    2. I can’t say why, but I hate when folks use “do” for “wear” when talking about style.
    3. I want my daughter to feel free to wear whatever she pleases, and sometimes fear I am not a good enough role model in this regard.

  16. malevolent andrea

    I can’t figure out skinnies with booties either. In fact, I can’t figure out skinnies with anything but ballet flats or high boots.

    I have a few things in my wardrobe that are at least two sizes too big that I refuse to get rid of even though I doubt I’ll ever be able to wear them again.

    When I happen across an outfit that really works (looks and feels great, garners compliments) I wear it over and over again till I’m sick of it.

    I wear shoes that are out of style all the time.

    I don’t wash my bras all that often.

    Even sports bras. Ewww. (Okay, okay, those I wash every second or third wear and I air them out in between. I’m not THAT gross.)

    I don’t feel sloppy when I wear yoga pants in a non-athletic context. In fact, I think I look pretty cute.

    Since I adopted an orange cat who sheds copiously, I am rethinking my love of black pants.

    I have probably 15 winter scarves but one pair of decent gloves and I just wore a hole through them.

    I think that’s it for now.

  17. LinB

    1. I will no longer appear in public wearing shorts. No one needs to see that! 2. Ditto sleeveless anything. 3. I never understood why the weird proportion of short pants and overblouses became so popular. I wore them, for a bit, but I never understood it. I prefer that my trouser legs go all the way down past my ankles. 4. No more high heels, unless for historical accuracy in a period theatrical piece. 5. “Men’s” deodorant just works better, and/or you get more for the money. 6. Most “men’s” lotions and colognes smell better than most “women’s” lotions and colognes.

  18. Mia

    Your rule about returning things same-day is pretty smart–I have at least one pair of shoes that don’t fit that are mine forever because I forgot to return them inside the 30-day window. (Oops. I do have a taker for them, but still.)

  19. Annie

    Oh dear Sally, I’ve sinned so much I’m not even sure where to begin:)

    I love cleaning out my closet and do it at least once a month. Yes you heard me right, my husband makes fun of me. Folding sweaters and having a neatly organized wardrobe gives me such meditative zen-like joy I cannot even begin to tell you.
    I floss religiously, love it and can’t understand why other people don’t?
    I use to own 50+ purses. Now I only have 3 really good ones and adore them more than all the other 50 that I tossed away.
    Some of my socks have holes in them. I continue to wear them anyway. Don’t ask.
    My husband has no idea I secretly wax my blonde mustache every once in a while.
    I still have my skinny jeans from when i was in my 20s. They’ll never fit me again but I can’t bare the thought of getting rid of them. Anyone else guilty of this one?
    I love LOVE LOOOVE dresses and they represent good 30% of my wardrobe. In real life I mostly wear pants.
    Dry shampoo is a life saver. I used to wash my hair every single day. Now i wash it only 2-3 times a week and claim my hair is MUCH healthier. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!
    When one of my fingernails chips I *immediately* have to shorten all of them.
    I’ve always wanted to be the kind of stylish person who wears those fancy winter hats. I look ridiculous so I don’t.
    Jumpsuits. Drive. Me. Crazy. So do harem pants.
    When my husband is away on business I sleep in his shirt. With a light on. I’ve never told him that.
    My goodness Sal, I think you just opened a Pandora’s box here?:)

    • Roxy77

      I agree with the flossing…I probably do it 5 times a day! I can’t understand why some people don’t do it at all…

  20. Bea

    I wear nothing but leggings and long tops in the winter.

    I finally found a hairstyle/cut that doesn’t make me look like my hair is falling out in hunks (it has thinned something awful), unfortunately, I also look like a refugee from the 80s.

    I only wear flats or sneakers because of unfortunate foot issues.

    Only V-Necks for me…I have no neck. Scarves don’t go around my neck, they just hang straight.

    I haven’t bought anything new clothing wise since 31 Dec 2011.

  21. Aziraphale

    Hahahaha! I really enjoyed reading this. Some of your confessions intersect with mine — like the one about having to return an item THAT VERY DAY if it’s not right, owning great hats that never get worn, and the decreasing amount of time it takes for your eye to adjust to a new trend.

    Perhaps the reason you haven’t been able to do booties and skinnies is because you don’t have the right pair of booties. Ones that fit slimmer to the ankle, and especially ones that dip down in a V at the front, tend to be flattering. These ones are my go-to short boots. They seriously go with everything: I have a wardrobe with lots of black and gray, so I wear the red ones, but the black are really nice too.

    Let’s see, other confessions….here’s one: I wear big cotton granny panties at least three times a week — whenever my outer layer is heavy enough to camouflage vpl. They’re desperately unsexy but just so comfortable!

    I like classic UGG slipper boots. I don’t wear them outside, because they are useless in the rain and wet, and too hot in the sun, but I don’t see what all the hate is about. They’re sort of cute, and they visually balance things out.

    I have ten identical cap-sleeve stretchy knit tops hanging in my closet. Five of them are black. I wear them all the time, either on their own or as a base layer, because they are comfortable and flattering. But sometimes I think I need to branch out more.

    I don’t like bright colours, except as accents. Everybody else seems to love them. I don’t know why, but I feel like it’s hard to make bright colours look sophisticated.

    I am incapable of wearing the same top twice without washing it.

    Might add more later if I think of some.

  22. tina

    I buy things for the life I want, not the life I have.
    Even though I have two closets full of clothes, I wear the same things over and over again.
    Only last year did I get rid of my 90s DKNY pant suits.
    I like lots of accessories, but I know I look better with a cleaner look.
    I have tons of super expensive clothes that I can’t get rid of because they were super expensive (even thought they are super tight).
    I own several Louis Vuitton bags and don’t like them anymore.

  23. Nomi

    I think I’m thrifty because of all my used clothes & housework buys, but then I order stuff online and if it doesn’t fit, I forget (or procrastinate past the window) to return it. So much money wasted.

    I haven’t shaved my legs for four decades. On the plus side, I have almost zero body hair anyway.

    I mean to consign my nicer stuff (see above about non-returned online buys), but then I have fits of just WANTING IT ALL OUT OF THE HOUSE and I donate it to thrift stores. Again, money wasted…

  24. Diana

    I JUST started wearing men’s deodorant this weekend. I’m trying to save money and the cost difference in men’s vs. women’s plus the scents made me buy it. I also buy men’s razors but I shave with conditioner.

  25. Cecelia

    1. I go thru phases where I where about 4 items in heavy rotation from my wardrobe then suddenly move onto something else.

    2. I have 14 black cardigans.

    3. I often wear sports bras as “camis” because I hate layering and I have too much cleavage with most shirts and every sundress I own.

    4. My favorite clothes almost never get worn because I “save” them to wear later in the week. (holdover from apartment living- trying to change this now that I own a washing machine.)

    5. I wash EVERYTHING. I put my wedding gown in the washing machine, as well as leather jackets. The only things I don’t attempt are kilts (the ironing is impossible) and lined blazers (the lining and outside can shrink at different rates). Only disasters I’ve had were with some wool sweaters that felted- wool is fine in water but hates agitation, so hand wash only.

    6. I forget to wear deoderant half the time. I rinse my hair and laundry with vinegar. I don’t wash my face unless I’m wearing full on makeup, I never wash my face in the morning, just rinse with water.

    7. Menstrual cups have saved my underwear- haven’t ruined a single pair since switching.

    8. If I have a bad day the first time I wear an article of clothing, jewelry, or cosmetic, I will never wear it again.

    • Mia

      Agreed with #7! It took me a while to be able to use mine correctly, but now I looooove my cup.

  26. Moira

    I get my hair cut and colored every four weeks, without fail. I also get regular mani-pedis. This despite thinking of myself as “low maintenance”!

    My knees will not tolerate heels very high for very long. Virtually all of my shoes are flats. And yet, eight months of the year, I am only wearing skirts and dresses. Making this look right is my constant challenge.

    Right there with you on returning right away or not at all. I am considering eliminating catalog shopping (at least, for clothes) because of this.

    If a purse isn’t big enough to double as a laptop bag, I don’t see the point of owning it. (Evening bag excepted.)

    While I’ve added tons of color and pattern over the past few years, I still wear a lot of black. Honestly, I believe it looks great on me. My skin is so pale that there’s no disguising it; finally I decided I’d emphasize the paleness instead of fighting it. Wearing black plays into that pretty successfully.

  27. Rachel

    I own a pair of lederhosen. This is not the secret, the confession is that I stole them from my grandfather’s closet. They fit me perfectly and are even a little short. I don’t know how they ever fit him.

    At least half of my casual wardrobe consists of things that I saved from my sisters “to donate” pile. (anyone else see a trend here?)

    I wear my hair long because I hate spending the time and money to go to salons regularly. I get my hair cut approximately once a year, and usually because my mom has made me an appointment and given me the money.

    I’m scared of the dry cleaners. I know I probably shouldn’t be, but I just really want to be able to do my laundry myself. I feel like I should be capable of that much.

    On a similar note, I hang dry my entire wardrobe, sometimes to it’s detriment.

    • jen

      I hang dry my entire wardrobe too! It’s almost ridiculous, on laundry days I have clothes hanging from just about everywhere!

  28. Julie

    i kicked my husband out of our bedroom closet to make enough room for my clothes, and it is still too small. I have shoes and boots that i never wear.
    i generally like how i look in real life, but HATE photos being taken of me, i always feel super depressed, (this is a big problem since my husband is a photographer and wants to take photos of me but always ends in a fight)
    i love/hate shopping.
    i really want to wear hats but haven’t found any that look good on me.
    i keep buying jeans to find the MAGIC pair that will fit and look good. I did find a pair once and wore them for so long that they fell apart.
    i spend my leisure time looking at blogs and internet sites to do with clothes, fashion, shoes/boots and body image.

  29. Megan Mae

    I want to quit wearing padded bras. I can’t afford to swap them all out, but once I hit my 20s, my boobs started coming in. Now I think I look weird with padded bulbs on my chest. I bought two triangle lace bras (hides the nips) and wear them about half the time.

    I prefer my hair short because I don’t have to do anything with it. I don’t own a brush. I have a wide tooth comb that I use occasionally, but usually I finger comb. I also cut it myself because I’m too cheap to pay for spendy cuts. I’ve had the super expensive cuts and honestly I like the people and cuts from the $12 place better.

    I spend way more than I should on shoes – but it stems from a personal agreement I made with myself. I started noticing heels were hurting my body – so as a compromise, I sold off any shoes that were remotely uncomfortable and promised myself to only buy what really suited my style AND comfort. It’s lead to some stupid expensive purchases, but I still think they’re worth it.

    Like many other people – I do all my washing myself. If I see 100% cotton that says dry clean – I laugh in the face of danger HAHAHA and toss that puppy in the washer. I also rely on washing/drying to shrink my clothes. I sometimes thrift things that are too big assuming they’ll shrink. Usually they do.

    Also when I wear deodorant (I don’t wear it often – I figure wearing it more makes me stinky when I forget), I wear my husband’s. There’s a certain scent from Axe that I love because it’s a good gender neutral scent, neither floral or musk.

    Speaking of – I stopped using anything but water to wash my face unless I wear make up (maybe once a month?) My face has stopped breaking out. I only use olive oil or Simple moisturizer after a shower. I’m convinced products only make my skin worse.

  30. Lou

    I only get my hair cut once or twice a year
    My shoe brand of choice is Dr Martens (esp. the ‘Mel’ range)
    If I have to wear ‘normal’ trousers, I wear maternity versions (more comfy!)
    I have loads of stuff in my wardrobe that is too small yet I can’t bear to get rid of it as I plan to lose weight (for health reasons)
    My underwear always comes from M&S (hey there, Brits!)
    I have a large collection of sewing patterns but never get round to making anything – still buy more though!
    I am not a teenage girl, yet I love watching those ‘haul’ videos on YouTube

    • Olivia

      It was really hard for me to part with my maternity pants after my last baby. They are just so comfortable.

  31. Eliza

    I’ve needed to buy flats for over a year, but have been putting it off because I hate to spend money on practical shoes.

    I don’t throw out ripped tights until the hole can be seen above the top of my boots/below the hem of my skirt. I’ve held on to tights with holes as large as my head, because the holes didn’t show when I was dressed.

    I’ve never owned a pair of pumps.

    I put off getting my hair cut as long as possible because I dream of having super long hair, even though my hair only stays healthy a little past my shoulders.

    I stopped shopping at thrift stores when I realized I was feeling stress and pressure to buy clothing I didn’t like, simply to save money I really didn’t need to save. I’ve started shopping thrift shops again, but I’m trying very hard to keep it a casual and fun supplement, not the main source of clothing for my hard-to-fit body.

    Despite everything I’ve listed above, I’m known for looking put-together and polished!

    • Jocelyn

      I’m the same way with tights. I have some that the butt is practically ripped out, but you can’t tell that when I’m wearing them, so they still get lots of use.

  32. Anna

    Happy New Year! What a blast! What a fun way to start 2013!

    I do not like prints unless they are scarves, of which I have many. My wardrobe consists of jeans, black pants, solid color T-necks, solid color tees, and solid color button-front shirts that I never button but wear as jackets (trying to look thinner, which undoubtedly fools no one). Most of the color combinations work well together, which gives me the illusion of variety. I like to call it the classic look.

    I do, however, have one print skirt, which I made from from a length of Liberty of London wool challis that I bought in 1986 at Liberty’s home base in London. I wear it only a couple of times a year so people won’t get tired of it (although they are probably tired of my solid-color ensembles anyway, such is the power of my own self-deception), and I plan to wear it for the rest of my life. I tell ya, Liberty is good goods.

  33. Mrs. Greenberg

    I kept my wavy/curly hair long until deep in my 40s, but now that mother time has taken over I look & feel much better with short/er hair. That being said, no matter how good my intentions I average a cut only twice a year. I also stopped washing my hair every other day a couple of years ago, and now wash twice a week. My scalp is so much happier! I also don’t comb or brush my hair anymore, only comb conditioner through in the shower. My hair is so much happier now, too.

    I still condition in the shower between washings, and use double-fistfuls of conditioner. My hair soaks it up. Half the hair, double the conditioner. Who woulda thunk.

    Although I finally got the hang of coloring my hair every 6-7 weeks on a regular basis, it’s gotten to be a nuisance. If it wasn’t for my husband’s request I think I would let the white grow out for a couple of months then get a radical cut. I promised I wouldn’t “go there” until I hit 60, but I may lose my patience before then. WAY before then.

    The best makeup remover I have ever found is regular body lotion. I smear it on my face, rinse with warm water, and then wash. Then again, I don’t usually wear foundation, so I can’t vouch for its efficiency with full-face make-up.

    I also use much less make-up in my 50s than I did I did in my 20s & 30s. I DO, however, use much more sun block.

  34. Anna

    1) I have a pair of orange cordouroys from the GAP that I’ve been wearing consistently for 4 years. Their days are numbered, so this summer I went searching for a replacement pair. No luck. Finally, this winter I found them at Anthropologie for $168. I bought them. They are fabulous, better than the original…but they make me feel ashamed to have spent so much money on cordouroys.
    2) I have way too many pants in my wardrobe that I don’t wear…because I’m always wearing the orange cords.
    3) I used to have beautiful nails with great shape that grew quickly. Now I can’t get them to grow past my fingertips without cracking. This makes me sad.
    4) I own way too many fancy dresses and heels because that’s what I’m drawn to at thrift stores. However, I only wear 3 pairs of heels that I own and some of the dresses have never been worn.
    5) I’m way too judgy when it comes to how other people dress, especially when it comes to leggings as pants.
    6) I pray that orange doesn’t suddenly become a faux pas
    7) My hair is constantly changing. I have a face that suits any style. While it’s fun to experiment, I can never settle on anything and my Mii never really looks like me.
    That’s enough for now…

  35. Laura

    I have never found a pair of underwear that doesn’t make me feel fat. I’ll wear a thong under a skirt or dress to prevent any accidental flashing, but in pants I always go commando.

  36. Sonja

    – With the exception of my Neosens boots (5cm), I can’t walk in any heels over 3 cm, yet I own two pairs of shoes with a 7 cm heel, and I’m often tempted to add to this useless but beautiful little collection.
    – I don’t bother to separate my laundry.
    – The clothes I’ve been wearing accumulate on top of the laundry basket in the bedroom for a week or more. When I have time, usually on Saturdays, I do the sniffing test, put everything stinky in the washing machine and everything else back in my closet to be worn again. I used to just throw everything on the floor, until we got a cat and she peed on the heap several times.
    – I am unable to wear those thin “nude” pantihoses without ripping them. I used to get a hole in them during the first wearing, or even while I put them on for the first time. I’m getting better though, now they sometimes rip only at the second or third wearing. By the way, if the hole isn’t too obvious, I keep on wearing them until it gets really bad.
    – I only wear thin black cotton socks from H&M, but I hate to have six (or seven!) black socks in several states of fading after doing the laundry and not to know which of them belong together, so I’ve sewn a bit of coloured yarn into every pair. Yes, that’s a bit OCD…
    – I’m so obsessed about wearing simple, minimalistic clothes and about not adding any visual volume to my hourglass figure, that I start cutting off things from new garments the moment I come back from a shopping trip. I’ve cut off ribbons, buttons, pockets, patches, sequins … I’m also famous for cutting out all the labels.

  37. Lynn

    I can’t get rid of the too big clothes since I’ve lost weight. I think I’m afraid I will gain it back and not have anything to wear.

    I only wear skirts in winter so I can wear them with tights. I have very pale skin and dark hair on my legs and am really self conscious about it.

    I can’t wear high heels any more, but I hate flats. Wedges are good, but hard to find.

    I hate my neck. I am constantly trying to find ways to cover it up, but Florida is too hot for turtlenecks and even scarves much of the year.

    I keep hoping that I can look dramatic some day, but if I try, it just looks silly.

    • jen

      I very much relate to the pale skin/dark leg hair conundrum. I highly recommend getting your legs professionally waxed. It is slightly painful, but oh so worth it … especially since it sounds like you also experience the “I just shaved and can’t FEEL the hair but can still SEE it under my skin” dilemma that most other women just don’t seem to have to deal with.

  38. Elissa

    I wear skinny jeans as tights under my Sweater dresses

    If I am wearing socks they probably are the novelty kind {bananas, batman, sharks}

    I buy hot pink and black items but never wear them.

    I to can not do booties & when i try a statement necklace i feel like I’m dressing up in my Grandma’s Church Jewelry.

  39. shebolt


    -I think I look silly in hats. I have a couple of knit skullcaps for when it’s really cold, one fedora, and one military style cap. Whenever I wear the cap or the fedora, EVERYONE comments on how cool they look. I feel totally conspicuous in them, and I can’t figure out why everyone tells me how good I look in them.

    -I have a severe fear of VPL and camel toe.

    -I have no idea how to apply eye makeup properly.

    -I do not wear capris or any kind of cut-off pant. I wear full length pants only. I see far too many women wearing capris that make them look frumpy, and refuse to spend the time finding a pair that flatter me. I do, however, wear shorts when it’s hot and I don’t need to look professional.

    -I have way too many cardigans.

    -I hate tucking in my shirts.

    -My closet is arranged by item type, and then color from light to dark.

  40. Cheryl

    What could be better than reading fashion confessions? After reading all of the above, I can’t think of anything. Here’s mine–my husband just asked me why I was wearing these exceedingly hideous stretchy pants that I found recently at a thrift store for a few dollars. It’s because it gives me great joy to sometimes look as terrible as is humanly possible.

  41. Amber

    1. I’ve been pondering switching to men’s deodorant/antiperspirant, but only if the “antiperspirant” part of the equation works better in men’s formula than women’s. I am a girl of sweaty, sweaty arm pits. Sigh.

    2. I am a girl of small boobs, so I try to get away with a shelf cami or a tank top instead of a bra as often as I can. Despite having small boobs, I can’t find a bra that fits well, and I don’t feel “justified” in spending a lot of money on a nice bra…because the bra ain’t holding much up, you know? And the few bras that I do like don’t get washed for at least two weeks after the first wear.

    3. I haven’t gotten a hair cut in 2 years and 9 months. I may have a few split ends. Ha.

    4. I have never, ever in my life used an eyebrow tweezer, mascara, eyeliner or an eyelash curler.

    5. I’ve never bought a pair of underwear that didn’t come in a package. Sometimes I tell myself, “Oh, I’m going to buy some fancy underwear!” and then I’m all, “That’s so expensive!” It’s not, really, so I must have a mental block against fancy underwear.

    6. I’ve wanted to own a fleece jacket for, like, 10 years. Finally bought one this year. Don’t know why it took me so long. I mean, it was a cheap one from Kohl’s, so it’s not like it took me a decade to save up money for it. LOL

    7. If I’m up late at night shopping for anything fashion-related on the internet, I’m probably drooling over brightly colored athletic shoes or Sperry Top-Siders.

  42. Lisa

    Love to dress up because I have found that people tend to treat you better when you are dressed well/nicely.

    On that note, sometimes when I’m bored at home, I play dress up 🙂

    I hate pants because they never fit my waist — even the curvy kind.

    I HATE my arms .. I have found that I gain weight in my limbs … and you CANNOT hide big arms in the summer 🙁 It makes trying to look cute in a hot climate a pain.

  43. Allie

    Oh boy…

    ~85-90% of my clothing (excepting underwear, bras & camis) is thrifted. I haven’t bought a “new” pair of jeans in about a year.
    ~I will never be able to wear liquid eyeliner. Every time I try I get it in my eye and can’t see for a minute or so. Not healthy. 😛
    ~I only wear deodorant in the summer
    ~Jewelry and accessorizing in general is way too overwhelming for me :C
    ~All of the clothing I own that makes me feel really, really excellent about myself is often mocked ruthlessly by my peers (high school…sigh). Therefore I wear mostly graphic t-shirts and jeans and whatnot, just to slip under the radar. I hold onto my pretty, flouncy, feminine skirts and dresses for college, though…
    ~Speaking of, I long to dress like a hipster/bohemian and move to Vancouver so I can ride my bike or take public transit everywhere
    ~I sew my own cosplays for anime conventions but can’t for the life of me sew a good half-circle skirt, no matter how many times I try.

  44. Robyn

    -For the last 4 years I’ve sported shoulder-length layered hair because I’m too lazy to get a haircut that really requires regular upkeep (like a pixie). I’ve decided this will change this year but I’m afraid I’ll hate it.

    -I own a thrifted leopard-print skirt that I haven’t the slightest clue how to wear but I ADORE IT omg

    -I have a pair of leopard-print earrings I wear very frequently so I’m not sure what’s up with that

    -No matter how hard I try to convince myself to wear more color/patterns, I always feel more confident and pulled-together in something solid black

    -I have flat arches and short tendons that require prescription orthotics. This cuts down on the styles of shoes I can reasonably wear, but I still buy heels and attempt to walk in them.

    -I have approximately 20 cardigans. It is not enough.

    -I’m terrible about putting away laundry

    -I can’t wear turtlenecks. They make me gag. Sometimes scarves have the same effect, which is horrible in winter.

    -I, like several other commenters, only wear men’s deodorant. It smells much nicer and works much better!

  45. Carolbee

    1 I also have short, thick hair that MUST be cut every 4 weeks. My stylist has just gone on holidays so she scheduled me early as we both knew I would not last the distance.
    2 I’m glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t sort laundry, my friends think this is weird.
    3 My nails are weak and split. I now have acrylics. People warned me that it would ruin my nails, I don’t care, I will have fake nails forever….

  46. Chesh

    I don’t like seamed-cup bras. This is apparently the Absolute Wrong Opinion for a racksome lady to have, but I LIKE my big molded boob armor. I end up buying Ds instead of Es because of it. Inexplicably, UK DD bras are always too small.

    To wear skinny jeans and booties you need REALLY REALLY SKINNY JEANS that don’t bunch much at the ankle and booties that can accommodate having them tucked in, or booties with REALLY REALLY SKINNY ANKLES and straight-leg jeans with a slightly longer inseam to go over them. But I don’t recommend that unless you’re aiming for androgyny, because it’s how dudes wear THEIR skinny jeans and boots.

  47. Shaye

    I’ve loved reading all of these! Here are mine:

    – I love hats, and I look good in them – when I can find them in my size, which I almost never can. I have a big enough head that most “one size” MEN’S hats fit me just fine.

    – I’m not sure I own a brush. I haven’t brushed my hair in probably a decade. I just comb conditioner through it in the shower – after that, the less I touch it, the better. (I have curly/wavy hair.)

    – It took me until I was 32 to master eyeliner. Even now, I don’t wear it every day because I’m not in the habit, although I do like the look of simple eyeliner better than without.

    – Speaking of simple eyeliner, I love cat-eyes and wings on other people but think it looks stupid on me.

    – I swore that skinny pants were hideous and I’d never own a pair. I lied.

    – Still, I wear pants maaaaaybe a once a week between April and October. If it’s warm enough for bare legs (and in the PNW that means low 60’s), I’m in skirts! I have gone hiking in skirts (with bike shorts underneath.)

    – Despite some serious hate-on in fashion mags and style blogs, I always feel chic and stylish in capris.

    – Until a few years ago, I wore black pretty much exclusively. I’ve finally figured out why, and what changed:

    First, black is simple. When you’ve got limited means, time, closet space or creativity, wearing only black (and things that go with black) is a great way to keep a small wardrobe and always look put together. In my 20’s, I didn’t have a lot of money, and I had life issues that kept me from devoting a lot of daily mental real estate to how I looked, so everything went together and kept me looking (pretty) good.

    Second is related to something another commenter said above, that it’s hard to make bright colors look sophisticated. I agree to an extent, and I think that especially when a woman is in her 20’s, she’s usually trying so hard to be taken seriously that she needs all the help she can get. A dark wardrobe that’s more on the serious side CAN aid in that, and can age you a little, too. Whereas now that I’m in my 30’s, I have an easier time being taken seriously, so that’s less a concern. My main concerns now are standing out, being memorable, and keeping youthful. A bright, colorful, creative wardrobe is a big plus for both of these!

  48. Gel

    Sally, take your giant thick scarves to Tim at StyledLife, and ask him for help. That man is a WIZARD with scarves. He’s shown me so many great scarf ties, which have saved scarves of mine that I otherwise wouldn’t have known what to do with.

    Also, I am dying to know where you got Manolos for $1. I got a pair for $12 once. I took them to George’s Shoe Repair and spent about that much more to get new heel taps put on them. I think I’ve worn them twice. 🙁

    These are my confessions…

    I can’t do cute and stylish fall and winter coats. Oh, I’ve tried–I’ve owned several cute trenches, rain coats, and pea coats that I wear approximately twice and end up giving away a few years later. I just can’t STAND being cold, and I don’t get how some people can hold off on wearing their winter parkas until as late as November or December. Once the air turns crisp, I reach for my down coat because I get too cold to try to be stylish with the outerwear anymore.

    Like a previous commenter, I only wash my bras after 10+ wears. (I do wash my sports bras after even the briefest period of light activity, though.)

    I hate doing laundry so much that I own unnecessary multiples of most of my wardrobe staples. They’re not exact multiples, but I own a ton of plain tees, black leggings, black trouser socks, and enough panties to last me two months. My wardrobe would probably be 2/3 its current size if I could only stand to do laundry more than once or twice a month.

    I have a gorgeous black wool jersey Alexander McQueen jumpsuit that has been in the very back of my closet, with tags still attached, for over two years. A few times a year I try it on and feel super chic and fabulous around the house for a few minutes, but I still feel too self-conscious to wear it in public because the bottom half is a harem pant silhouette, and I know that haters love to hate on harem pants.

    I haven’t worn them in a decade or more, but I still have all my Doc Martens from the ’90s. It bugs me to have half a dozen pairs of boots taking up space in my basement, but I still can’t bear to part with them.

    I just can’t stand to carry my purse on my left shoulder. I know it’s bad for my back and shoulder to never switch it up, but it feels infinitely better on my right shoulder. Once in a blue moon, I try to carry it on the left, but it just feels weird and slides off too easily.

    I have three purses that I generally rotate among. Two of them I really love, and I lusted them for ages before I found each for sale and splurged. They are generally regarded as “it” bags by Purse Forum types, so what really bugs me is that the purse of mine that draws the most compliments from strangers is the one by a hardly-known designer that I got at a consignment shop for about 1/6th as much as I spent on either of the other two.

    • Sal

      Ahhh, Park Avenue Church in S. Mpls has a $1 thrift bonanza on Wednesday afternoons – hit or miss, but that’s where I scored the Manolos.

      • Gel

        Thanks for sharing the tip! I can’t seem to find any info on their website–is it something that you just show up for? My work schedule means I probably couldn’t ever make it unless I had a day off, but if I do it sounds like something I’d enjoy checking out.

  49. HollyElise

    – I go through my closet every few weeks and put away what I haven’t worn. If I don’t miss it in the next while, I donate it.
    – 90% of my clothes are thrifted.
    – the best, most comfortable underwear I have ever worn is from Costco.
    – I only buy sexy underwear at fancy underwear stores – never the regular kind and never bras.
    – I am seriously planning to dread my hair this summer.
    – I want to wear long hippie skirts but I feel FAT in them (I am a chubby, curvy woman but I do not think of myself as fat!).
    – I have a “mom uniform”: leggings, skirt, t-shirt. And I mix it up with jewelry and makeup. But that is pretty much all I wear.
    – I bought my first pair of Birkenstocks a year ago and I think I’ll never buy any other kind of shoe again.

  50. Ruth Slavid

    I have never worn make-up.
    I occasionally pluck the hairs of my incipient moustache and think I must get round to doing something about it – but don’t.
    I smell my jeans to discover if they need washing or not.
    I have an enormous collection of earrings and find it hard to get rid of one even if I have lost its mate.
    I never return mail order items – the post office is 15 minutes walk and 20 minutes wait away.
    I do buy ‘bargains’ in charity shops or T K Maxx if they have designer labels. Sometimes I also wear them.
    I realised recently when the boiler broke and I couldn’t wash my hair that I haven’t seen my hairbrush for several months.
    I never wear sheer tights because I always ladder them on first wearing.
    If I ironed everything in my ironing pile, I wouldn’t have anywhere to put it away.
    I think polishing my shoes is my partner’s job.
    I would really like to paint my fingernails but haven’t got round to it for about 10 years.
    I am really bad at sewing on buttons.
    How many grey and black dresses does one person need? Fewer than I own.

  51. Anonymous

    – i use a lady shaver for my armpits and legs, but a razor for men on my delicate bits. they are sharper and that helps avoid skin irritation.

    – i cut my hair myself. it is a constant work in progress.

    – 80% of clothing in my wardrobe i don’t want to wear at the moment bacause i feel fat in it, and i want to cry in my bedroom every morning.

    – i use some weird aluminiumchloride-gel for the pharmacy that makes me not sweat at all. it is magical.

    – i am a snob when it comes to facial products and make up. i would never buy drugstore brands.


  52. Roxy77

    I absolutely hate flip flops and shorts…IMHO they are for the beach only!

  53. CW

    I love my high heels and colorful, girly flats, but my all-time favorite tennis shoes came from the men’s department.

  54. Debbie

    Here we go!
    I have taken over a spare bedroom as my own dressing room, but still feel the need to hang my summer dresses in the guest room. Winter dresses are not allowed, even out of season.
    I have never found a moisturizer that I truly love to use,
    I have never found a bra that I truly love to wear and that contains my overzealous matron’s shelf.
    I love crazy coloured nail polish on my toes.
    I live in a very cold climate but ditch the pantyhose in April, and don’t put them on again until November. I would rather have frozen knees than wear pantyhose.
    I love the look of booties, but have never owned a pair.
    I only shop at thrift stores now because my body shape is constantly changing and I can’t stand the disappointment of ill-fitting clothes when I have paid regular retail price.
    I can no longer wear turtlenecks or cardigans, but still have about 15 of each in my closet.

  55. AB

    I also use men’s shaving cream and deodorant. I get a better shave using men’s cream (and razors) and like the smells better of men’s deodorant.

    I love buying shoes but hate wearing them. I would rather be able to wear no shoes all the time, or flip-flops at the very least. Good thing I live in Florida where my feet won’t freeze because of this.

  56. Nicole P.

    I have not shampooed my hair in about a year and a half. My hair has never looked better. I don’t comb or brush my hair EVER.

    I have naturally curly hair but in high school I let a friend talk me into a home perm (she said it would make my hair more manageable, but she had straight hair so how would she know?). It could not have looked worse. Luckily this was the mid 80s and we all had hair issues.

    As a young girl I had wavy hair. Then puberty hit and it went curl-tastic.

    Clearly I am way too involved in my hair.

    I stopped wearing perfume in favor of scented lotion maybe 20 years ago, and I often wish that more people would do the same (for every great-smelling person out there are a whole bunch who must have gone swimming in the stuff).

    I have body hair and plenty of it. Dark facial hair, too. I was teased a lot in grade school (one classmate’s brother drew a caricature of me with a Hitler mustache). I was convinced that no man would ever find me attractive because of my obscene hairiness and that I would die alone.

    I use men’s shaving cream because it is way cheaper. I buy the same kind that my dad used for that familiar smell.

    • Shaye

      I concur. Someone asked me once how I dealt with my hair, and when I said, “Well, I stopped washing it,” I had the fun of dealing with their eye rolling and snark about letting my personal hygiene lapse.

      • Nicole P.

        Ha! I mentioned this to a niece who also has curly hair. She told me she couldn’t go without washing because she exercises and sweats. Uh, okaaaaay. I exercise occasionally, but I sweat all summer long.

        People. Ugh.

  57. Lady Harriet

    The only things I buy new are socks, underwear, bras, and some of my shoes. This means that on most days my bra and shoes put together cost me at least 10 times as much as the rest of the outfit. All my other clothes are from thrift stores, garage sales, or hand-me-downs.

    I lost 30+ pounds in the last year, but I think I look exactly the same, even though other people can tell the difference. I lost weight due to unhappiness, so I don’t see it as an entirely good thing, even though I needed to lose it. I’d rather be fatter and happy again!

    I got fitted for new bras yesterday and was irrationally disappointed that I’d dropped one band size, but two cup sizes, even though it means there are more brands that make my size and my chest is still anything but small.

    I still hang on to clothes that no longer fit, but remind me of good times.

    The only way I’ve found to deal with my awful dandruff is scrubbing my scalp with a paste of baking soda and water. It works better than any dandruff shampoo ever did.

    I refuse to wear uncomfortable shoes any more, so I own a lot fewer that cost me a lot more per pair.

    The only makeup I regularly bother wearing is lipstain, which I love. It doesn’t feel weird, it makes a big difference in how I look, and it’s easy to apply. Foundation, eyeshadow, and the rest don’t improve my looks enough to justify the time and hassle they take on a regular day.

  58. JoDi

    I hate to shave my legs and frequently don’t. I love winter for the simple reason that I can wear tights with my skirts and get away with not shaving even longer.

    I also wear tights with holes as long as they can’t be seen.

    +1 to the users of men’s deodorant. (I also prefer the smell of men’s cologne much better than most women’s perfumes, but I haven’t started wearing men’s cologne yet! I just look for the fresh clean scented women’s perfume when I do buy it. Ralph Lauren’s Polo Sport for Women used to be a favorite.)

    Until recently, I had many holey pairs of 20+ year old underwear. They were the most comfortable underwear ever! They were discontinued long ago, and I kept wearing the ones I had until recently when I found some very comfortable replacements at Target. I finally threw out the last old pair about a month ago.

  59. Velda

    Sal, I know someone mentioned “looking like a librarian” in an earlier reply. If you feel that #4 of my reply is negative, Please edit it.

    Thank you.

    1. I do not wear hosiery with shoes or boots. When I cannot buy footless tights, I cut a slit in the toe and push my foot through. My feet are narrow (AA) and no matter what anti-slippage pads I try, my feet still slip in shoes.

    2. If I feel that a skirt that I really like is too short to wear, even with tights, I will wear another longer skirt underneath.

    3. I wear flamboyant tights with boots and a skirt as just the right length so that only about an inch of the tights show.

    4. I am a high school librarian and cringe at the mention of “dressed like a librarian”. I used to wear suits to work each day until I gained weight. Now my style of dress is similar to that of Jeanette’s of Fashion Nette Work and Audra’s of Fashion for Nerds, 2011 Students and staff usually compliment me on my fashion sense.

    5. From a thrift store, I recently purchased twelve jackets, and three sweaters, for $1.75 each, to wear with one skirt. Two of the sweaters are 100% cashmere Neiman Marcus! January and February, I plan to wear each of one of the outfits to work once or twice a week.

    6. I own over 28 pair of high heeled boots. I have six pair of low heeled western styled boots. Only two pair are ankle boots.

    7. I love Zac Posen handbags, but, I have resolved to purchase vegan only handbags in 2013.

    8. I love clothes so much that I have a three bed room house and two of the bedrooms are being converted to walk-in closets.

  60. Sarah

    My confessions:

    * I did not own an eyeliner until I was 35.
    * I swore I would never wear skinny jeans. I lied, like many others.
    * I have to buy bras from specialty on-line retailers b/c I am super flat, and refuse to wear bras made for pre-teen/teens.
    * For the first time in my life, I own a bra that makes me say “Aah” when I put it on, not take it off.
    * Underwire bras are super uncomfortable and dig into my ribs.
    * I regularly have to have pants and skirts taken in several inches in the waist. I’m what you’d call “booty-licious”
    * I don’t like to wear sweats/workout clothes outside the gym. If I have to stop at the store, I’d almost rather look worse so that it will be really obvious that I’m wearing these clothes b/c I JUST came from working out.
    * I am super paranoid about camel-toe in workout pants.
    * I won’t buy my daughter any clothes with licensed characters on them. They should pay HER to wear that s**t.
    * I don’t like obvious brand names/logos on clothing or purses. They should pay ME to wear/carry that.

    That is all for now.

  61. Heather

    1. I dress like a beach bum 90% of the time- t, jeans, shorts, flip flop, cowgirl boots- unless I am at work. Then it’s simple sheath dresses, kitten heels, diamond studs , wedding band. Simple.
    2. I wear mascara, blush and lip gloss.
    3. I adore my oversized I look 90 but chic sunglasses with my green Texas Longhorn baseball cap.
    4. I just donated all of my high heels over 3 inches. I can’t walk in them and my feet hurt when I do. I am done being uncomfortable.
    5. I own 1 small purse and a cute hot pink work bag.
    6. I no longer color my hair. Haven’t in 1.5 years. I am 38 and 75% gray/white with a little brown left over. I love it. 🙂
    7. I like all of my items plain except for my college t-shirt or a handprint shirt my 6 year old sone made me.
    8. I own 3 football jerseys. I am a fanatic about football- high school, college or professional.

  62. Jess

    I don’t know how to put eyeliner on without poking myself in the eye.

    I will never buy 2nd hand or thrift because everything but socks & underwear came from charity when i was growing up, I donate my clothes but I buy everything new, even though I’m not wealthy.

    I only own black Bonds hipster briefs, been wearing the same style for as long as I can remember. I only wear fancy sexy bras, with the exception of sports bras. I don’t own white or nude bras, all brightly coloured.

    Most of my socks are bright & patterned, I always wear the most colourful pair whenever I go clothes shopping with my mum.

    I wish I was stylish in a fancy way & could own many ballgowns & expensive jewellery.

    I have fair skin & dark hair, I have a moustache that needs waxing, I hate it. And the dark hairs that grow out of the mole on my chin.

  63. Chris

    I’ve been buying and wearing men’s jeans for many years. Usually the ‘house brand’ – Sear’s, Penny’s, etc is just fine. So I rarely pay over $20 for a pair of new jeans. Once in a great while, I try on a pair of women’s jeans from a label I haven’t tried before. So far I have been disappointed and go back to my $15 men’s jeans.

    I don’t understand the obsession some women have with shoes.

    On the other hand, I have probably 100 scarves and enjoy all of them, usually not at the same time.