The Value of a Wardrobe Holding Area

under bed storage

My slow but ongoing attempts to downsize my wardrobe continue, but culling has become much harder. I’m down to items that I still love (at least in theory), and am having to make decisions about taste/emotion versus actual use patterns.

One practice that helps ease the pain? I’ve created a holding area for items that I think I can let go, but am not entirely sure I want to cast off just yet. For me, this is a bunch of grocery bags in my laundry room, but the under bed storage box shown above would work just as well. If an item remains in the holding area for more than six weeks and I haven’t missed it, out it goes. And I am confident that it won’t be missed. So far, only one striped shirt has been brought back into rotation. The rest have been donated and never thought of again.

Is this a practice that could work for you? Any other ways you ensure that you’re ready to donate a still-beloved but relatively unworn item?

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Originally posted 2015-06-16 06:28:30.

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One Response to “The Value of a Wardrobe Holding Area”

  1. Bike Pretty

    I do this! My wardrobe is almost entirely thrifted, so I can easily get a lot of stylish clothes that are quite inexpensive. Unfortunately, I’m also an experienced sewist, so I’m constantly buying pieces that just need to be taken in a little. Yes, I’m delusional to think I’ll ever get around to it.

    But recently, it worked out recently because I was able to go “shopping” for maternity clothes in my WHA. I scored 5 cute pieces that I had previously (almost) given up on! The downside is that this completely validates my hoarding instinct, so…oops!