Thirty Pretty Projects – Series Two


I’ve gotten great feedback from the folks who have experimented with my first set of Thirty Pretty Projects! Coleen over at Reverse Retrograde even wrote about her experience working through Series One. I’m very excited to have a brand new series for you today, but first a little background:

I wrote my book because I wanted to provide women with a non-judgmental, individualized system for understanding and honing personal style. The feedback I’ve gotten has been overwhelmingly positive, and I’m THRILLED! But I freely admit that the process outlined in that book is a long one and takes some serious commitment. If you have no clear picture of your style goals, the book will help. If you want a comprehensive overhaul of everything about your dressing habits from evaluation to daydreaming to planning to shopping, the book will help. If you feel like you want to burn everything in your closet and start over – never a good plan, but definitely a common feeling – the book will help.

BUT! If you’re just feeling a little lost or stagnant and need some help getting your sartorial inspiration flowing, this new tool might be a better fit:

Thirty Pretty Projects is a short and sweet program of exercises that will help you learn about your current style, explore new ideas, and feel great while doing it. This PDF contains week-long modules of simple exercises – many of them based on practices I utilize myself or processes I use with my style consult clients – that focus on various aspects of personal style. You’ll tackle one exercise each day – some of them as simple as, “Today, wear a printed piece that gets relatively little use,” and others more in-depth like, “Wear something that makes you feel invisible. It can be something plain or neutral, or an outfit that makes you look very much like your peers, neighbors, or coworkers. Are you comfortable or uncomfortable when you dress to deflect attention?” Just one task each day, with a review at the week’s end to summarize what you’ve learned. Easy, do-able, and fun! I will release new series of projects over time, but in this second series you’ll be tackling subjects that include prints and patterns, shopping habits, emotional dressing, and closet culling practices.

Thirty Pretty Projects is set up as a workbook with space for notes so you can keep everything in one spot, refer back, and print out again if you want to repeat or revise certain sections.  Naturally, the idea is to plow through the full set of 30 exercises – one day at a time – to keep your mojo going, but even if you skip around or pick and choose this regimen is bound to spark a few new ideas. 


Want to share your experiences working through these exercises? Post to Twitter with #thirtyprettyprojects to share photos, insights, and questions!

(If you’d like to start with Series One, click here for more info.)

Hope this resource proves helpful and valuable!

Originally posted 2013-09-13 06:24:27.

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  1. Barbara S

    Coleen at Reverse Retrograde is my niece- so exciting to see her mentioned here!