The Turtle with Three Legs

Weesha's World outfit Debenhams dress River Island  blazer New Look shoes

Weesha's World outfit Debenhams dress River Island  blazer New Look shoes
Weesha's World outfit Debenhams dress River Island  blazer New Look shoes
Weesha's World outfit Debenhams dress River Island  blazer New Look shoes
Weesha's World outfit Debenhams dress River Island  blazer New Look shoes
Debenhams lace dress – similar
River Island  blazer – similar
New Look shoes – similar
Turtle necklace from a hawker on the beach in Goa, India – similar


While a lot of people associate Goa with beautiful beaches and wild parties, I think it’s one the best places to shop, especially if you’re into statement jewelry. We were having a family dinner at a restaurant on the beach, when a hawker approached us with stacks of gorgeous bracelets and necklaces. They’re super cheap and you’re not likely to run into someone with the same thing. I liked that this little guy had a missing leg, I felt like it made him a little unique and it gave me an added reason to bargain for a lower price.

A bargain, plus a reminder of home and family memories – now you know why I love shopping in Goa!

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9 Responses to “The Turtle with Three Legs”

  1. Anahita

    I used to live in Goa when I was a kid, it’s a beautiful place! 🙂 you look beautiful, love the accessories!

  2. heather

    To be honest, the proportions feel off here between the blazer and dress. I’m really not so sure about all these guest bloggers, sorry. I come here for Sally’s advice. I’m sure Weesha and all the rest of these guests are perfectly nice, stylish ladies, but I’ll follow their blogs separately IF I like their style.

    • Sally

      There will be plenty of my advice still, as I’m sure you’ve seen, Heather! The contributors post here twice per week – one outfit, one topical post. And since I feel it’s important not just to talk about diversity but to support diversity directly, I’m very excited to have their voices in the mix and showcase their distinct styles!

    • jii

      Heather, interestingly I really like these proportions, and I relate to them more closely than I have to many of Sally’s photos. My own proportions are nowhere near either of the blog writers, as I am petite and thin, and ooooold.
      I like this particular guest blogger’s style because it has a relaxed vibe, there is little fuss here, reminds me of my East Village days.
      Yeah, I like having guest bloggers, but I get what you are sharing too, Heather.

  3. Iris H

    Extra special cos you got it even cheaper from a little guy with a missing leg?? I had to read this several times couldn’t believe what I was seeing.
    Can’t believe there aren’t more comments about this

  4. Iris H

    Oops looked again and see it’s the turtle that’s missing a leg. Phew!!! Really thought had landed in strange blogspot. First visit. All well now that’s cleared up and had a good laugh. Like the outfit but IMO skirt is too short doesn’t balance

  5. WA_side

    I really like Weesha’s outfit, though it is not in my style at all. I think the colours and the silhouettes play beautifully together.

    In my attempts to continue increasing my body positivity (both for my own and others), I’m working hard to remind myself that no-one has the exactly the same style priorities and in particular, that we all have different issues with our own bodies that can have a major impact on what we choose to wear.

    I often find that I tend to automatically dislike any outfit that highlights my “less-liked” body areas, so I have to be careful to take off my self-prejudices and view other people and their choices more objectively. It is amazing what a difference that conscious thought and decision can make, both to appreciating someone else’s style and to accepting others and myself for who we are RIGHT NOW, not where we think we’re headed.