This Week I Love …

… Janelle Monáe.

This high-energy, super talented songstress burst onto the scene back when I was still feeling hesitant about androgynous looks for myself. But even back then, I could tell she was bold, smart, and unique, and now that I’ve done a tiny wee bit of dabbling in androgynous dressing on my own, I am just wild about her sleek, sophisticated, monochrome looks.

Talk about dedication to a defined aesthetic! Clearly, Janelle favors suits and tuxes as her staples, but I love how other eye-catching garments, fun textures, and unusual accessories work their way into her looks. I can’t imagine wearing any of these looks just as she does, but they inspire me to no end.

Also gotta repost my favorite video of hers. Because it’s virtually impossible to watch without smiling, tapping a toe, getting up to boogie yourself, or all three.

Images via Soul, Soul Bounce, Wikipedia, Nylon Magazine, Carolyn Yates.

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9 Responses to “This Week I Love …”

  1. Anneesha

    Love her low-heeled and stylish footwear! I’m seeing more fashionistas in men’s brogues, oxfords, etc. Hooray!

  2. Sheila

    I love her look, but please – she is an amazing musical artist! To release a concept album as her first record? That takes some chutzpah! And she has a fantastic voice. She’s like James Brown – Soul Sister #1!

    She is amazing in concert – I just saw her a few weeks ago. Highly recommended.

  3. Cleo

    Love it! Classy, fun and wicked smart use of “feminine” accessories, tailoring and makeup to make these looks hers. Beautiful.

  4. Molly

    I love what she’s said about how she remembers her working-class parents’ background in how she’s created her own “uniform.” A neat way to honor her roots and make her own way at the same time.

  5. Terri

    I admire her style as well! I’m trying to imagine the closet of white shirts she must have!

  6. Val C-MN

    Love Janelle. I saw her last year at Roy Wilkins opening up for Bruno Mars. Her cover of Michael Jackson’s “Smile” is beautiful. You can find a couple of versions of her cover of it on youtube.

  7. Monosmith

    I totally agree, and I have always loved androgynous designs myself for how they create a far more respectable culture. Women who dress in less stereotypically “feminine” clothes seem to me to be more real, and therefore in a way more genuinely feminine. The conservative designs show a measure of self-control and self-respect that actually enhance a sense of individuality. It’s also impressive how she can take a standard piece of attire and make it her own.

    It’s especially cool since I love to wear these styles myself, and it’s always amazing to see a celebrity share your eccentricities. Combine that with her love of science fiction, and that makes her one of the people I respect the most in today’s singing business.